Leon S. Moskatel, MD

Headache and facial pain specialist, Internist

Clinical Assistant Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

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Dr. Moskatel is internist with fellowship training in headache medicine and board certification in internal medicine. He is a clinical assistant professor in the Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Neurology, Division of Headache.

His practice at the Stanford Health Care Headache Clinic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of headache. Patients come to him seeking relief from migraine, cluster, and tension headaches.

Dr. Moskatel teaches headache medicine to medical students and supervises resident physicians in the Stanford Health Care Headache Clinic.

He conducts research into migraine and diet, medication overuse headache, and long-lasting headache after COVID-19. He has written articles on these and other topics. They have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Headache, Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, Annals of Headache Medicine, and Pain Medicine.

Dr. Moskatel has reviewed the content of articles written by other doctors for the journals Headache and Pain Medicine. The publication Annals of Internal Medicine awarded him a letter of commendation as outstanding reviewer.

He has co-authored textbook chapters on migraine and diet and on headache treatments. He has presented his research discoveries to his peers at meetings of the World Headache Society and other organizations.

Dr. Moskatel volunteers his time to serve both professional and community organizations. He speaks English and Hebrew fluently and reads French.

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Board Certification: United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties, Headache Medicine (2022)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (2020)
  • Fellowship: Stanford School of Medicine (2021) CA
  • Residency: Mercy Hospital and Medical Ctr (2020) CA
  • Medical Education: University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine (2017) CA


Practice Locations

Headache Clinic Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

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Very thorough and pleasant
Was knowledgeable in his field.
Excellent Doctor that fully explains the situation to the patient.
Excellent and knowledgeable physician. I have hope about healing my condition now that I didn't have before the call.
Dr Moskatel listened and was interested in my condition.
He was very helpful and explained things clearly.
Dr. Moskatel was very knowledgeable, and provided relevant information. He seemed to care about my situation, and gave good recommendations for a plan going forward.
He was very helpful, supportive and gave me cause to feel better about what I'm going through. I feel like I have some knowledgeable support now.
Thoughtful, prepared with knowing my history, and very thorough.
He is very kind, understanding, knowledgeable and thorough. He took his time to understand what is going on with me and make a plan that will help me.
Dr. Leon Moskatel really tunes in with his patients, although I can only speak for myself. It just seems like he really cares, and sincerely wants to help resolve the issue I am currently seeing him for. I appreciate that he not only explains things at a pace that works for me personally, but he allows me to make the ultimate & final decisions for my health.
Excellent Dr.
He was great, thanks. George was great too.
I really appreciate how much time both doctors took to talk to me about my headaches. I felt that they were both genuinely caring and interested in helping me get to the bottom of the problem so I can get well.
excellent service
Dr Moskatel is a caring physician who listens to patients concerns and preferences.
Always a pleasure to interact with Dr. Moskatel!
Dr. was very courteous and professional. He listened, and responded well, to all my questions/concerns. He identified a new mode of treatment that I am eager to try. I would be happy to see him again.
He is very knowledgeable and informed. He is a very good listener, and seemed to understand everything I have been going through with my headaches. Mostly, I feel like I can trust him. He has a kind and caring demeanor.
Dr Moskatel was very clear and personable throughout the visit.
Very kind and understanding
Dr Moskatel is lovely and helpful. I will recommend him to anyone that needs a caring neurologist who has a bedside manner.
Very friendly & helpful!
He was professional, he did not rush, he was thorough.
Everyone was very timely, so I didn't have to wait around and get nervous about my procedure, I got checked in, paid, they called me, I went in, Dr Moscatel and the trainee neurologist were prompt and got the whole thing done in no time.
He's very knowledgeable.
I will like to change doctor , doctor Moskatel was a little rude for my Taste . I don thing is good to give a personal comment to your patient ( you don’t get to do what you want , it what we got ) I think this is not a profesional way to answer and treat your patient. It was much better the first doctor that was asking all the questions before I get to talk to doctor Moskatel . He was so much professional and care about my situation. I don’t remember he’s name .
Very thorough
Excellent and caring physician, organized and detail oriented. Not rushed but still efficient.
He was very patient and kind. He listened to my concerns and was thoughtful in his responses. I really liked this doctor.
Dr Moskatel is very kind and caring and thorough
Dr. Moskatel was great, very professional, knowledgeable and understanding.
First meeting with Dr. Moskatel and it went very well. Dr. Moskatel did a great job of making me feel comfortable and thoroughly questions I had.
All my questions were answered even though I had a lot. Dr. Moskatel went through my labs and medication list to make sure the medication the Doc wanted to prescribe had minimal negative impact on me(eg. side effects wouldn't be too bad compared to now) and weighed risk and benefit versus other options. To me,that was pretty thorough for a first visit.
He’s very nice
Very thorough and answered all my questions. I understood what's going on much better after talking with him. Felt very reassured.
Dr. Moskatel is great!
He was very knowledgeable about what my issues were and took the time to listen to all my concerns. He will see my through my migraine issues and get me to a place where we can manage my episodes at home and take care of them at onset. I feel he will help me find the manageability I need through the scenarios until I am at a good point to live life at a normal pace.
He was friendly and knowledgeable. I feel very hopeful about my treatment.
Dr. Moskatel is an excellent Doctor.
He made it easy to connect even over the video I felt Care as a new patient and that he was genuinely listening about my pain and the various things that could be contributing to my migraines. I felt heard and respected on what I wanted to do and moving forward in my treatment plan .I appreciated him validating what I have been going through all these years and pain and with his knowledge putting things together to help me start getting my life back so that I may have a quality of life with my family and friends and not continue to go downhill and live with a cycle of pain that is unmanageable and intolerable
One of the most important things I think a doctor can do during a visit is ask the patient what they came for and what their goals are. This is something that he did multiple times and made sure I was happy with the plan we created together.
He was great. Listened. Was helpful and understanding. I appreciated the time and care he put into our meeting.
pleasant, thorough, competent neurologist. I felt heard and well treated.
He was great too I am pleased he has accepted me as a new patient he knew my history and made good recommendations
Seems sincere and knowledgeable
Very through and nice personality.
Good doctor. Listens to patient. Very professional and skilled physician.
It was a pleasure meeting Doc. Moskatel. I have no negative remarks. It was a good experience on my first video visit.
Dr. Moskatel was absolutely wonderful. I am so grateful for his attentive care for my health.
Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to
Great doctor. Best I’ve seen during my six month headache journey.
Sould highly trcckmend
I was treated with consideration and my issues were heard.
He has a clear concise method of conveying a tremendous amount information in a short amount of time. With Dr. Moskatel you feel listened to, he takes the time to make sure you are following everything. He verifies that you understand by having you go over all salient details and clarifies anything that you want in more depth. Dr. Moskatel also makes sure to have no assumptions and goes over the details you provide and asks for clarification as needed. Nothing feels contrived and you end the 15 minutes with a sense of possible hope that there might be an answer and a way forward. Pretty impressive with the amount of data covered in so short a timeframe.
Dr Moskatell is polite, efficient, and willing to listen and answer questions.
good man
Excellent and professional
This was my first visit with Dr. Moskatel. So, I do not have much to discuss. I would visit him again if I need to. He was very courteous and friendly. His intern, Kendra, was also.
Appears to be a considerate person and knowledgeable doctor. I like him!
Incredibly thorough and thoughtful in his actions.
He and Dr. Pham were both amiable and responded immediately to my questions.
Dr Moskatel and his associate were very thorough in their interview and assessment. They involved me in the decision making and offered a treatment plan that I hope will be helpful.
Excellent bedside manner, very knowledgeable, treated me with respect and kindness, didn’t rush me or make me feel rushed, was thoughtful in his treatment plan, made me feel hopeful, discussed my concerns with compassion and humility. What a wonderful doctor!
All went well Leon is a competent doctor.
By talking to doctor moskatel I feel that he came up with a good game plan for me. And I feel that we can see if it’s going to work and I’m sure that he will make changes along the way. Doctor Moskatel visit was pleasant.
Please see previous comment. I greatly appreciate Dr. Moskatel's approach to my healthcare. Thank you!
Great session. He seemed genuinely concerned about my health
Very clear and easy to talk to
the best!
Dr. Moskatel was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and I was really pleased with the visit. He answered any questions I had and it was evident that he has not only the knowledge and expertise of an exceptional medical professional but also, and even more importantly, the compassion and empathy. I am very thankful I am able to see him as my physician moving forward.
Very knowledgeable and efficient; a good listener
I had a very good experience on the call from Dr. Moskatel. He spoke clearly, explained things well, and was patient with the occasional (digital) dropped voice, and my mild hearing loss. I am impressed with his knowledge (of course, it’s Stanford), and familiarity with my long term facial neuropathy. I was very anxious about the visit because of my current medical condition and being on medication that slows my absorption and concentration of his explanations and had to ask him to repeat a few things. I am thankful for his patience. I am looking forward to seeing him again.
awesome visit. we finally have some answers and suggested treatments.
While Dr Moskatel was pleasant to interact with he did not listen to my concerns regarding the treatment plan.
Dr Moskatel was very thorough and made it easy for me to understand what might possibly be the reason for my headaches Thank you
He was great! Quick and efficient, but I did not feel rushed. I appreciated feeling heard.
It was a very pleasant experience, thank you
Very helpful, organized throughout the call, courteous.
He listened well, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me solve my health problem.
Personable, good listener, delivered pertinent information in a way that met the patient (me), explained without talking down, cheery, straight-forward, focused. What a guy! Can’t say enough good things about him.
He is an excellent doctor - a good listener and patient. I would highly recommend him.
He's a great listener and patient. He also speaks directly and with care at the same time.
great doctor
Exceptional doctor
No issues. Provided clear information.
We appreciated that Dr Moskatel and Dr Pham took time to review extensive patient history records prior to the appointment
Thank you for your help and kindness!
Dr. Moskatel was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable about my symptoms. He made a very clear and precise treatment plan.
Thank you! I appreciate Dr. Moskatel's time and attention. I had a very good visit.
It was a great pleasure to talk to this doctor, he was very helpful and understanding the root of the problem and prescribing a new ways for treatment ... which was very important.
Dr Moskatel was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions and provided all options available. Highly recommended!
My first visit with Dr Moskatel. He was thorough, engaged, caring and had a plan for continued care and options. I left the video appointment feeling grateful and positive about my visit.
Dr Moskatel was very thorough and listened to me. Didn’t make me feel rushed or like he didn’t have the time. We made a plan and everything was well explained to me
I had an excellent call with Dr. Moskatel. I felt that he listened to all of my concerns and addressed each one. He was very easy to talk to and asked very pertinent questions.
Excellent provider. Hears issues and addressed them fully. Advises how to obtain care via applications and how to communicate effectively by being concise for more “effective†outcomes. Very caring and provides detailed information about future visits.
Great first visit!!

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