1. Deidre Schneider and Rev. Dr. Kafunyi Mwamba welcome guests

2. Jaliza Johnson and Jakaria Stewart hosts the Bold Moves celebration

3. David Entwistle, Dr. Joyce Sackey, Mona Sidhu, and Sherri Miller in attendance

Dr. Joyce Sackey, Shaquille Tillman, center, and Dr. Terrance Mayes

Dawn Rorig and Alpha Diallo celebrate as a Mentor/Mentee Pair

A few of the mentor and mentee pairs at graduation

Dr. Grissel Hernandez, Jaliza Johnson, Shaquille Tillman, and Leah Bailey

Alpa Vyas, Anna Dapelo-Garcia, Dawn Rorig, Dr. Terrance Mayes, and Dr. Michelle Y. Williams

The Bold Moves Planning Team with Dr. Williams, and BEAM Team Sponsors, Alpa Vyas and Dr. Terrance Mayes