What is the process for approving or denying a test?
Can I send my patient to Stanford Health Care (SHC) for testing?
How do I order a test?
My patient has been tested. When will I get results?
How will I receive the results?
Will Stanford Health Care report my patient’s results to the County Public Health Department?
Which is the best way to diagnose an active COVID-19 infection, the molecular test (nasopharyngeal swab) or anitbody test (blood draw)?


Can I come to Stanford Health Care (SHC) to get tested for COVID‐19?
What does my doctor or health care team need to do so I can get tested for COVID‐19?
How will I find out my results?
I had a fever and dry cough and loss of smell for 5 days, but I did not get tested with a nasal swab. The symptoms went away 10 days ago and I feel fine. The antibody blood test is negative
My antibody blood test was positive for IgG antibodies against the COVID-19 virus. Does this mean I am negative for the virus and protected from re-infection?
I had a COVID-19 infection documented by a positive nasal swab 3 weeks ago. My repeat nasal swab is negative. My antibody blood test is positive for IgG antibodies. Can I donate my blood plasma to help others?

Page Updated: 08/22/2020