Dr. Zaina Alzawad presenting her poster at the 56th Annual WIN conference

(L to R) Jodi Mae Shiba, Dr. Kevin Tsui, and Sierra Kane present their poster at the AAACN conference

(L to R) Sierra Kane and Charlene Platon, Directors of Ambulatory Nursing with the Scope and Standards of Practice for Ambulatory Nursing

(L to R) Jodi Mae Shiba, Kevin Tsui, Charlene Platon, Sierra Kane, and Chrystal Lewis at the 48th AAACN Conference

(L to R) Dr. Cecelia L. Crawford and Dr. Michelle Y. Williams

(L to R) Dr. Michelle Y. Williams, Dr. Nancy Blake, Chief Nursing Officer at LAC_USC Medical Center, and Dr. Dan Weberg, National Executive Director, Nursing Workforce Development and Innovation at Kaiser Permanente.

(L to R) Dr. Michelle Y. Williams and Dr. Patricia Chin, Founder, Chin Family Institute for Nursing at California State University, Los Angeles.

Drs. Michelle Y. Williams and Maria O’Rourke delivering their presentation