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Stanford Hospital Physicians Give Heart Patient a Second Chance

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“Stanford is a collection of persistent, great minds that never give up and never stop caring. They never forget that healthcare is personal.”

-Lovester L., Stanford Heart Transplant Recipient
How Targeted Biopsy Improves Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Patient Bill Armstrong's PSA levels increased year after year, but he ignored the numbers until a visit to Stanford confirmed the prospect of prostate cancer.

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The Neuroscience Health Center: Designed by Patients for Patients

“From my critical, urgent need years ago to a more routine surgery this year, the genuine concern for the patient and family experience and quality of care at Stanford is awesome."

-Susan R., Stanford Hospital patient

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Stanford Health Library

“When others gave up and left me to deal with my pain on my own, Stanford provided me with tools to not only lessen my pain but live a full life with my chronic pain.”

-Nancy C., Pain Clinic

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