Arteries' Mere Millimeters a Mainstay Until Aneurysms Raise Risk of Lethal Rupture


Eugene Lee didn't think much about the pain in his right leg until one day when it collapsed under him as he took a step. He had no idea that the problem was not just in his leg.

"My leg wasn't swollen, but I felt something was wrong."

-Eugene Lee, patient, Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Lee's wife, Wendy, was as shocked as he was when doctors first told Lee he would lose his right leg. The couple prayed, she said, and had faith in the Stanford physicians.

Keeping up with the family dogs is easy for Lee now. When he brings out the jar of treats, they are ready.

"When you have four or five problems, it's about setting priorities and figuring out the best sequence of treatment."

-Ronald L. Dalman, MD, Chief, Stanford Hospital Division of Vascular Surgery

Lee has three bikes and rides as often as he can. He enjoys the exercise for its own sake and knows that it's good for his overall health.

"I was lucky. I was at the right hospital with the right doctor."

-Eugene Lee, patient, Stanford Hospital & Clinics