Innovation Projects & Platforms

The Ultraviolet Electroclave cabinets were deployed to inpatient units as part of the COVID-19 strategy to disinfect mobile devices. The cabinets achieve 99.99% pathogen kill on all sides of mobile devices and can load up to 10 mobile phones at the same time.

Seamless hospitality ensues when patient rooms incorporate big-screen TVs enabled with the Sonifi platform. The patient experience is modernized with interactive in-room featuring entertainment, screen-casting, interpreter services, and meal ordering.

A unified communication solution helps caregivers collaborate inside and outside the hospital. Mobile devices allow for enterprise wide HIPPA compliant clinical communications in addition to enabling alarms and alerts for direct patient care.

The Real Time Locating System optimizes workflows to create more efficient systems to automate asset tracking and control costs. The wearable technology also provides safety measures for staff and opportunities to improve the patient experience.

Electronic-forms are part of the sustainability efforts to reduce environmental impact and paper. E-forms improve quality and reduce cost by leveraging an electronic clinical forms repository.

The Omnicell System provides safe and secure dispensing of medications, including a full range of tools that ensure safety, inventory, and compliance to medication management.