Patients Narrative Matter: The Role of Talk Therapy in Cancer

Linda Suk, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Behavioral Health Clinician

When patients come into a therapy room, they are curious about other patient’s experience- how other patients deal with the unexpected change overload, tolerate the distress of uncertainty while questioning the usefulness of talk therapy when it does not change the reality of having cancer. The lecture will demystify what happens behind the closed door. It will examine the psychological impact and the emotional changes of moving through various stages of cancer. It will also explore how patients have created a successful blueprint to integrate management of cancer while finding a way to continue on with their lives. Guidance will be provided in identifying therapy resources and how to find a point of entry for accessing therapy support.

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Event Details

6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

1780 Hillsdale Ave.
San Jose, CA

Lecture postponed.
New date to be determined.


To register call: 699-233-2807