Hector Fabio Bonilla

Infectious disease doctor

Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Infectious Diseases

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As a young physician at Louisiana State University, Dr. Bonilla focused on the Clinical Management of HIV/AIDS and HCV, two neglected and stigmatized diseases for which effective therapies were in their infancy. While learning the clinical aspects of the two diseases, Dr. Bonilla saw a need to create and organize a support community to promote understanding and management of the conditions. Subsequently, he went to Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio, and he continued his work where he specialized in HIV/HCV as well as in Infectious Diseases Clinical Practice. In addition to teaching medical residents and students, Dr. Bonilla participated in numerous clinical trials and developed clinical research projects. Furthermore, he led the Infection Renal Transplant Program, HIV and HCV clinics, and he participated in several cooperative studies with Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Bonilla’s interest in academia led him to the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center where he was an Assistant Professor, Clinician, and Medical Educator in the Department of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases. Due to his interest in cytokines and immunological responses, Dr. Bonilla became a researcher at ImmunoScience Inc., a biotechnology company in California that works to develop a therapeutic HIV vaccine. Dr. Bonilla’s experience of treating HIV/HCV combined with his interest in inflammatory response is the driving force behind his desire to understand ME/CFS. Dr. Bonilla is a strong patient advocate, and he believes in integrated care—care in which physicians communicate and coordinate efforts to deliver the best medical outcome for patients. His ME/CFS patients are his inspiration, and he is committed to continuing research to seek answers to their health challenges.

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease (1996)
  • Fellowship: University of Michigan Infectious Diseases Fellowship (1996) MI
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (1994)
  • Residency: Sinai Grace Hospital Internal Medicine Residency (1994) MI
  • Medical Education: Universidad Del Valle (1983) Colombia
  • MD, Universidad del Valle School of Medicine, Cali, Colombia, MD (1983)
  • Chief Medical Resident, Universidad del Valle, Internal Medicine (1988)
  • Visiting Physician, Henry Ford Hospital, Nephrology Department (1990)
  • Clinical Research, Sinai Hospital of Detroit, Clinical Research (1991)
  • Internship, Sinai Hospital of Detroit, Internal Medicine (1992)
  • Residency, Sinai Hospital of Detroit, Internal Medicine Residency (1994)
  • ID Fellow, University Of Michigan, Infectious Diseases (1996)

  • Member, Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) (1995 - Present)

Administrative Appointments
  • Director, ME/CFS Clinic Co-Director, Stanford Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome Clinic, Stanford Health Care (2018 - Present)


Practice Locations

(301) Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome (PACS) Clinic Atherton, CA
Atherton, CA

3351 El Camino Real, Suite 225

Atherton , CA 94027

(650) 736-5200

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Dr. Bonilla is very thorough, caring and listens well. He has helped me a great deal with my ME/CFS.
He is an excellent doctor. He is very caring.
Dr. Bonilla is very easy to talk to. He answers my questions and provides me the opportunity to ask any more questions of him. He responded to my concerns.
He understands my condition and wants to help.
Dr Bonilla is always helpful and open to solving a problem. He has helped me enormously over the years and I'm grateful.
Dr. Bonilla is an amazing doctor, and I would highly recommend him to others.
Dr Bonilla is an excellent doctor !
He is always ready to listen and has suggestions/explanations for most things. I really trust him as a doctor - he makes me feel like I am heard and understood. Excellent rating.
I highly recommend dr Bonilla.
Dr. Bonilla is great! He always makes you feel like he cares about you and gives you good suggestions about how to care for yourself.
This doctor saved my life! I owe him.
He's very personable , caring & explains everything. He's the best.
He is very knowledgeable. I want him to know cardiologist Dr Whitlock from Stanford is who referred me to CFS clinic. He knew something more was going on. He takes CFS seriously. I very much appreciated Dr Bonilla’s perspective on pacemakers and CFS even if it’s not what I wanted to hear. A written summary will make it more helpful for me to absorb all he said. I was challenged by his accent, especially behind a mask and on video. But he was patient in listening to me summarize back what I understood. And again a written summary will be helpful. To both me and my PCP and cardiologists. I appreciate the video option as I live 7 hours away. Thank you.
Very thorough
Good visit.
I felt Dr Bonilla listened closely to me despite the failed video link,however after reading his notes it appears communication was not clear on various parts of my case and condition. After Viewing notes from both visits I have found an alarming number of inaccuracies that are important to my health. It has lead me to believe that I have not been understood well by Dr Bonilla. I have addressed these matters to Dr Bonilla as succinctly as possible and requested corrections. I was concerned that this may be challenging for Dr Bonilla , as he is a busy and important Doctor; however I felt this necessary to preserve clarity and consistency in my record. Dr Bonilla test results were reflected as normal. I have acquired and provided two extensive immune panels that I have acquired independently as well as their related research , but failed to receive any feed back these panels from Dr Bonilla at this visit.
Dr. Bonilla is a very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor. I am fortunate to be able to see him.
Very grateful for his incredible passion and help to patients with ME/CFS. Thank you
Dr Bonilla is fantastic! Takes the time to ask and answer all questions.
He is an expert in this field and has improved my life greatly.. I feel very lucky that he was finally able to take me on as a patient. He warm, skilled, and helpful.
I am very grateful to be his patient
I love Dr. Bonilla. He is knowledgeable, helpful and kind.
Dr Bonilla is highly attentive and responsive to my health issues.
Dr. Bonilla was early to our appointment, which was helpful since I needed to reconnect. He gave me all the time I needed, without making me feel rushed, and answered all my questions. I felt truly seen and heard -- thank you!!!
Helpful, informative
Dr. Bonilla is very nice and personable. I feel he really cares about my health personally. He is very patient with me, because it takes me longer to comprehend any conversation.
Dr. Bonilla is thorough, thoughtful, and personable. He's the best.
Expert on field.
Compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Dr. Bonilla is an excellent physician. He is helpful and clear and makes me understand my medical condition and how I can help feel better.
Dr. Bonilla was so extremely helpful.
Dr. Bonilla was punctual, courteous, and professional.
He is a caring doctor!!!
I like him. I feel enormously grateful that he is available for patients like myself who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Dr. Bonilla was very informative and thorough. His recommendations were very helpful and I am very glad to have him as a part of my health care team.
Dr. Bonilla is excellent! Quite knowledgeable. Very caring, thoughtful and thorough.
Dr. Bonilla makes me believe that I am his top priority! I consider him one of my top guiding physicians.
Excellent doctor. Give him a raise!
Very compassionate and accommodating. Made sure I was comfortable.
Truly life changing. I wish I had been referred to Dr. Bonilla years ago because my health would have been much better managed, and I would have made very different, healthier, changes to my life earlier. I am one of those women who was basically told for years I was 'crazy' even though I already had the RSD/CFS diagnosis from 1996! I've been prescribed medication doses that are too high because I am hyper sensitive to meds, and then had doctors annoyed with me for stopping taking them. The meds were never correct anyway! Dr. Bonilla's expertise and compassion has helped me to understand my illness, and learn to manage it even though I felt like a failure making those essential changes. I've redirected my interests in a very constructive way, and made new friends, albeit it via Zoom in writing groups. It's interesting that as soon as I mention I am treated at Stanford for CFS in Dr. Bonilla's clinic, I am regarded by medical practitioners as 'real' and not crazy! In controlling my CFS I am not experiencing the severe RSD flares I used to. The two are connected, and it's a relief to be less symptomatic.
I appreciated Dr. Bonilla's concern that I be comfortable during our appointment. I also appreciate that he took the time to listen well, and answered all of my questions. He is genuinely concerned about the well-being of his patients. Thank you Dr. Bonilla!
Dr Bonilla is the best!!
I am very grateful to have had a video visit with Dr. Bonilla. Because of my Chronic Fatigue, driving up to see him from San Jose in heavy traffic is exhausting. Talking to him on the screen is like having a home visit, an old fashioned "house call." I also prefer video visits because I can easily lay out my notes, records, medical equipment, etc all round me for quick retrieval. I have access to records too cumbersome to carry around.
Dr Bonilla is an expert at what he does. I am grateful for his kind , patient , thorough Service.
A good thorough doctor
I have so much respect for Dr. Bonilla.
I am very lucky to have finally had a chance to meet a doctor that understands what is going on with me.
He is very good and pays attention to the patient.
Very nice and thoughtful doctor
I’ve been sick for approximately 3 1/2 yrs & I’ve seen numerous specialists. Most of the time when I see a doctor I feel very rushed during the appointment and judged when I talk about my symptoms & the negative impact these symptoms have on my quality of life. Dr Bonilla actually listens to what I have to say & has a calmness about him where I don’t feel judged, rushed or pressured. It’s hard to explain how much that means to me.
Doctor did not seem to read my chart prior to the appt and did not introduce himself. Maybe he was not having a good day, but it was difficult to connect with him. He obviously cares for patients and this difficult illness, however did not take time to make sure my questions were answered or to discuss treatment options. He just said this is what we are going to do. The research he is doing is very important and I am so thankful for it, but the appt itself was a let down after waiting two years. I'm hopeful the next visit will be better.
Most of his patients are suffering from multiple comorbidities so communicating with other specialties at Stanford (internal communication should be simple) and getting forms filled for low-income, ,non-profit programs like Medi-cal should be a priority.
Dr Bonilla is caring, attentive, professional and knowledgeable. I feel listened to and cared for at my visits in his clinic.
Excellent Doctor
very caring, helpful ... explains situation clearly
I would absolutely recommend patients to Dr. Bonilla
he's a very good doctor
Dr. Bonilla is a serious and caring physician, and I am lucky to be his patient.
Dr Bonilla absolutely cares about his patients and does all that he can to utilizes the knowledge of other Standord practitioners to treat my ME/CFS.
Dr.Bonilla continues to address my severe CFS issues with a new medication, to see if my condition improves. And to do constant checks every (2) weeks for update results. Thank you.
Dr Bonilla is an excellent doctor. He is always caring, friendly, and professional.
He is excellent
Very knowledgeable and personable. He cares about his patients and about this difficult disease.
Dr. Bonilla was very kind, thorough, and had a great sense of humor.
I would recommend him!
Dr Bonilla is a great doctor, very kind, attentive and supportive. He clarified the treatment clearly.
Thank you for your help.
Dr. Bonilla is very thoughtful and professional. We appreciate his conservative approach to my complex illness. We also appreciate that he’s sensitive to the financial burden this illness places on me and recommended accommodations for our trips across country to see him
I really like seeing Dr Bonilla for ME/CFS. He has listened and helped me enormously, I'm so grateful that I was able to get into see him. It was a few years ago that we began and it has helped.
Great doctor. Changed my life
He takes time to explain for me to understand
Dr Bonilla is an incredible physician. I feel extremely fortunate to be in his care
I love Dr. Bonilla and am thankful to be his patient.
Dr Bonilla is a very caring physician who is through and attentive to my issues and concerns.
Hector Bonilla is an exceptional doctor. He is compassionate and kind, as well as knowledgeable and follows the science. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Bonilla. I have gotten my life back because of him listening to me, responding to my needs and giving me medication based on what my body requires. He is truly fantastic!
Dr Bonilla is an excellent doctor . He’s very excellent at explaining why he wants you to follow his recommendations and does not hesitate to help you achieve a Better lifestyle for chronic fatigue .
Very thorough in reviewing details, medication & lifestyle suggestions. Also supports patient medication strategy of extremely low dosing. Also supports changing only One med at a time! He observed when patient was losing ability to engage, and had her lie down. He continued discussion with patient advocate (parent).
He is a caring & informative doctor.
Very good assessment and treatment plan
Great doctor!
Dr Bonilla was very thoughtful, kind, and helpful.
Excellent. Visit.
Dr. Bonilla is excellent in every way! Totally love him
His expertise and compassion are lifesavers.
Dr Bonilla was much improved. He had clearly read my medical records and wasn’t just saying his usual rote admonitions to limit all activity.
He's terrific
Staff were friendly and efficient. They answered all my questions.
Great clinic!
Listening and explaining what he heard, felt good!
Superb Dr. Great communication
The care was phenomenal. They listened and spent an hour discussing my health issues. Very appreciative and would highly recommend Stanford chronic fatigue clinic.
Great doc and staff
Very, very knowledgeable and also very personable
Dr.Bonilla, Did a great job listening to my severe CFS issues and set a plan to follow with medications and REST!!! Thank you.
Both Doctor and assistant took their time and listened.
He is very attentive and thorough. Takes the time to listen and responds with needed details.
He is very dedicated to his work, listens to every word I say, and truly wants to help.
He is very helpful in that he recognizes my symptoms, and pushes me a bit to be realistic about what I can and cannot do at this time. He listens to my feedback regarding symptoms and impact of medication, advised me and gave me an idea of what may happen in the future.
Dr Bonilla might just have saved my life
I am grateful to be able to see Dr Bonilla in person again.
Empathetic and excellent listening skills! He asked questions that showed interest in my concerns and my expectations at the beginning of the conversation, he addressed them again prior to the termination of our conversation. I had a good experience with this doctor.
Lucky to have him at Stanford
Dr. Bonilla is a great doctor and I am very fortunate to be a patient at the clinic
The appointment was well organized and I felt respected and cared for. It is the first time a practitioner has demonstrated that they understood my symptoms.
Dr. Bonilla is 1 of the most caring and knowledgeable doctors and his care team is truly superb! Thank you!
This doctor is so thorough and caring. He really is positive and that is exactly what his patient needs to hear.
Excellent specialist, glad that I have been able to see him.
Dr. Bonilla is a wonderful doctor and really takes the time to listen and provide is expert guidance on my care. The staff at the clinic is always very helpful and welcoming.
Very thoughtful and attentive Dr.
I’ve traveled all over the United States for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME/CFS. There is not better doctor than Hector Bonilla. I’m so happy to be a patient at Stanford!
Dr Bonilla is very thorough, patient and understanding
Dr. Bonilla is a thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable physician.
Dr Bonilla is extremely knowledgeable. He is very warm and compassionate!
Thank you for all you do to help us with MECFS
I found this video visit to be very thorough and helpful. He is very patient and understanding.
Dr Bonilla has always provided me with excellent care
Dr Bonilla was great! Thank you!
Dr. Bonilla is kind and compassionate, as well as a leading expert in the treatment of PACS and ME/CFS. He truly cares about his patients’ well-being. I feel extremely fortunate to be working with him towards better health.
It was a relief to see a doctor and to interact with staff who understood and were able to accommodate the needs of someone with ME/CFS.
Kind, caring, thorough & knowledgeable
Dr. Bonilla is the best! Thanks for all your expertise and care!
Excellent doctor
He is a very caring and positive doctor
Dr. Bonilla is a brilliant and compassionate doctor. I’m grateful to be working with him as I strive towards better health.
Dr Bonilla is wonderful, but completely overworked.
Dr. Bonilla is an expert in chronic fatigue syndrome / fibromyalgia. I believe his mission is to help people with this terrible illness. He's very patient and understanding. Daylight thinking process these were extremely slow and he had to repeat his instructions several times for me. I think he really he does a really good job and a hard job.
Dr. Bonilla speaks too fast
Amazing all
Dr. Bonilla was excellent in regards to hearing my severe to extreme CFS issues.
This CFS clinic is the nicest Stanford office I've been to. The staff are very kind and helpful.
Sorry, I put them in the last box also. This doctor provides the most accurate and helpful after visit note I have ever gotten. He listens very well and is extremely patient.
Very thorough & professional
Dr. Bonilla is very caring and thorough in my appointments. He doesn't rush.
DR. Bonilla and staff were thoughtful, kind and very professional. I am extremely ill and Dr. Bonilla gave me hope.
Dr. Bonilla is a very thorough, caring doctor who listens to a patient's concerns and is empathetic in his responses.
The clinic was excellent as always. Great staff and medical people. Thank you!
Dr Bonilla is excellent
Dr Bonilla is very nice and takes time to explain things to me. I can tell he cares about my well being.
Absolutely love this clinic, Dr. Bonilla, and the staff! They have changed my life for the better.
Thank you to Dr. Bonilla and the careful medical care he provides.
Dr Bonilla is very caring and knows his field.
Wonderful visit
It was a bit hard to understand him because of his accent. Also, he did not seem interested in my concerns about getting another Covid booster when I had a bad reaction to the first one.
His accent is very heavy so I often have to ask him to repeat himself. He is good about repeating.
It went very well.
He was very nice and attentive and I felt like he took time to address everything for me
Instructions were not clear about my caregiver being allowed to attend the visit with me, especially as he flew up from San Diego to be with me.
Amazing, caring, perceptive. He was clear about his concern that patient adhere to his "pacing" guidelines to help with condition. He clearly discussed medication options and strategies. We are grateful for his care.
He was very thorough and listened to me and discussed my care plan with me.
Dr Bonilla is excellent!! He is very caring and personable.
He is lovely
I’m so GRATEFUL to have Dr Bonilla on my side. I was about to give up before we found him.
Whole experience was very good
Such a pleasure to see you and deep appreciation for your expertise and kindness…thank you!
Amazing doctor
Extremely thorough history of present illness taken! Knowledge of this patient's various comorbidities extensive. Medication and lab suggestions were very appropriate. Possible enrollment in studies suggested, which was encouraging about ongoing research. We truly appreciated his "cautious" approach regarding new medications; and are happy there will be frequent patient portal contact.
He was polite, friendly and very professional
It was a very good appointment where before my appointment Dr. Bonilla reviewed my file and was current me as a patient. We discussed my issues past and present and came up with a plan for the next month.
Very friendly and supportive
Dr. Hector Bonilla is a highly qualified doctor. He reinforces, for the patient, information that is clear and supportive. He is very kind and has a beautiful smile....very helpful in all aspects of doctor/patient relationship. I am grateful that Do. Bonilla is my Stanford Doctor! Nothing negative . All positive. Shondell Potozkin
Knowledgeable and compassionate. I appreciate his guidance through the appointment to both conserve my energy and get through the required content in the time available.
I am glad I found him. He's a great Dr. Informative & caring.
I have seen Dr. Bonilla on several occasions. He is very easy to talk to.He answers my questions and he also outlined a plan of action. He talked about the medication‘ that he is prescribing and how I’m going to take it. I have recommended Dr. Bonilla to other people that I know that I’ve suffered from COVID-19 and are dealing with long-haul symptoms. I am grateful to have him as my doctor.
Excellent care
I find him very personable and knowledgable. I just wish I was improving more rapidly.
Enjoyed the meeting with Dr. Bonilla and found him very insightful.
Dr. Bonilla was thorough, professional, kind, and extremely helpful. I felt great about the visit.
Dr Bonilla was forthright and well versed in his presentation of potential pharmaceutical options for treatment of ME/CFS. It would have been helpful to me to have had further input and discussions of holistic illness management efforts.
Great session.
Dr. Bonilla is passionate about his work & caring about me as a patient. He is thorough, listens closely to every word I say, & is concerned that I make progress to overcome long covid. I am very pleased with my visits with him.
Dr Bonilla is aware of the latest science and research so is able to answer questions about articles I am reading. I appreciate that he listens to my specific concerns and provides thoughtful feedback. I also appreciate that he has outlined next steps we will be taking to improve my health.
Dr and office staff are amazing
Dr. Bonilla is a very caring doctor who genuinely cares about improving the quality of life for his patients. He listens attentively and adjusts my dosing and game plan based directly on my symptoms and how I have responded to the medications. He takes the time to educate me about my illness and is happy to answer my questions. I feel incredibly blessed I get to work with Dr.Bonilla.
Great visit today! I appreciate the care I get from the staff.
He is so warm, caring, and comforting. I feel very lucky to have him as my doctor
How accommodating! For the very first time I received care that showed complete understanding for my condition. I cried as I rested because I have fought every other doctor to be believed and with Dr. Bonilla, I was believed and attended to upon arrival. I am so grateful!
He's trying to help. I seem to have a very difficult case
Thank you, Dr. Bonilla! Hopeful about the Naltrexone protocol.
Dr. Bonilla is kind, considerate, takes his time to listen and explain. I feel very lucky that he's my doctor.
He is excellent and caring. I have confidence in him.
I don’t feel a strong direction of process for care (eg why are we doing the tests we are doing) and can find it hard to understand him at times. I feel like our time could be more efficient if he was not the one asking the routine intake questions.
I had a hard time understanding him as phone quality was not good.
Dr. Bonilla seem very concerned and caring regarding my condition he is treating.
Very friendly and personable
Dr Bonilla is a great doctor. He is friendly, courteous, professional, caring and responsible. I am grateful to have Dr Bonilla as my doctor.
I was very reassured and impressed with Dr. Bonilla during my visit. He listened to my concerns, was thorough with his assessments and questions and had a friendly professional demeanor. I appreciate that he wants to optimize my treatment program and has a clear plan to do so. The treatment program from Stanford ME/CFS clinic has made such a huge positive impact on my life and I am very very grateful.
Excellent doctor!
Dr. Bonilla is a very good doctor in all ways.
Dr Bonilla was very considerate and well informed on ME/CFS. He was helpful in determining next steps to try to address my illness. It would be nice to have a tad more input on how supplementation of nutrients could assist with the available pharmaceutical treatment modalities.
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caring. Personable. Kind. Enthusiastic. Focused.
Really enjoy his bedside manner and the comprehensive job that he does. He shows that he cares.
Dr Bonilla is amazing. He listens carefully,provides complete information and ensures I understand the information He is supportive and explains his decisions. Dr. Bonilla has made a huge difference by supporting my diagnosis with medical science and emotional support. I am very fortunate to be a patient. Thank you!
My health has significantly improved under Dr Bonilla's care. I appreciate his dedication, passion, vision and humor
he was very personable and wanted me to keep in touch with him about how im doing, which was huge for me. this illness is something i NEVER, in a million years, thought something like this could exist. but it does, and its so hard to explain to anyone, especially regular doctors so having this CFS clinic and Dr. Bonilla is extremely important and comforting.
I just really like Dr Bonilla and he really wants me to feel better and have better time with my family. The meds he has prescribed have been helpful and I'm always open to his suggestions. He has improved my life.
I am very pleased to be in Dr. Bonilla's care. He seems to really care about his patients. I appreciate that he listens to how I feel and what I think about my condition and treatment. He is always pleasant when I see him. I have been to so many doctors that don't listen and dismiss me. We need more doctors like him. Thank you.
Dr. Hector Bonilla was very professional. I felt very comfortable talking to Dr. Bonilla and he answered questions that I had about the Symptoms that I have as a result of COVID-19. We also talked about a plan of treatment he prescribed and what that treatment will do for me. He made me feel hopeful and that I am in good hands. I look forward to seeing Dr. Bonilla on a return visit.
A godsend of a doctor. Very grateful
I am very grateful to have him as my doctor.
Excellent specialist for CF. Shares his knowledge with me which is comforting. He has a very good way of discussing issues and solutions with his patients. Highly recommend him to other patients. He should get more funding.
He is excellent! I am so please that he can help my long covid
Dr. Bonilla is a very caring physician who is doing his best to treat patients with ME/CFS.
Dr. Bonilla is an excellent doctor. He takes the time and asks the right questions. I am so lucky to be able to have him and to be able to be in the ME/CFS program.
He is a great doctor. Very informative nice and caring. Will tell you then truth and what you need to be doing
Professional, caring physician.
Travel from Michigan because of the excellent care and treatment I receive from Dr Bonilla. I have given Dr Bonilla and the CFS clinic’s name to several people in Michigan without hesitation.
All good
Dr Bonilla is a wonderful doctor: very caring, knowledgeable, he listens well to what I say and answers all my questions. He always has a plan of what comes next in my treatment, and takes time to make sure I understand it. 5 star rating (out of 5!)
Extraordinary physician, giving exceptional care.
Excellent doctor, compassionate and thoughtful
I’m very grateful for his care.
Dr Bonilla is a very genuine and thorough doctor. I really liked him and feel that I sm in good hands
Dr. Bonilla has helped me so much. The medication he perscribed has improved my health significantly. His assistant Elizabeth was wonderful, communicating by message and phone call when I had questions. I got the specialized care there at Stanford that I couldn't get in my small community. Thank you!
He did not listen to me at all. Also, he came late to my appointment but then he was trying to rush me off the phone at the end to catch up his schedule. So he cut off MY appointment after having come late. I made it very clear that I was not willing to try a particular drug he wanted me to try. I had had a terrible experience with a drug in the same class in the past. He tried to convince me to try it. His PA has tried to convince me to try it twice in the past. I have made it very clear I am not willing to take it. Then I finally found out why he and his PA were pushing it so hard. They are trying to get a grant to study it for official FDA approval for ME/CFS. So I know now that they wanted me for a trial participant, not because it's actually good for me. And he didn't even care about my concerns. He was incredibly dismissive of my concerns and kept trying to convince me to try it. Oh, and his PA prescribed a drug that’s contraindicated for me last time. He didn't discuss other options with me. He just picked a drug. The drug he tried is one that can make you more prone to infection. I pointedly asked him if it does that and he said it does not. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. So either he doesn't know that drug can have that effect, or he lied about it. Either way, I do not trust him and am unsure at this time if I will continue under his care.
He is reasonable, compassionate, efficient, practical, honest, talented and extremely dedicated.
Dr. Bonilla is great! I can't say enough praises about what a helpful doctor he is. His treatments for my ME/CFS have made a marked difference in my QOL.
Excellent physician. Deeply Cares about his patients
Dr. Bonilla is a god send. He is compassionate and understanding. He answers any questions we have and asks us how we feel about a medication that had previously had adverse affects rather than just prescribing it without discussing with us. Because of Dr. Bonilla I have hope that I may have some degree of recovery if not a full recovery.
I’m happy with Dr. Bonilla. He always answers my questions and allows for any questions that I have. He also plainly describes options and a plan.
He was kind and understanding, and he took the time to listen to my questions.
I appreciate how much he cares about me and wants to do whatever he can to help me feel better.
Dr. Bonilla is an authority on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He is a real treasure to people like me.
He has been my Doctor d’or several years and we think very highly of his medical and personal skills
So important to have support with ME/CFS and I appreciate Dr. Bonilla's thoughtful care and expertise.
Nice person. Thank you!
Actively listened, offered relevant advice and recommendations that I will put into practice. Very good doctor.
An amazing Dr. trying to help so many! There needs to be an army of him!
This was the first time I have met Dr. Bonilla. He did a very good job explaining the need for medication to treat my fatigue. He also explained the reservations of other patients in doing so and the success they achieved. He explained the administration of the drug. and requested I follow up in 2 weeks with the result. He answered some questions that I had. I did not feel rushed at all.
Dr. Bonilla is excellent. I feel very lucky to have him as my physician.
He is such a caring a knowledgeable doctor. I feel very fortunate to have him as my doctor and know he has helped me tremendously with feeling better!
Dr. Bonilla is a wonderful doctor. He takes great personal interest, is very professional and very knowledgeable. My health has improved since seeing him, which I never thought possible. I highly recommend him to anyone with chronic fatigue.
Dr. Bonilla is a wonderful doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly wants to help his patients. He is always current on possible new treatments and is listens to his patients with care and concern. I am grateful to have Dr. Bonilla on my care team. His care has greatly improved my quality of life.
Dr. Bonilla is a fantastic doctor!
Appreciated the time and how well Dr.Bonilla was able to explain many things. Shows that he really cares for the well-being of his pts
My visit with Dr. Bonilla was the best experience I have ever had with any doctor. He was very patient and methodical about exploring my case in great detail. I am extremely grateful for his thorough approach, and was touched by his kind and friendly disposition.
Dr. Bonilla is very thorough, listens, and offers opinions, shares research.
He seemed tired and overworked. But he was able to listen to me.
See previous note... I am so grateful to be able to be able to meet and talk with Dr. Bonilla. I only wish I could have found him sooner! Thank you for the telehealth visit.
Dr. Bonilla is an excellent physician.
A bit more authoritarian and directive than I am comfortable with. More "old school." Also, he seemed to have decided what the "answer" was before we even talked. It would be preferable not to have heard that - I could feel that I was wasting my time, which is in short supply. I also had a lot of difficulty understanding him, and I am used to speaking with people whose English is not their first language. On occasion, he seemed irritated when I asked him to repeat something, although I was very careful to be polite and thoughtful about it.
He knows his stuff and we get along quite well. He has been most helpful.
He is wonderful and optimistic!
He’s has a nice demeanor and systematically goes through everything- yet is open to my questions and inquiries. He gives me hope that my health can improve.
A wonderful man. Good listener. Especially patient, when needing to enlist a very precise answer, to very similar-type questions. Gives clear instructions, re: my wellness protocols.
Dr. Bonilla is a caring and compassionate doctor. He listens to everything I tell him and asks important questions
He’s perfect. I feel comfortable knowing I finally have an expert in my illness. I’m glad someone like him has choosen to be in the field of mecfs. He understands the experience we go through and understands how unique and complicated our bodies are in mecfs. Knowing I’m in the best hands possible for mecfs makes me feeel I’ve at least done everything I can to recover.
Dr. Bonilla had the most concern for my condition than any other doctor I ever visited. I certainly appreciate his intense focus.
He was extremely thorough.
Very caring doctor.
I think Dr. Bonilla is an excellent doctor. I have been his patient for some years. He communicates well. He asks questions that are very clear & easy to understand. At the end, he always asks if there is anything more that I would like to say or any questions that I had. I think his appointment with me are complete. I understand what he wanted me to do. An example would be to try a new medication. And what my feedback is about the medication. What effect it had on my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Brain Fog, Post Exertion Malaise, etc. He holds up a chart from 1 to 9 I think. With a smiley face as the best. Sometimes I think my answers have been quite different. He tells me how I did answering his questions so I'm not left wondering. Over the years, I'd say that my experience with his appointments have been Excellent.
Doctor Bonilla asked good questions. I understood him. He was encouraging. thank you
Dr. Bonilla is very concise and clear with his instructions
Thank you for being my doctor!
Dr. Bonilla is an excellent doctor. He has been most responsible for the dramatic improvement in the quality of my life and my progress towards recovery.
Dr Bonilla listens well and cares. I love how he troubleshoots and is always looking for new medications to help with symptoms.
Dr. Hector Bonilla is an excellent doctor. He is professional, understanding, friendly, compassionate, humous, knowledgeable. He is the best doctor one can ask for.
He is a great doctor.
Dr. Bonilla is a great doctor that really cares about his patients.
Very good, attentive, and upbeat.
Dr. Bonilla is clearly deeply committed to the well being of his patients and I count myself as a very lucky person to be a patient in his practice. I feel that he is truly dedicated to relieving the suffering of those of us with ME/CFS and that his care has resulted in an improved quality of life since I began seeing him.
Dr Bonilla is wonderful
He is a very personable doctor who explains things very well. At first I had trouble understanding him speak, but after so many years with him I no longer have that problem. If I can’t understand him I just ask him to repeat. For some reason it’s easier to understand him when I can see him when we speak even if I’m not looking directly at him. Does that make sense?
He is a wonderful provider, very compassionate and knowledgable about the CFS community and what we go through. thank you!
compassionate doctor
Dr. Bonilla is very knowledgeable and translates this into helping patients.
Excellent doctor. Would highly recommend. Please continue to keep him on, as he plays an invaluable role for ME/CFS patients! My life has turned around because of his care and expertise!
He is very kind and compassionate. He is very patient and I can tell he cares. I like some of his ideas for treatment. It was refreshing to be validated by someone about how terrible this illness was. I did not have to defend myself today and I felt comfortable and safe. I did have a hard time understanding him sometimes though.
He’s a caring doctor
Dr. Bonilla is wonderful, compassionate, caring, thoughtful doctor. He is an expert in his field and used that knowledge to help his patients. We are so grateful for Dr. Bonilla.
I have had a very positive initial impressions.
Likable, caring Doc.

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