Julieta Gabiola

Julieta Gabiola

Internal medicine doctor

Clinical Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

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Julieta Gabiola, MD is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. She is an Educator’s for CARE faculty, teaching the Practice of Medicine at Stanford Medical School, while mentoring medical students longitudinally. She is involved in mentoring medical students with their MedScholar projects with focus on global health outreach programs. Her specialty is Internal Medicine with interest in chronic diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes. She is a Stanford CIGH faculty fellow.

She practices Internal Medicine at Stanford Express Care, involved heavily in her foundation, ABC’s for Global Health with a mission to improve chronic disease management and outcomes in Filipinos in the Philippines and in the US. She collaborates with hospitals and universities in the Philippines to mitigate disparities in health care and improve health care access. She has partnered with institutions in the Philippines in research and health education. She provides opportunities for global health immersion in the Philippines to students from high school to medical school. She co-authored an interdisciplinary textbook in clinical assessment, published by Pearson. This book is poised to provide clinical assessment tools to various disciplines like medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other paramedical practitioners. She was also one of the authors for DISRUPT, a book by Filipina leaders with the idea that in order to effect change, we must be willing to disrupt the status quo.

Most recently, she was instrumental in launching the first medical mobile clinic in Pampanga, Philippines with a vision to promote community outreach programs, continuity of care, education, prevention and research in health care. Focus is on improving health outcomes in chronic non- communicable diseases and decreasing health disparity. Specific target populations are: disenfranchised population with chronic cardiovascular diseases with limited access to care and the indigenous population (AETAS tribes).http://www.abcsforglobalhealth.org

She is now involved with the planning and execution of Stanford Digital MEdIC in the Philippines where academic institutions and non- profit organizations partner with Stanford to enhance digital medical education.http://www.digitalmedic.com

Her passions are teaching, community outreach programs, and integration of work and life balance. Her motto: LIVE LIFE EACH DAY!

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Residency: Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency (1985) CA
  • Internship: Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency (1983) CA
  • Medical Education: Rush University Office of the Registrar (1982) IL
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (1985)
  • BSN, Far Eastern University, Nursing (1972)
  • MD, Rush University, Medicine (1982)

Honors & Awards
  • Humanitarian and Volunteerism Award, American College of Physicians (2011)
  • Most Outstanding Student Award, Far Eastern University (1972)
  • Outstanding Student Nephrology Award, Rush University (1982)
  • Scholastic Achievement Award, American Medical Womens Association Womens (1982)
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Stanford University (1983)
  • Top 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award, Filipina Womens Network (2013)

  • Fellow, Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health (2015 - Present)
  • Board of Director, National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians ( NCAPIP) (2015 - Present)
  • Founder, ABC's for Global Health (2009 - Present)

Administrative Appointments
  • Chair , SOM Faculty Senate, Stanford University (2022 - Present)
  • Chief Stanford Medical Group Hoover, Stanford University (2006 - 2009)


Practice Locations

Stanford Express Care Clinic - San Jose San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA

52 Skytop Street, Suite 10

San Jose , CA 95134

(669) 294-8888

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Stanford Express Care Clinic – Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

211 Quarry Road, Suite 102, Suite 102

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 736-5211

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Patient Reviews

(110 reviews)

Thank you Dr. Gabiola!
She was straight to the point. Knowledgeable. Kind.
Her skill, experience and knowledge are unsurpassed. She is top of her field and a tribute to Stanford Heath Care system. She listens, asks insightful questions, has a great memory - and supports the patient's health. Just an amazingly great doctor.
She was very helpful and efficient
She was very professional and caring
She was caring, thorough and helpful. She explained things well and made me feel confident in my care plan.
Dr Gabiola is kind and competent. She is an excellent pt educator
Dr. Gabiola was kind and thorough. Thank you!
Thank you.
Dr. Gabiola was very friendly, personable and caring.
Julieta was wonderful. Answered questions, was able to quickly read through my file and ask questions regarding previous medical issues. Was perfect to work with once I got to them.
I appreciated her thoughtful care and kind demeanor.
Dr. Gabiola listened to my health question and reassured me of the diagnosis. She was patient and professional. Thank you!
She was very efficient and attentive
Thank You
Thanks for the quick assessment and knowledge that I was allergic to sulfa. Made it a very smooth experience.
I was very happy with Dr. Gabiola. She was very thorough,was detailed about my situation and in her instructions and was very pleasant to have as a care provider
thank you
She did a great job on my problem
Very helpful and clear. Many thanks.
Listened to my concerns. Educated me and was extremely friendly
Addressed all of my concerns. Thank you very much!
She's good!
The doctor was very professional, patient and helpful.
Interested, knowledgeable, easy to talk with gave fiod explanation.
I was very pleased that she listened carefully to my blood pressure issues and we discussed all options open to me. We both agreed that something needed to be done to bring down my BP until adding the morning amlodipine kicks in. She tried to find a pharmacy that we open but had no success. She told me to go to Urgent Care, but after we disconnected, I found out that all of them are closed as well. My son found a 24hr pharmacy, but now I need the prescription from Dr. Gabiola and I'm waiting to hear back from someone at 669-294-8888.
Excellent listening! Felt I was in very competent hands.
Great. Thanks!
Very knowledgeable and very friendly! Would definitely recommend her.
The visit was great. She listened, asked questions and clearly understood the problem. Would use the system again and would gladly have the doctor for my urgent care in the future.
Thank you for consulting on me.
She seemed friendly, interested and sympathetic and, of course, knowledgeable. She offered several possible reasons for my ongoing headache which were understandable.
I appreciated that she offered to do the procedure if it would calm my nerves if I had any. I chose to wait to see if anything developed further.
Julieta was extremely kind and helpful. I appreciate that I feel as though I’m able to breathe a a little easier now.
Great doctor and professional!
She Was very good and it was obvious she prepared for the appointment.
She was very helpful, personable, and knowledgeable
She was very understanding of the problem and provided lots of recommendations that I could follow in order to mitigate the problem.
very good
thorough in time allowed
Knowledge and help with the problem and her thoughtful care were excellent.
Dr. Lewis is wonderful!
Very good dr. knowledgeable, caring, personal, great!!
Hoped more follow up advice, but appeared to care only about one symptom.
Dr. Gabiola really took the time to understand my problem and patiently explained things to me. She was very assuring. Thank you!
She was very good and concerned. It took a moment to break through the "professional facade" to get to a sincere conversation. Once she just talked to me, it was a good meeting and I was confident in her answer. It may be my issue but when use the "professional facade" I feel handled and not cared for.
This provider has a horrible bed side manner. When obtaining my history I felt as if she didn't listen to me. This was confirmed when I read my clinical summary on My Health - it was basically the opposite of everything I told her. In addition, there was no patient education. I came to her feeling physically unwell, I left with the same feeling physically in addition to emotionally sad.
It was a good experience.
My urgent care MD was great, listened attentively and was super helpful.
Dr. Gabiola was very nice and caring.
Dr. Andrew Li (Resident) and Dr. Gabiola were thorough and efficient in their assessment.
Awesome lady!
Great dr.
Dr. Gabiola went above and beyond what I have experienced in a first-time visit.
thank you for the excellent staffing
Dr. was great as well - thank you!
Professional, kind, informative, helpful, very pleased.
the MD and PA student we're both excellent providers and showed a lot of care and detail.
Doctor did not spent enough time with me to really understand my issues and made me wait for a long time. She did not assess my heart, lungs, etc. The only thing she did was tap my back so I could point out where I have the pain. I asked for blood work and she did so that was good.
She was good but, she included a student when I asked her not to. I did not say anything but I know the young lady within was a student.
outstanding care!
Dr. Gabiola is a wonderful person in addition to an excellent physician!
Dr. Gabiola is amazing, kind & supportive excellent professionalism.
Went in for some difficulty breathing after 4 days of fever. Worried about possible pneumonia or Valley fever. Doctor seemed to immediately jump to the conclusion that I wanted antibiotics (wrong, I know viral vs. fungal vs. bacterial infections...duh). Spent more time discounting my symptoms and concerns than on addressing my concerns about shortness of breath. Did finally address the breathing concerns, but I found more information on google about why I had them after prolonged fever than the doctor gave me. Please listen to the patient - I didn't ask for antibiotics. I didn't want antibiotics. I wanted my breathing checked just in case. Please instruct your physicians and students on the concept individual variation and not let them simply memorize their med school books. A fever of 101 is not some magical number that distinguishes between different viral strains or between infection/non-infection.
I was very impressed by the fact that she personally called me regarding my lab results.
I don't think my survey really reflects the care giver, per se. It is rather an opinion about what express care is really about. Is it a walk in clinic? Is it a place one can get periodic care? Is it a primary care provider? Is it an emergency room? I think this needs to be clarified in order for the care providers to be clear about what is expected of them.
Dr. Babiola was courteous, gave me good medical information regarding my health issue and was professional.
Dr. Gabiola was excellent. I'm new to California and the Stanford system. She was extremely helpful in easing my transition.
Excellent - kind and knowledgable
she is superbshe is why people come to Stanford
Ultrasound ordered - I completed it. Nothing of note found. Radiology calls to tell me 2nd US scheduled. I called Doctor to find out why. Never really got an answer - seems like someone @ express care accidentally ordered it? Confusing & a bit frustrating. Then - abnormal urology result. PA messages me instructing me to call urology for follow up appt. When I do this I'm told by urology that they have not received a referral from doctor, therefore can't schedule anything.
This Doctor( Dr. Giobola of stanford) goes extra mile for patient in explaining, treating with thorough procedure. An excellent and caring doctor.
She seemed concerned w. her phone & distracted. Perhaps she was waiting for an important communication?
She explained well on x-ray film. Her prescription was not clear to pharmacy, and it took too long time for the pharmacist to get the confirmation from the doctor. So it took more than 5 hrs. for me to get the medicine at the pharmacy.
Its my first time being seen by Dr Gabiola. She is very friendly and her med student was very nice. However, I waited for more than 20 minutes and was given meds right away for my condition - strain muscle. She asked basic questions of moving my next from side to side and felt the side of my neck and then we're done.
Very good. I appreciated being seen so quickly.
Exceptional doctor - friendly, knowledgeable, gives clean, information & instruction, answers, questions, patiently - very satisfied w/ experience.
I like Dr. Gabiola's showing care and compassion for my medical symptoms on the day of the visit. Although, it was unclear to me her diagnosis and management plan for the symptoms. I read her visit notes on "Myhealth" and it really does not tell me much except lab results were normal.
The doctor took time to explain the problem so that I could understand. Very helpful.
Dr. Gabiola is amazing. I wish she could be my primary care physicians. I will look for her when I make appointments.
When I asked the doctor if one of my supplements could have contributed to the problem I was being treated for, she expressed a negative and dismissive opinion of supplements in general, even though this particular supplement was recommended by a PA in another Stanford clinic and which has been proven to help with the condition it was suggested for (which was unrelated to what I was seeking treatment for), and which has been helping me very well with symptom management. I felt it was inappropriate for this doctor to make such disparaging remarks about something that was helping me more than any medication I've ever taken. Other than that, I felt satisfied with my appointment.
Dr. Gabiola was fantastic. Sweet, kind, friendly... She's a all around lovely woman.
Doctor is so good,nice,compasoinate and cared well and took all needed tests and explained well the results.
I appreciate being seen without a prior appointment. Accidents do happen and it good to know that Stanford Health Care makes allowances for emergencies. I wasn't bleeding, but I was in pain and I was pleased that I could be seen by a doctor on the day the accident occurred.
very pleasant experience
Dr. Gabiola was nice and it was a good experience. She did say that my issue would take a few days to resolve on its own and said that there weren't any medications to help. I was very surprised to later receive a message from my pharmacy that I had a prescription from Dr. Gabiola waiting for me. I was surprised that she did not tell me that she was prescribing a medication.
My provider was wonderful! She talked to me about my worries & my job (@ the bass center, LDCH) and working with the immunocompromised pt. that I work with.
Dr. Gabiola is the utmost professional. She looks you in the eye when talking and not busy with the computer. Her empathy and compassion for my care is superb. The reason I ended up going to express care instead of my own doctor is I saw her on the schedule online.
Very impressed with the food doctors. I have seen on 2 visits here -
I do not believe I could have had a better experience. Dr. Gabiola was wonderful. Professional caring, a class act.
Dr. Kaplan was wonderful! He explained my situation in great detail and then discussed the possible alternatives. Luckily, the growth in my cheek will probably not bother me for a long time, if ever. He and his staff were very caring and thorough, and invited me to contact them if I ever have additional questions or concerns.
Again, I so appreciate her seeing me, double booked, at the very end of her day. She was not rushed and was very understanding.
I felt very comfortable with Dr. Gabiola. I would definitely see her again. Easy to talk to!
Felt she was really getting pushed during last visit! However, not expressed explicitly, only very anxious to move on to next patient.
dr. gabiola is a wonderful doctor. she listens, and she CARES. i can't imagine seeing another doctor as my primary. she's knowledgeable and compassionate. she's the best.
Very good.
She is wonderful.
I have found Dr. Gabiola to be an outstanding physician and recommend her very highly for others.
No comments all good.
Excellence & care!
Provider was more interested in talking about her personal items than listening to my concerns.
Consulted a dermatologist on the spot, awesome!
Dr. Gabida is fantastic!
Everything is okay.
Total concern with utmost professionalism.
Again, Dr. Gabiola is excellent as is her physician's assistant Elizabeth Vu. I would recommend, but do not believe she is able to take new patients?

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