What are some of the things i should keep in mind during my visit at the sleep clinic?

The lab opens at 7 p.m. for overnight studies. It is important that your child arrive on time! If you need to cancel the child's overnight sleep appointment, please call before 2 p.m., 650-723-6601. If you are running late after our office closes, please call the lab technical area at the same number (option #1) and leave a message. The main entry is secured at 7 p.m.; lab personnel will let you into the building after this time.

No smoking is allowed on the premises.

What happens to the recorded data?

The recording of the child's sleep test will be stored on a DVD. It will be analyzed in detail by a technologist and interpreted by a physician and our clinical staff. The sleep study results will be forwarded to you and the physician who referred the child to the lab. Once you have received the child's results, please contact the clinic at 650-723-6601 to schedule a follow-up appointment where the results of the child's sleep study and treatment plan will be discussed in detail with the child's sleep physician.

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