Treatment Options for Neurofibromas

Endoscopic Endonasal Approach (EEA) to Skull Base
Stanford Health Care’s Chief of Skull Base Surgery, Dr. Juan Fernandez-Miranda, explains how Endoscopic Endonasal surgery is accomplished to carefully correct conditions behind the eyes, nose, and even in the brain. This video is intended for use by staff of Stanford Health Care. No representatives or warranties are made for outside use. Not for reproduction or publication without permission. Published November 2020 Stanford Health Care © 2020

Clinical Trials for Neurofibromas

To learn more about the clinical trials we offer, contact Maria Coburn at 650-736-9551.

What are Neurofibromas of the Skull?

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Skull base surgery is a highly-specialized field that addresses tumors and other abnormalities on the underside of the brain or base of the skull.
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