Lynn Ngo

Lynn Ngo

Internal medicine doctor

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

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Additional Languages Spoken:
Cantonese , Mandarin , Vietnamese

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (1991)
  • Residency: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (1991) CA United States of America
  • Internship: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (1989) CA United States of America
  • Medical Education: Stanford School of Medicine (1988) CA

Specializing In

  • Acupuncture

Practice Locations

Stanford Express Care Clinic - San Jose San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA

52 Skytop Street, Suite 10

San Jose , CA 95134

(669) 294-8888

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Stanford Express Care Clinic – Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

211 Quarry Road, Suite 102

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 736-5211

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Patient Reviews

(82 reviews)

I always ask for Dr. Lynn Ngo if she is available for me to see. She is a very kind and concern to me whenever I see her. I highly recommend her professionalism and attention.
Dr Ngo was very thorough and gave good explanation, relieving my concerns
Dr Lynn Khoanh Ngo is an exceptional doctor with her experience and knowledge and extremely nice.
Dr. Ngo was excellent. She communicated her thinking clearly and continually. In addition, she provided me with the information I needed to make informed decisions. She followed up with me by telephone.
I and My husband always had a very good experience with Dr Ngo, Lynn Khoanh. she is very clearly understanding the issue n giving us the best solution n confidence. I wish I have her as my Primary physician.
I felt the doctor sympathized with my pain and had useful suggestions. She gave me a temporary solution for my pain and referrals for follow up care. Also wrote a note to my work to change my work station.
It was a great experience. Everything I have come to expect from SHC.
I felt very comfortable and cared for during my appointment with Dr. Ngo. Dr. Ngo is very easy to talk to and expressed a lot of care. Dr. Ngo was clear in explaining what tests or exams will be done and why.
Dr. NGO is amazing. she asked questions that I could answer easily and made me feel very comfortable
all of my concerns were addressed. I'm originally from Florida and wish providers were as amazing as your staff.
Very good.
Doctor Ngo, Lynn Khoanh was excellent doctor she took her time to give me a excellent care very caring person I felt she care and worried
Dr. Ngo is great! I wished she could be my primary doctor.
Dr. Ngo asked me what would make me feel confident about her assessment, and I shared that without imaging I would be extremely anxious. This made me feel heard and respected- so much of what I was coming in for was confirmation that my hyper-vigilance was unfounded, and she recognized that. Thank you Dr. Ngo
very competent and caring. remembered me from 2 years ago. called with X-ray results and instructions. very gentle in her exam. I specifically came back to her because of all the above.
Dr. Ngo was excellent. She was straight forward and caring. She explained everything very clearly.
Very professional & informative shows care for the patients.
Dr. Ngo was outstanding! Please clone her!
Wonderful doctor!!!!!! amazing bedside manner. answered all my questions. kept her word on when she'd call me the next day.
dr Ngo was very thorough while being gentle throughout her exam. I wish she could be my primary care doctor!
discuss issue about my BP even though I went in for something else which showed she reviewed my health problems
I felt the doctor did not feel urgency in treating my symptoms and was dismissive. I had not slept all night from the pain and the doctor did not seem concerned.
Dr. Ngo was a calming presence and showed compassion by ensuring I was comfortable during the procedure. she also explained everything she was doing step by step so I was fully aware and could know what to expect. I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Ngo's care.
I love Dr. Lynn Koahn Ngo! She is so friendly, professional, patient and sweet! I really trust her.
I have been very impressed with the caliber of doctors in Express Care. i was in a couple of weeks before this visit for a cold and the doctor looked in my throat and asked if I had sleep apnea. A lot of doctors have looked in my throat and not one has ever asked me about sleep apnea. I have been diagnosed with apnea. I was impressed that she would ask the question by observing the anatomy of my throat!
Dr. Ngo did an excellent job of explaining. She went above & beyond. She was very thorough.
Excellent experience
Dr. Lynn Ngo is a phenomenal care provider. Her bedside manner is absolutely wonderful. She made me feel cared for 7 my confidence in her clinical judgment is 100%. She called me after our visit to tell me I was positive for Influenza A & even wished me a happy birthday.
My doctor was amazing with gentle hands. She explain & came back to remind me of my tetanus shot length of coverage.
I absolutely loved Dr. Ngo. She was so kind, explained everything very thoroughly, and had a wonderful bedside manner.
really appreciated the explanations the doctor provided, and i'm definitely feeling better
Dr. Ngo was very kind and considerate. She took her time to clearly explain everything to me. She also called me the following day to ensure that I was doing okay.
Great explanations. I was a bit freaked out by my event and the care provider explained that it wasn't uncommon to have my condition.
I went it for one thing specifically but my doctor was able to address a few other things as well I really appreciated it.
I will love to see same doctor I seen her before she explain very well about the issue or problem and I impressed how she call me and followed up about condition thank you doctor !
The provider speaks my language which makes me easy to communicate with her.
I completely love the providers that I've been assigned to. My PCP is great, he really does care for his patients, he listens, and tries to really understand where his patients are coming from. He doesn't rely so much on scans and other ways examining. He will sit down, listen and take his time with you. That goes for all the staff as well.
This was one of the best health care experiences I've had. Dr. Ngo was incredibly friendly and helpful. She seemed so excited about the diagnosis. Thank you!
All as fine. The doctor was on time and her assistant was helpful while I waited for the doctor to be available.
The care provider did not have any empathy for me and did not try to accommodate my wishes.
I was very impressed with Dr. Ngo. She was very caring and spent a lot of time with me.
Dr. Ngo was fantastic.
She answered all of my questions and concerns.
THANK YOU Dr. Ngo! Really appreciated your concern and care.
The doctor was exceptional! She had reviewed my medical history before starting our visit and understood my specific needs and issues. She was an excellent communicator and listener. I was taken seriously and my input with regard to treatment was respected.I would without hesitation highly recommend this doctor.
I am fortunate being a patient in Stanford health care, the doctors are very kindly, experienced, patient.
Dr. Ngo was terrific. Explained everything clearly. Didn't rush me. Has pleasant way about her. Professional but not stuffy or overly formal. Very nice lady.
Excellent care by all
Dr Ngo was excellent. She was very familiar w/ my knee issue/background. She listened patiently to my updates since the ultrasound. She carefully examined my knee and reviewed the US images w/ me. She described how cysts usually resolve by themselves. She recommended that I continue to let my knee/cyst heal itself. wk later ... my knee is back to normal... a total of 9 wks from the original stress/injury.
very caring and concerned.
Dr. Ngo was excellent! Very thorough.
I saw Dr. Lynn or Ann Ngo. She was excellent. She even called me at 9:15 pm the same night to see how I was doing and reminded me to make an ultra sound appointment. I thought that was above and beyond expectation.
Dr. Ngo was awesome. I really appreciated the care she showed me.
I was extremely impressed by both the medical student and physician! They were extremely thorough and caring.
Dr. Ngo was excellent. If she was at a medical clinic instead of Express care, I would be very happy to have her as my regular doctor.
The doctor did a great job! She even over explained which I prefer over not getting enough.
Dr. Ngo was very kind and knowledgeable and she was able to diagnose the problem very well. Thank you very much Dr. Ngo!
Thorough exam. I appreciated the time the took; not rushed; very caring.
Dr. Ngo should be a physician coach, she is very compassionate and caring.
Awesome providers in person.
Dr. Lynn Ngo was wonderful and followed up the next day to see how I was doing. The medication she provided has improved my symptoms.
Dr. Ngo was through and meticulous in diagnosing my condition and helping me get better.
Dr. Ngo was extremely thorough with her examination and detailed in her explanation. She also listened to everything I had to say and took it under consideration. I appreciate the secondary plan she noted if the first one didn't work, which would save me a trip back to the clinic.
fantastic doctor
Very good experienced with the doctor who saw me. Accommodating and detailed in her explanation.
I sincerely liked Dr. Ngo, I wish she was my primary care physician. She was pleasant and had a sense of humor (and her treatment and diagnosis were accurate).
Dr. Ngo was great! Explained everything.
I really, rally, liked Dr. Ngo. I appreciated the communication and fact that she actually did "tests" to try and figure out the problem. I wish she was still regularly seeing patients.
The doctor's diagnosis and treatment recommendations provided almost immediate relief and improvement.
The care provider was far better than what I have experienced in Canada. The doctor did not treat me as though I knew nothing. The doctor explain to me in detail possible causes and her though process on how she narrowed down the root cause and provided recommendations. In Canada, I have never experienced this. The doctor just prescribed that is it. I felt doctor also was very transparent she showed me what she had written in the summary etc. I am very happy that doctors reports and summary are accessible via the application on my phone. In Canada I had no access to my medical reports. I had to convince the doctor and also pay for it to receive copies. Some places 50 dollars a copy. I felt I had more rights as a patient here.
Great doctor speaks my preferred language as well.
Dr. Ngo was wonderful. I felt she had a genuine concern for my well-being. I never felt rushed and she explained everything to my satisfaction.Dr. Kalanithi also played a part in calling me about a test result late on a Sunday evening and re-ordering the prescription to a 24 hour pharmacy. She went above and beyond in helping me get my med sooner than later. Drs. Ngo & Kalanithi practice exemplary c-I-care. Thanks to them I'm feeling better :)
The doctor showed great concern and was determined to understand all of my issues. She worked diligently to assess my condition. She provided excellent follow up instructions. I did not feel rushed or hurried during our visit. I felt very at ease and comfortable. The doctor was also able to properly address all of my questions and concerns. This was my first visit to Stanford Hospital for myself and I was quite impressed. I am considering moving my primary care from Palo Alto Medical Foundation to Stanford Hospital. Also, the equipment and rooms seemed pretty state of the art and modern.
Dr. was exceptionally through and kind, asked many questions, listened to me and was empathtic.
Very good advice & treatment.
Dr. Ngo is one of the bright spots within the stanford health care system. Would highly recommend her to anyone
I was very anxious going into this appointment; however, Dr. Ngo was so empathetic and put me at ease. She explained everything to me in a way I could understand and I felt like I could trust he knowledge and expertise completely.
Dr. Ngo is fantastic. She was careful and gentle while she analyzed my painful shoulder. She explained the problem and discussed the treatment options. I have followed her orders about moving my arm and shoulder. I feel much less pain and have improved mobility. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Ngo.
I was declined to do blood test. Doctor prescribed medications based on her personal experience: it helped me, sure it will help you. Allergy medication was not necessary at all.
Dr. Ngo was very caring.

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