What We Offer You For Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid Eye Disease Treatments

Thyroid eye disease (TED) affects every person differently. Our specialists provide a personalized treatment plan to best fit your individual needs, reduce ocular (eye-related) symptoms, and prevent vision loss. 

Your treatment team will include an ophthalmologist, who specializes in plastic surgery of the eye, and an endocrinologist, a doctor specializing in conditions that affect hormones. Your team may also include other care providers, depending on your personal medical history. 

Stanford Health Care's team includes doctors who are renowned TED experts. These specialists can start the right treatment early in the course of your disease. Your care plan may include:



close Medication

close Radiation

close Surgery

Clinical Trials

Our Clinics

At Stanford Health Care, we strive to make your care as seamless and comfortable as possible. Our Byers Eye Institute offers both diagnostic imaging and comprehensive eye services in the same state-of-the-art facility. Our Thyroid Eye Clinic, housed in the Endocrinology Clinic at Boswell, offers joint appointments with an endocrinologist and an oculoplastic surgeon at one location.

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