Recasting the Future: Donor Families' Selfless Gifts Are Legacy and Life for Others


Anabel Stenzel and her twin, Isabel Stenzel-Byrnes, were born with cystic fibrosis, a lung disease that would have ended their lives without lung transplants.

The Stenzel twins have long been regulars at local pools.  Swimming is a part of a life that includes daily exercise and other physical activity that maintains overall health. 

We have huge gratitude that we could be offered a lung transplant and that we could survive and do really well.

-Isabel Stenzel-Byrnes, transplant patient at Stanford Hospital & Clinics

We've taken on higher risk patients in the last four years than we've ever done before. We're encouraged by the results we're seeing.

-David Weill, MD, Director, Stanford Hospital Lung Transplant Program

Left to right: Dr. David Weill, Nurse Coordinator Mary Martel, transplant fellow Mihaela Ivan and social workers Tonia Gregory and Lesley Seeger.