What is MyHealth?
What does MyHealth offer?
Is there a charge for MyHealth?
Can I print information from MyHealth?
Can I use MyHealth to view health information for my child or another adult for whom I am responsible?
Who else can access my MyHealth information?
How can I find out more about MyHealth?
How can I update my email address or any other personal information?
How do I activate my account in MyHealth?
Who can create a new MyHealth account?
What if I am having trouble with the MyHealth activation process?
How do I create a new MyHealth account?
What if I am having trouble signing in to my account in MyHealth?
Can I contact my clinic through MyHealth?
When I send a message, where does it go?
Why can't I send messages to the clinic of all my Stanford Health Care doctors?
When can I expect a reply to the messages that I send to my clinic?
Can I see the notes that my doctor writes during my appointment?
Why can't I see certain test results in MyHealth?
What if I have questions about my test results in MyHealth?
Is MyHealth a secure internet site?
What are the computer and internet browser requirements for MyHealth?
I try to log in, but I receive a message saying my account was deactivated. What should I do?
How can I speak to someone about my bill?
Why can't I see my child's billing information in MyHealth?
What is the difference between a statement from Stanford Health Care and a statement from Stanford Physician Billing?
What are my financial responsibilities as a patient?
How will my insurance company get billed?
How often will I receive a statement?
When and why was I signed up for paperless billing?
Can I go back to receiving paper statements?
Can I sign up for paperless billing again?
Why don't I see the option to cancel paperless billing?
What should I do if I'm having technical difficulties or if I'm seeing an error message while viewing or paying my bill online?
How will I know how much I owe?
What is the refund policy?
Why did my insurance deny the claim?
Can I pay my bill with a flex spending card?
Will my credit card information be stored?
When is my payment due?
What should I do if I can't pay my bill?
Who can I contact if I have questions about balances referred to a Collection Agency?
Can I pay for my spouse's bills in MyHealth?
What kinds of credit cards are accepted?
What should I do if I'm having issues viewing my bill online?
What should I do if I'm having issues paying my bill online?
What are video visits?
How much will I pay for my video visit?
How do I schedule a video visit?
What devices can I use for a video visit?
Can I do a video visit from my tablet?
If I do a video visit from my iPhone or Android phone, what do I need?
If I do a video visit from my laptop or desktop computer, what do I need?
What do I need to do before a video visit?
What do I do if I'm having technical problems before my visit?
What is the Test Video/Test Hardware button?
How do I know when to connect?
What happens if I have technical issues during my video visit?
Where can I connect from?
Where can I find my visit summary after my visit?
How do I cancel my video visit?
What kind of health data can I track and share with my doctor using MyHealth?
What do I need to do to start tracking and sharing health data?
Which devices can I use?
How do I link my accounts and share health data with MyHealth?
What if I do not have a device that syncs with Apple Health or Withings/Nokia Health?
Where does my shared health data go?
What are Notes by your Care Team?
Why would I want to read my notes?
How do I know if my doctor or care team shares their note with me?
Where do I find my notes in MyHealth?
How soon after an appointment will I be able to see my notes?
Why can't I see a note I expected to see in MyHealth?
How will I know if I have a new note?
What if I have questions about the information in the note?
Whom should I contact if I have concerns about my note or if I found an error?

If you have concerns about your note, you can use a MyHealth message to contact the author, or you can call the clinic where you were seen. For non-urgent concerns, you may choose to talk to your care giver in person at your next appointment. 

If you wish to amend your medical record, please contact the Stanford Health Care Medical Records Department at 650-723-5721.

Can I share my note with others?
Why isn’t my device recognizing that I have eArrived to my appointment?
How do I turn on Touch ID in MyHealth? (iPhone 5s and above)
Why isn’t my device recognizing that I have eArrived to my appointment?
What is the Wait List?
How can I be added to the Wait List?
How will I be notified about an earlier appointment if I’m on the Wait List?
I received a notice about an earlier appointment, but I don’t see it in MyHealth. What happened?
How can I stop receiving notifications about earlier appointments?
I downloaded an app that allows me to import data from Stanford Health Care. How is this done? Should I grant access and enter my MyHealth username and password?
I’ve downloaded an app that can access my Stanford Health Care data, but am having trouble. How can I get help?
I allowed an app to access my Stanford Health Care data, but now want to remove my data from the app and prevent it from accessing my data in the future. How can I do that?
I’m an app developer who would like to use the FHIR APIs for my app or am having difficulty accessing Stanford Health Care data via the FHIR APIs.