Dr. Christina Pagano is a Family Medicine Practitioner at The Menlo Clinic with a speciality in non-operative Sports Medicine. As a former professional athlete in basketball, she is passionate about helping patients achieve optimum health and continuing an active lifestyle. Dr Pagano earned her Medical Doctorate at Pennsylvania State University's College of Medicine. She completed her residency in Family Practice at Scripps Hospital System, and went on to train at Stanford University, achieving a fellowship in Sports Medicine. Dr Pagano is from Seattle, Washington, and has a MBA from the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business.

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine (2022)
  • Residency: Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego (2012) CA
  • Internship: Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego (2008) CA
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Sports Medicine (2013)
  • Fellowship: Stanford University - Orthopaedic Surgery (2013) CA
  • Residency: University Of San Diego (2009) CA
  • Medical Education: Pennsylvania State University (2006) PA

Practice Locations

Menlo Medical Clinic in Menlo Park - 321 Middlefield Menlo Park, CA
Menlo Park, CA

321 Middlefield Road

Menlo Park , CA 94025

(650) 498-6500

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Patient Reviews

(213 reviews)

Dr. Pagano is a wonderful doctor!
Great visit, very personable and I love that she can see my results from other specialties like Endocrino, OB, and we can discuss about all.
She has done amazing followup for a non-critical health issue
She was thourough and helpful. everything was well explained
Dr. Pagano is always thorough and informative. Appreciate that she asks about my family dynamics as well as what the issue is for the appointment. Cheers to her and her team
Dr Pagano always works around her schedule in order to understand and treat any health issues that I have. Today she came in before her schedule time in order for us to meet using the video application so we can discuss my current health. The Dr. notes are extremely helpful in the my health at Stanford website.
Dr Pagano spent alot of time understanding my situation and reassure me of a plan to go further. Dr. Pagano is a huge asset to Menlo Medical
Dr. Pagano is an incredible doctor. She spends thoughtful time with me and always answers my questions and provides actionable and easy to understand instructions for care. She is conservative and reasonable and will always create an appointment for me to explain things I may be confused about. She never makes me feel like I am taking up to much time and she is an incredible listener.
Dr. Pagano is a very caring physician. She promptly follows up on potential issues and clearly explains the potential issues and the potential causes of the issue. She also describes the questions to ask the referring physician who is also involved in treatment.
Dr. P. the best. First class. Very knowledgeable and caring. Old school Dr. Who knows her patients. You can't ask for more than that.
Very accessible and easy to talk too
She's great!
Great doctor. The best doctor I ever had and I completely trust her.
Dr. Pagano always covers my concerns completely. She answers my questions and lets me complete my thoughts. Very professional and clear Thanks for everything Dr. Pagano (even when I don't like the answer)
Dr. Pagano is always excellent. Got me in quickly, I felt well assessed on video. Made next steps clear. Repeated next steps at end. Followed up with visit notes. Best sports med doc I’ve ever had, bar none.
Very knowledgeable and caring. Was willing to listen. My daughter and daughter-in-law were in the call. Dr. Pagano listened to everyone's input.
Dr Pagano is a great doctor and an amazingly understanding person.
Dr Pagano is caring, thoughtful and thorough when caring for my health needs.
Dr. Pagano is the best! I feel so fortunate that she is my primary care and sports medicine physician. She is thorough and personable, and is able to share the latest medical recommendations for my long-term conditions.
She is good at her job and is empathetic
Very caring doctor. Gives you information in concise manner, that is pleasing to patient
Dr. Pagano is very thorough when she explains the results of diagnostic tests and exams. She takes great care in making sure I understand the medical information. She is an excellent doctor!
I appreciate Dr. Pagano's compassionate bedside manner. I feel comfortable talking to her about all my mental health and medical needs.
great session. thank you
She is amazing. Attentive, Smart, thoughtful fast to understand the issues and knows what she is doing. Not all your the Dr's are as skilled as her.
I very much enjoy having Christina Pagano as my primary physician
Very skilled, communicative and caring person.
Helpful visit. Hope that the plan we have decided to pursue will have successful outcome.
Dr. Pagano is an excellent doctor who truly cares for her patients.
Dr Pagano is very knowledgeable doctor; she listens; she is compassionate to the needs of the patient and has always been of great help. Im blessed to have her as my physician.
Love doing video visits with Dr. Pagano. She communicates clearly and addresses every question/issue I raise. Great follow-through as well!
Very thorough, smart, knowledgeable and personable.
Grateful that she took out precious time from her own lunch to expedite my situation. She truly went above and beyond and she didn't have to.
Thank you! I greatly appreciate Dr. Pagano's excellent care.
She's excellent!
She is sharp, knowledgeable and thorough. And personable.
Dr. Pagano is a very caring physician. She takes time out of her busy schedule to thoroughly answer all my medical questions. She also rountinely follows-up to ensure I have scheduled appointments with all other appropriate physicians. I highly recommend Dr. Pagano.
Dr. Pagano is the best. I feel like she truly cares about my wellbeing.
I am very confident in Dr. Pagano and feel well cared for.
You have a great bedside manner!
Dr Pagano is an amazing doctor; very knowledgeable, kind and helpful.
Dr. Pagano is: 1. very professional, calm, informative, speaks in layman terms to me, and is charming and warm. 2. Her treatments and advice have greatly improved my hip and knee issues. 3. Right now I'm in her care and know that I'll be healthy again. 4. In the future, I will recommend her to my family of friends who need her services.
Lol.. See prior comment. She is truly just a wonderful doctor. Super informative and knowledgeable. Has helped me immensely.
I think she is excellent!
Our whole family are patients of Dr. Pagano. She is the BEST! Always willing to listen, treats us holistically as well as medically, and is a fantastic diagnostician.
Love my doc
Very personable, knowledgeable and caring! Love Dr. Pagano
Dr. Pagano is very thorough and her advice is very clear. She always asks me lots of questions and listens well. She is obviously comfortable on video.
Dr. Pagano is very thorough and does not rush you.
Dr Pagano is outstanding and I feel safe knowing she is in charge of my care.
Felt that provider did not listen to or acknowledge my concerns. Provider talked very fast and felt rushed the entire time, did not care to ask or carefully understand my condition. Provider did not seem to show urgency for my health issue, therefore I am switching providers.
It is clear Dr. Pagano is a smart, knowledgeable dr. She is not warm, she does not get to know the patient. She cares about keeping her apt. on time. I am not a complete "picture" to her; I am a "check list". Will be looking for a new PCP. So will my husband.
Dr. Pagano is an excellent physician. She is caring, gives me good information so we can make informed decisions together, let's me know under what conditions I should call for followup
I wanted to take this time to fill this out because I thought very highly of Dr. Pagano.
Dr. Pagano is terrific!
She got down to business with pertinent questions, did an assessment of my range of motion and pain level. From then suggested a very reasonable treatment plan and further diagnostic work up.
She arrives at a diagnosis very quickly. I have not been confident that she listened to me well enough to make her diagnosis and have it be accurate.
Wonderful M.D. I wish that she would be allowed more time with each patient.
The best - intelligent, professional, kind, compassionate
Dr. Pagano gave me lots of information quite quickly, I would have appreciated having her slow down a bit. However, she gave me good print out notes with information.
Good experience.
MD very thorough.
I always feel just a bit rushed when I'm in the exam room with Dr. Pagano. She's very energetic.
very good diagnostician but overly rushed and overly clinical, business-like communications.
Good experience.
Super doctor - very caring & knowledgeable.
Didn't feel like Dr. Pagano was paying attention to anything I was saying. Didn't seem to care to talk through my options. Didn't understand that I valued getting better quicker, and willingness to do alternate healing options, versus waiting an indefinite amount of time for my injury to heal on its own.
Dr. Pagano talks very fast but everything she said I heard and retained all the information.
Dr Pagano is an excellent provider. She is professional, extremely professional and good a explaining things in a way I understands. Makes sure I know what to after leaving office by asking me questions and giving me written instructions
Caring. Genuine. Efficient, a little rushed, as all dr. now - spends time typing, looking @ screen.
An excellent practitioner - efficient, knowledgeable and caring.
Very professional yet personable.
Doctor spoke very quickly and was a bit brusque
Dr is very nice and I guess really can't give me much help, just advice.
dr Pagano appeared to know what she was doing, but was so rushed and did not try to connected with me. this was my first visit with her. she needs to slow down. at one point I asked her to slow down and I'm a health care provider. I can't imagine what other patients would feel!
Dr Pagano is very Patience and friendly
Dr. Pagano was thorough in her explanation of the sources of pain I have been experiencing. She was equally thorough and specific about treatment protocols and expected recovery times.
Love Dr. PAGANO. She listens and explains well
I love Dr. Pagano. She thoughtfully listens to me when I'm explaining my health issues as she carefully updates my record on MyHealth. She offers creative solutions to my health problems. I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Pagano as my PCP.
Visit felt mechanistic. Little empathy or concern shown. Efficient but lacked caring emotion.
Dr. Pagano is a competent, insightful, caring, and supportive internist. MMC is fortunate to have her on the staff!
Dr. Pagano is the best family practice/sports medicine doctor I have ever had. I give her an A++++++
Dr. Pagano was very thoughtful in her approach, and very caring.
I was very impressed with the doctor. She was very through, I wish there where more like her. Very positive experience.
Dr. Pagano clearly explained to me what was wrong, what the plan and treatment was and I felt very good after seeing her.
dr Pagano was amazing taking so much time to explain and go into great detail in my injury and my avs was just as detailed.
doc was great! friendly, knowledgeable, energetic
She is skilled, knowledgeable, and above all a good listener.
Really pleased with the visit!
Dr. Pagano is great but I just felt she was a bit rushed. i get that, her practice is busy. But her manner can be a bit curt. She talks very fast and I barely got a word in. She did however give me a good info sheet of my followup items so I am proceeding with those.
She talks too fast, Hard to keep up and remember
All was very good thank you very much.
She was terrific (Dr. Pagano).
I was a add on patient and I could tell my dr was busy and rushing a little.
I have already recommended her to my husband.
Dr. Pagano is an excellent physician - the best I have ever experienced! I am very pleased.
Dr. Pagano does a great job of remembering me, even if I haven't seen her for over a year. she listens to my concerns fully and explains what is going on clearly. The treatment was explained clearly and typed up in notes for me clearly in case I need to refer to them later.
Dr is taking a very conservative approach to treat my knee problem. She told me that walking is bad for my knee, but swimming and biking is okay!!! I have to walk in my daily routines and I'm having pain. she didn't seem to think that my pain is bad enough for an injection. she recommends oral drugs and therapy instead. I'd like to have more immediate relief.
Dr. Pagano is wonderful and I am SO pleased she is my PC!
Dr. Pagano was great--listened carefully, explained the nature of my knee problems and included me in the decision about what to do about them. I only wish I had known about her sooner! She needs to be listed under sports medicine rather than just family practice so those of us whose bodies are deteriorating can find her!
extraordinary. she explained my condition with a drawing, wrote out my options, followed up twice with me to make sure I got a surgical referral. she is so fantastic.
Dr. Pagano took her time to explain all that was needed. Caring & compassionate.
Dr. Pagano is an exceptionally good communicator.
I knew she was behind schedule, but did not feel rushed.
Dr Pagano is SO knowledgeable. I have so much confidence in her ability to diagnose and communicate her findings. She's really a terrific doctor!
Dr Pagano explained the issue and gave me appropriate options on further tests. She spent time correcting my misconceptions of the issue.
Dr. Pagano is terrific!
Great MD but very heavily scheduled and had to hurry from one exam room to another.
I was amazed at how much time and attention I got, considering it was the end of the day and I was new.
dr Pagano is friendly confident and very professional. She spent time with me to hear my concerns and ask me questions. I never felt rushed during the entire visit. I would highly recommend her to anyone as a primary care doctor.
Dr. Pagano is very concerned, charming and helpful.
This was all good.
Dr. Pagano is very thorough and supportive. She made room on her schedule to see me on the same day my X-ray was ordered by my PCP, Dr. Bennett.
It's clear, Dr Pagano knows sports medicine! I have the highest confidence in her abilities.
Dr. Pagano is probably the highest-energy, most efficient, most believable and trustworthy doctor I have ever met. Competent to the highest degree! I LOVE this doctor.
Dr. Pagano takes the time to hear the relevant history and do a thorough exam as a result, her treatment recommendations are on target and confidence-inspiring.
Dr Pagano was exceptionally good!!!
Dr. Pagano explained things to me and is in excellent communicator. I would highly recommend her!
Dr Pagano was very thorough and explained my condition in detail, as well as treatment options and next steps.
Christine is perhaps the best doctor I have ever had. She is professional, concerned, a problem solver, and very friendly!
Dr. Pagano is very warm, professional and knowledgeable. I feel very confident under her care.
I felt like the doctor did not listen well, but seemed rather defensive.
Although the doctor was friendly and attentive, the appointment was very rushed. We covered many topics in a relatively short amount of time. When I left, I wasn't sure the main goal for my appointment - renewal of a prescription - was actually done.
Dr. Pagano is great. Caring, quite competent, patient, able to explain well, courteous, thorough and efficient. She sets the bar high for the medical profession.
Dr Pagano is top notch- she skillfully and quickly analyzed my problem and clearly outlined the course of treatment. She has excellent communication and people skills. Overall I'd say she is a great addition to the Menlo Medical Clinic staff.
Excellent! Outstanding! Wonderful!
Dr. Pagano is excellent. Took the time to explain and was genuinely concerned about my injury.
doc was very thorough
Dr Pagano was excellent
Dr. Pagano is an excellent doctor who listens to her patients carefully and gives clear advice about how to treat illnesses and maladies.
I allowed to arrive on time because of the extreme weather conditions, yet I was still late. dr Pagano was extremely understanding and took time to explain options for follow up care. she is friendly, professional and caring.
dr Pagano is a wonderful doctor
GREAT experience. Dr. Pagano clearly is into sports herself and her experiences underscore her knowledge and you feel confident that she understands what you're experiencing. She personifies "if you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk". Loved her.
Dr. Pagano gives excellent care and answers all my questions.
Dr. Pagano is an excellent doctor. I feel fortunate to have her as my doctor!
Dr. Pagano was very thorough in her exam and was very tuned into the reasons for my visit. She was able to provide appropriate solutions and advice.
Excellent Experience
both Dr. Pagano and Dr. Ly (who handled the initial visit) were very good
Dr. Pagno gives me the tools to manage a healthy lifestyle. Her whole team are enabling care givers. They are professional and positive
Dr. Pagano clearly knows her stuff.. I had no issues with her ability to asses me or other patients..
The doctor was a little rushed!
The doctor recommended excellent therapy. The doctor was caring, supportive, sensitive and knowledgeable. Her communication was outstanding. She sent me home with documents to support and reinforced her presentation.
The availability of doctors at Menlo Medical if you need to be seen quickly is very poor
They were running late, and doctor felt rushed - they were really backed up. Appointment felt rushed and I didn't come away with all questions answered.
The physician made time to see me over her lunch hour the same day as I first attempted to schedule for evaluation of my injury. She covered all issues regarding my diagnosis and treatment VERY thoroughly. She was rushed because she had, I assume, other scheduled patients to attend to, however she exceeded my expectations in all categories asked about above.
Dr. Pagano is thorough and also expresses empathy.
She was great, thorough explanations explaining my options and great skill during the injection.
Dr. Pagano is EXCELLENT! I have already passed out her card to a couple of friends. It's a shame there is such a time-pressure going on.
It was very hard to say anything. The doctor did most of the talking (95%). I am not questioning the doctor's expertise but my feeling was she was not really interested in listening to me and wanted to get me out of there as soon as possible.
very pleased with the care provided.
Very thorough and professional. Liked the fact that x-rays were taken to check for the problem.
I was very impressed with her, but she's very fast-paced and I would appreciate it if she'd communicate just a touch slower. She's very good, though!
Dr. Pagano is very dedicated to her patients & always goes through my health with a fine comb. Will always follow up with phone calls & emails.
Cristina Pagano is a warm, supportive and capable physician. I would recommend her very highly to my friends who have orthopedic problems and need advice and treatment. She is an excellent orthopedic physiatrist!
As said earlier they worked me in the same day and they Dr. Pagano spent a good deal of time with me, at least a half and hour or 40 minutes. I am sure I cut into her lunch break.
wow! the physician was fantastic! she is so smart! she knew exactly which muscles I had injured based on the short description I was able to tell her about my injury! her treatment plan is going well so far. I would highly recommend Dr. Pagano!
I had an allergic reaction to some acne medication (with some blistering), and having researched the medication after this myself (benzyl peroxide) I would have liked the doctor to give me a little more warning that it might be harsh, and what to do if I had a bad reaction (putting it on less often, how to calm angry skin afterwards etc). I did appreciate being offered the medication--that the doctor noticed I had an acne problem (this was not the initial purpose of my visit) and so I really appreciated Dr Pagano's thoroughness and willingness to help me with this problem as well as the one I made the appointment for!
Dr. Pagano is very professional, friendly and explained my condition thoroughly.
Dr. Pagano was excellent. She took her time to helping with my pain. Very patient with me explaining evrything. I love going to her for any issue of pain I have. Great MD!!!
I did not have an appointment with Dr. Pagano but she took me in right away. I had an allergic reaction and she was so kind and welcoming. We need more doctors like her.
I was very impressed by the information I received and the concern of Dr. Pagano for my knee problem.
Dr. Pagano was most informative about what she was going to do and why.
Dr Pagano is great! Really appreciate the explanations and practical approach.
Christina is a very competent, knowledgeable, and sensitive physician. She was a delight to meet, talk with about my condition, and plan my treatment. I would recommend her highly to friends for orthopedic problems, especially since she has no conflict of interest (e.g., proposing surgery) and is willing to take a conservative approach to treatment.
Dr. Pagano is awesome! She is very thorough and takes adequate time with the patient. She is very outgoing and friendly.
excellent doc. if all Menlo docs were like Dr. Pagano it would be a fabulous place
Dr. Pagano spent a significant amount of time with me and answered all of my questions. She explained things and took her time. The visit felt very natural and well worth my time. She treated me with kindness and professionalism.
Dr. Pagano was very helpful & kind. She is an extremely competent & knowledgeable physician. Great explanations of diagnosis, treatments & prognosis.
Exceptional in all regards.
I like that I can see my doctor's concern for my health and I appreciate her efforts to help me get in shape and lower my risks for a heart attack.
Bad - came in sick and Dr. took 10-15 minutes to update records before asking me about my situation.
Dr. PAgano makes up for my recent experiences with doctors I don't admire at Menlo and my sorrow for loss of really outstanding doctors such as Rachel Seaman and Seth Weissman. Family and Sports Medicine seems to have docs much more in alignment with what I find makes a good doc - direct, straightforward, clear, willing to respect my background which includes a fair bit of knowledge of anatomy and physiology (and I come from a family with many docs). This department is a godsend after my recent unpleasant experiences with post-Dr. Seaman internal medicine. I especially like Dr. Pagano's thoughtful and clear approach to my several skeletal system problems.
Dr. Pagano is very thorough and I love that she is into diet as well.
I am so happy that I made the switch to Dr. Pagano. She is attentive, easy to talk to and always looks out for my best interest. She does not rush me to get out of her office and doesn't just throw a prescription at the issue
Dr. Pagano is an awesome doctor and person. She was professional but friendly and concerned.
Dr. Pagano is professional and thorough as well as always concerned about the patient's best-interests. She is an exemplary doctor.
Dr Pagano is a carrying doctor i trust and feel very comfortable with
Dr. Pagano is extremely professional and amazingly caring at the same time. She always makes me feel respected and safe, since under her care I am confident that I am receiving the best medical attention possible. I feel very lucky to have her as my care provider!
Dr. Pagano was especially easy to talk with.
Dr. Pagano is great to work with!
Caring & thorough.
I am grateful that Dr. Pagano agreed to take me as a patient. I previously felt I had very good insurance and coverage, but lacked the same level of care from my providers. Dr. Pagano not only knows how to provide excellent care, she does it while also imparting compasion to her patients.
Since moving to CA two years ago I have gone to other physicians but since meeting with Dr. Pagano I have searched no further. She is terrific - professional, knowledgeable, warm, funny and realistic.
Dr. Pagano was excellent! She was extremely professional, courteous, understanding and quickly offered treatment options that greatly improved my situation.
All the doctor's and staff are great - but Dr. Pagano really stands out, she is terrific on every level.
Dr. Pagano is a very caring doctor in person, and then she always follows up with email communications, which I appreciate a great deal. She follows through with prescription orders and test orders and communicates results back to me promptly. I don't know how she does it all so well!!!
Very good.
Dr. Pagano is a caring human being. A++++
Dr Pagano uses closed loop communication, works extremely effectively.
Christine Pagano is terrific - every time I see her my confidence in her and comfort level increases.
Dr Pagano is very personable and knowledgeable. She was extremely encouraging about my progress with physical therapy, which made me feel good. I hadn't been so sure I was progressing well enough, and she pointed out ways that I had made important improvements.
Dr. Pagano is my PCP and I think she is absolutely fantastic. I feel like she spends a good amount of time with me (no rushing out of the room) and always makes sure that I understand what my next steps are for follow-up care. I would recommend her to anyone.
The doctor was friendly and efficient.
Dr. Pagano truly serves as an inspiration for other drs. to follow. Can't explain the tremendous frustration I felt in the past with other drs. Was getting run around & not much action. Dr. Pagano listens, takes action, imports sound advice, & POSITIVELY. Makes a huge difference in caring for the TOTALITY of the patient.
Dr. Pagano was excellent!
Dr. Pagano was friendly, informative, and thorough. She really listens, and has a very comfortable manner. I felt completely comfortable with her.
Excellent medical attention.
Very good experience.
she spent a great amount of time on my visit. I appreciate that very much!!!
great doctor, explains things well, professionally friendly and very easy to talk to
excellent as dr Pagano is my new doctor
I had to switch PCP's @ Menlo Medical (I have been a long time patient). Very pleased with the quality of care provided by my new doctor, Dr. Pagano. She was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and attentive. My original doctor left Menlo Med.
Dr. Pagano is excellent.
Great experience.
I felt the appointment was a little rushed, options for diagnosed treatment not given.

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