Neha Narula

Family medicine doctor

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

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Additional Languages Spoken:
Hindi , Punjabi , Urdu

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Residency: Stanford O'Connor Family Medicine Residency (2018) CA
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine (2018)
  • Internship: University of Illinois College of Medicine (2017) IL
  • Medical Education: Wayne State University School of Medicine (2013) MI

Practice Locations

Stanford Primary Care in Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara, CA

2518 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 101

Santa Clara , CA 95054

(408) 688-9720

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Dr Narula is probably the best Dr I have ever had a conversation with. She listens, is thorough, very compassionate, offered multiple methods that provide meditation and relaxation, I felt like she heard and understood me. I wish she wasn't only available via video. Great doctor!!
Excellent Primary Care Physician.
She listened patiently to my problem and explained the course of action well.
Dr. Narula is an absolutely fantastic primary care physician. She is caring and empathetic and someone who I feel truly listens to me. I never feel like she is judging me on physical appearance and takes my concerns seriously.
She’s an excellent doctor, always helps, extremely courteous!
Dr. Narula is amazing. She is so caring and empathetic and really involves me in my healthcare.
Great DR
Neha Narula is a wonderful physician. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. I truly appreciate her time, expertise, and availability to see me!
She is an extremely superior physician, one I am blessed to have in my corner!
She is a great physicianl.
Dr. Narula is outstanding! I am so lucky to have her as my primary care physician. She is a great listener, is so kind and compassionate, and really takes time to know her patients.
Dr. Narula always provides great care!
She is an excellent doctor, very caring.
She was very understanding, polite, and explained treatment
I've had a previous video appointment with Dr Narula and she's always been great! She listens carefully, asks questions and then gave me a clear and easy to understand explanation about what is happening to my body. She's an awesome doctor!
I really appreciate that Stanford took initiative to schedule an appointment after I emailed them that I was COVID positive. Dr. Narula put my mind at ease by being thoughtful, informative, and patient.
Dr. Narula is an excellent clinician. She listen and cares for her patients. She always makes me feel welcome and heard during the visit.
She is so caring! Very kind.
Dr. Narula is the best! She is warm, knowledgable, and makes sure to really explain treatment and prescription options to me. She knows me well as a person and allows me to make decisions regarding my medical care. She is a lovely person and a skilled physician. I am really grateful that she is my primary care provider.
Excellent PCP.
Skilled prompt and professional. She recommended additional courses of action and was very flexible. Very compassionate
Dr. Narula is the best. I absolutely adore her! She is a caring, calm, reassuring doctor...true professional! She is warm, patient, and an excellent listener. I feel very comfortable with her as my PCP.
Excellent visit. Thank you Dr. Narula.
Dr. Narua continues to provide excellent care. She is a thoughtful and caring doctor. She answered all of my questions and encourages me to contact her between appointments if I have questions about my care plan. I'm grateful she is my doctor.
She is elaborative, empathetic ,concerned & solution oriented
She is extremely talented , understanding doctor I met here in US.
Dr Narula is knowledgeable and caring physician. I’ll keep her as my PCP
Dr. Narula is one of the most kind and caring providers. She listens and makes thoughtful suggestions. You can tell she is invested in helping her patients.
Dr. Narula is fantastic!
She is very caring. She asked all the right questions.
She listened to me very patiently and attentively. She helped me understand my problem fully well and advised me on the solution. She did whatever my requirement was. She was very polite and attentive to me. I am very happy with the video consultation.
She is kind and understandable, she a good listener how I feel as a patient.
Very happy for the visit
Dr Neha Narula fits in Stanford teams , always in her professional , caring , listening and understanding and caring to do her best to continue my future well-being matter. Thank you
She's prepared. She made me ask questions about my overall health. She's very professional.
Dr Narula is a knowledgeable caring helpful doctor.
The best medical professional I have ever had. Knowledgeable, congenial and very through.
Thank you Dr Neha Narula
Dr. Narula is absolutely the very best doctor anyone can ask for. She is thoughtful, provides options, empathetic and cares about her patients.
She is excellent.
Dr Nerula is a very good doctor is also one who is attentive, , decisive, energetic, friendly, gracious, investigative, knowledgeable, passionate, responsible, reassuring, one of the best Dr at Stanford
Dr. Narula is an excellent doctor/health care provider. In my experience, she shows a lot of care about her patients. She’s knowledgeable, listens well and addresses all my health concerns. The interactions with her feel more like a dialog than a one way conversation which I always appreciated. It’s too bad that she’s no longer practicing in the Bay Area so I can only see her remotely on video visit.
Dr. Narula is a lifeline for me. She is confident, empathetic, skilled, focused, extremely knowledgeable, unbiased, respectful, honest, forthright and compassionate. I have the upmost respect for Dr. Narula!!!!!!
Dr. Narula is a warm and caring provider. She listens to my concerns and is available for appointments without a long wait. She was also on time for our video visit which I appreciated.
She was amazing!
Very nice doctor
Dr. Narula is simply excellent. Always up-to-date with the newest developments in medicine, she is also a doctor who genuinely cares about her patients. I was impressed how thorough Dr. Narula is, and how well she prepares for each visit. Dr. Narula has always been thoroughly familiar with the my medical history and relevance to any current health problem that I am experiencing. I am very grateful to Dr. Narula for her lucid explanations re: the medications and tests. Above all, Dr. Narula helped me recover from several medical problems including the recent one and guided me to better health. All the advice Dr. Narula has given me during the recent and previous visits allowed me to recover and function normally. It is a privilege and pleasure to be Dr. Narula's patient.
Very caring and attentive
Dr. Narula is excellent. Convenient to not have to leave home for a video visit. Good experience, thank you!
Dr Narila is courteous, she treats me very well…
She provided excellent care today and was very reassuring.
She was awesome! I wish she could be my GP, not because I don't have confidence in my current GP but because I always feel more comfortable with a female GP.
Dr. Narula is very well care to her patients. She will listen and she will go over with you and suggest a good advise.
Thank you Dr Narula!
Dr. Narula is an excellent physician, who understands the needs of her patients and spends enough time and thought to provide the best care. She has made my stay at Stanford so easy. Best physician ever!!
Good to see her on video today. I thank her for her time
Dr. Narula is excellent! She listens to me and that is very important. I think I’d like to see her for all of my primary care appointments.
I am pleased that I can keep dr. Narula as my primary doctor even though she is no longer living in California. Video conferences work well for me as I live in Hollister and I use health aides to drive me.Very cost efficient.Also Nurse Criezer has been very helpful for me during in clinic visits and follow ups with phone requests.
Very good doctor. Good listener. Has good methods quickly at hand to assist with diagnosis.
Very pleasant, calm and professional. Good communicator.
Dr. Narula is always very pleasant to speak with. She's also a good listener and remembers details from previous calls. I'm very pleased with her treatment as well.
Dr Narula is wonderful and extremely caring. It is always such pleasure to see her at appointments.
She’s an extremely patient doctor and is very knowledgeable.
Her willingness to hear me out and resolving the problem and concerns. It make the visit very pleased and satisfying
Dr. Narula is an incredibly compassionate and empathetic doctor. My gratitude for her overflows...for her kindness and patience in answering all my questions. She has a very soothing way of talking and is a very good listener. She has a gift of grace for her patients. And brings an abundance of strength- physical and emotional to my well being. Beyond technology, the person talking to you makes the biggest impact on one's well being. She made me feel hopeful and taken care of. Even the person who scheduled my appointment on the phone the previous day, Meryall ( I may be spelling her name wrong ) at the Santa clara mission college site , I think was so good at listening to me and documenting my concerns. They both gave me the belief that the Universe is a kind place. Such an important feeling for one's sense of well being and to feel healthy. Grateful that Stanford invests in good people. More than technology please continue to focus on the people, the staff. Thanks you
I am blessed to have Neha as my doctor!
Great doctor and experience. Would recommend to others
I appreciate having Dr. Narula as my doctor. She is amazing and my family and I have been cared for her by a few years.
Dr. Narula is an amazing doctor and she has been caring for me and my family for a few years. I am grateful she is able to continue to provide us care. I appreciate the video visits and it works for my family. I hope she continues to care for patients using the video visit option.
My doctor is very professional she's very respectful and polite.. I have no complaints about my doctor. She takes great care of me. She's a very awesome listener. She talks in a very pleasant tone which I appreciate very very much. She is super professional 10/10 she's one of my favorite doctors.
She is such a caring doctor and shows great concern. Very personable.
My experience has been great. Dr. Neha Narula is an excellent doctor and I feel very comfortable as a patient when I talk to her. She is very kind and helpful and I am very happy with the treatment that I have received so far.
Every single visit that I have had with Dr. Neha Narula has been a pleasure. She truly is the most compassionate, respectful, patient, and down to Earth doctor that I have ever had. As she listens to what I have to say, I can tell she cares to know and has a passion to utilize her knowledge to help me be and stay healthy. Her excellent care and professionalism makes me beyond proud to be Dr. Neha Narula's patient!
Thank you!
Great provider, listens well, explains thoroughly.
Dr. Narula is an excellent doctor. Very compassionate and very knowledgeable, she listens and gives advice very well. I would highly recommend her to other patients.
She is always fabulous!!!
She is an excellent primary care doctor with first-rate communication.
Dr. Narula from my perspective is an ideal doctor combing an up-to-date medical knowledge with an excellent attitude towards the patient. Dr. Narula is very respectful and adjusts her explanations to the educational level the patient. At the same time Dr. Narula as a doctor shows great empathy towards the patient's condition and provides excellent information about the nature of the illness and the medications, all in clear terms. Today I was particularly impressed how Dr. Narula was aware of my entire history of the illness and the interaction of various conditions. I hasten to add that the trust I have in Dr. Narula is very important. One needs to trust and like their doctors. I am so grateful that thanks to the current technology I can continue having Dr. Narulaas my doctor.
Dr. Narula was great
Very pleasant and helpful. I appreciate when a medical person says they don’t know the answer but you know they will do their research.
Extremely caring doctor. Impressive knowledge. Communicates at the right wavelength. Not rushing through, and willing to give you as much time as you want.
Very comfortable to talk to her about my health issues.
Thank you!
She is awesome! Attentive, authentic and caring
Wow. Dr. Narula was excellent! From the get-go she was so kind and empathetic. She was very genuine. She was filling in for my regular PCP (Dr. Gautam - who is also excellent) as she's out this week. Dr. Narula reviewed everything and seemed totally up to date on my medical situation. She explained that she worked at the clinic with Dr. Gautam and introduced herself. She made sure to get a complete context from me of what's been going on, and listened patiently to me. She was caring and understanding. This situation has been stressful, but her calmness and kindness really calmed my nerves, and I felt completely comfortable during the appointment. She was very familiar with the vestibular disorder I deal with, which was extra wonderful - most doctors I've visited don't even really know about it, but she really seemed to not only be aware of it but be very familiar with it - from what can cause it, to what it's like for people with it, to how long they get affected, all sorts of things. I wasn't expecting that! She was knowledgeable about vertigo in general, and I'm so grateful for that. She reviewed my labs thoroughly, went over what was relevant. She asked if there was any medication I've used in the past that's helped me when dealing with vertigo. She suggested the relevant medications for it, and was happy to prescribe the medication that's helped me. I asked several questions during this appointment - about a few various issues - and she almost everything with no hesitation, I got the impression she was intimately familiar with all of it. She just seemed very knowledgeable, but humble too. There was one question for which she didn't have an answer, but she was comfortable saying, I'm not quite sure about that one - I'm always relieved to hear that sort of answer rather than someone just making something up. Before the appointment was over she helped me very clearly put a strategy forward for how to deal with the current situation, which was helpful to me. I feel like I know exactly what to do at the moment, which is what I was hoping for from this appointment. I went in to this appointment not expecting anything in particular, but I left just feeling so grateful I got the chance to meet with Dr. Narula. I feel so much better about things now. She is an awesome doctor and I hope to meet with her again one day! I feel very comfortable meeting with her to get medical treatment. It's shocking to me how many excellent doctors and staff you have at this clinic - everyone I've interacted with has been amazing. Thank you so much!!
Dr. Narula takes the time to listen and explains things very well. She is very helpful, kind, and compassionate.
Dr. Narula is an excellent health care provider, who is compassionate and an incredible listener. She is non-judgemental and takes her time listening to concerns and providing various solutions and suggestions to come to a mutual decision regarding care and treatment. In other words, she is absolutely wonderful.
Dr. Narula is an wonderful doctor. Listen to what the patient would like to say, explain with a simple way for the patient to understand. Gave enough time for the patient to ask all I need to know and gave me all the answer.
I am grateful she made available time to speak with me in a very short time. She is kind and empathetic.
All of the information given and answers to my questions were extremeIy helpful and I feel great about my plan to resolve my issue and optimistic about feeling better! Thank you very much!
She is excellent, compassionate and a wonderful doctor who is always willing to help and provide advice
Thank you Dr Narula you've been most helpful.
I’m glad to be able to continue to have Dr. Narula as my PCP after she moved from the Bay Area. I don’t like changing doctors. I trust her.
She's excellent - period.
Very personal, concerned, compassionate and knowledgeable. Appreciate her.
Dr. Narula is a wonderful physician and I am very grateful to call her my doctor.
I just getting to know her so far I am satisfied with her .she connects very well with me. My future health care will determines her how good she is gonna be as my doctor for life.
Well communicated & explanations of my concern.
She seems wonderful.
Dr. Narula is the best!!
Dr. Narula is such a kind, patient, and intelligent doctor. Definitely recommend her to any of my friends!
Dr Narula is warm, empathic, highly skilled and accessible
Dr. Narula was so attentive, professional and compassionate, it was an amazing experience. she listened to my brother and shared undue patience, while tracking his medical background. She is so bright, personable and professional. Exceptional care.
The care provided by Dr. Narula was absolutely wonderful. She kept checking in to make sure I was doing okay and/or needed a break. It was really nice and thoughtful.
Dr. Narula was excellent! Very professional, kind, and a very good listener and communicator. I am referring Dr. Narula to my wife to be her primary care physician as well.
I was very pleased with my experience, and enjoyed meeting Dr. Narula
She is so sweet and kind, love everything about her, and how she listens and takes care of all the concerns. The best one I've ever had.
Very productive.
Dr. Narula is always helpful and shows compassion
Dr. Neha Narula is absolutely amazing. She's kind, empathetic, respectful and was very patient in hearing me out. Her persona is very healing. She even attempted to take off my shoes as i was struggling a bit. Very good person , her personality her energy lends to being a care provider. Awesome gifts to have.
Dr. Narula is very nice and truly cared for her patients.
Dr. Narula take very good care on her patient and treat like her own relative. She spend enough time and won't leave until all my questions are answered. Thank you Dr. Narula.
Dr. Narula is the best - Very concerned and attentive.
Good. Dr. Neha is very generous to listen to my concerns. She addresses them very appropriately. I like the fact that she focuses on educating me as well on the condition.
Love Dr Narula
My experience with Dr. Narula has been great. She provides a high level of care and is very professional and thoughtful.
Dr. Narula has proved to be an intelligent warm - hard shoes to fill after Korina DeBruge.
Dr. Nerula exceeded my expectations of professional care and courtesy.
Dr Nerula was so caring and helpful! she is not my primary care physician, but took good care of me. My physician was booked and the scheduler made a big effort to get me in with another physician. once I scheduled, I received a phone call from the Nurse to get more information regarding my symptoms. a collaborative effort with a great outcome!
My doctor is great
Dr. Narula is great!
My Doctor shows great interest in her patients ! my whole family comes with her! and she has a great personality!
Original PCP moved to other location so first visit with Dr. Narula, I loved her! Felt like she really listened, heard me and cared! I am terminal so what else can I ask for!! She was great!
Dr. Nerulais fantastic. You can tell she truly cares about me as a patient, is very friendly and extremely helpful. I have never felt so comfortable talking to a MD or NP before and she has definitely took the cake. I would definitely recommend her.
This was my first appointment with a new primary care doctor. Dr. Narula is knowledgeable, patient and warm. I'm very happy she will be my "go-to" doctor for all my issues as I advance in age.
Dr. Neha Narula M.D. is an informable doctor who genuinely cares and takes time to explain My Health Issues and Questions I have. Excellent Doctor
Dr. Narula is great!
Dr. Narula is amazing. SO nice and very informative about my new medication. I felt very comfortable asking questions, and she posted additional info on the MyHealth Stanford app.
Dr. Narula is simply an ideal doctor who combines superb, up-to-date professional knowledge with genuine care for the patient's well-being. I have already recommended Dr. Narula to other potential patients feeling that their health issues might be resolved if they were to become Dr. Narula's patients.
The doctor was very kind, and listened to my concerns.
I have already recommended her to a friend & I believe he signed up with her.
Dr Neha Narula is an outstanding human being. She listened to me carefully and got involved in my treatment.Thanks.
Dr. was great. She is thorough professional and caring. she took her time and explained everything to me. followed up and made sure I was taken care of.
I can highly recommend the staff at this location.
i was very impressed with Dr. Narula's attention to detail and the fact that she listened attentively to me and was very caring and responsive to my concerns.
I've never had better primary care physician

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