Ian Carroll, MD, MS

Ian Carroll, MD, MS

Headache and facial pain specialist, Orofacial pain specialist, Headache specialist, Pain management specialist

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine (Adult Pain)

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In 2015 Dr. Carroll collaborated With Stanford's Neuroradiology and Neurology Headache divisions to create the Stanford CSF Leak Headache Program after his daughter suffered through an initially-undiagnosed CSF leak. This experience left him with a passion for helping patients experiencing CSF leaks around the world. He is board-certified in four different specialties: Headache Medicine by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties; Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine; Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology; and Anesthesiology by the American Board of Anesthesiology. His primary focus is on spinal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks. He has spoken at numerous national meetings on CSF leaks, management of the pain from nerve injuries, and factors influencing opioid cessation. He has conducted visiting professorships at Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University, Yale University, University of California at Davis Medical Center, and others.

Dr. Carroll graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University, and then graduated with an M.D. from Columbia University. He was a Research Fellow at the Experimental Immunology Branch at the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland. He completed his internship in Internal Medicine, residency in Anesthesiology, fellowship in Pain Medicine, and was elected Chief Resident of Anesthesiology from 2001-2002 at Stanford University Medical Center. He joined Stanford's Department of Anesthesiology as a primary teaching and research faculty in the Pain Management clinic in 2004.

Dr. Carroll completed Stanford's two-year Clinical Research training program earning a M.S. degree in clinical epidemiology from Stanford in 2006. He has published over 50 original articles including research funded by the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER); the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA); and the Stanford Institute for Neuro-Innovation & Translational Neurosciences (SINTN).

In addition to his clinical and research responsibilities, Dr. Carroll helps select and train Stanford Anesthesia residents, Pain Management Fellows and Neurology Headache Fellows.

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Fellowship: Stanford University School of Medicine (2004) CA
  • Residency: Stanford University School of Medicine (2002) CA
  • Board Certification: United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties, Headache Medicine (2016)
  • Board Certification, United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS), Headache Medicine (2016)
  • Board Certification, American Board of Addiction Medicine, Addiction Medicine (2009)
  • M.S., Stanford University, Clinical Epidemiology (2006)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine (2004)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Anesthesiology, Anesthesia (2003)
  • Internship: Stanford School of Medicine (1999) CA
  • M.D., Columbia University; College of Physicians and Surgions (1998)

Honors & Awards
  • Award for Teaching Excellence, Stanford Department of Anesthesiology (2004-2005)
  • Best Anesthesia-Resident Teacher Award, Stanford Department of Anesthesiology (2000)
  • Best Anesthesia-Resident Teacher Award, Stanford Department of Anesthesiology (2001)
  • Chief Resident, Stanford Department of Anesthesiology (2001-2002)
  • Edwin Robbins Scholarship for Public Service, Columbia University (1991)
  • Intramural Research Training Award Fellowship-Pre-doctoral, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (1996-1997)
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Columbia University (1993)
  • Stanford Department of Anesthesiology Departmental Research Award, Stanford Department of Anesthesiology (2008)
  • Summa Cum Laude, Columbia University (1993)

  • Medical Advisory Board Member, Spinal CSF Leak Foundation (2016 - Present)


Clinical Trials

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Open trials refer to studies currently accepting participants. Closed trials are not currently enrolling, but may open in the future.

Specializing In

  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak

Practice Locations

Headache Clinic Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

Patient Reviews

(328 reviews)

He was very knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. More time would have been helpful to discuss such complex health issues.
Dr. Carroll is the best. He is always professional, pleasant, kind. He listens and truly cares. He takes his time and always makes sure he answers all my questions.
Very impressive grateful for his support and dedication to his work
Dr Carroll was very thorough and friendly I am so thankful he is going to be my doctor.
(See previous question!) Dr Carroll is absolutely Stanford’s best!! An incredible person and physician!! Highly competent and compassionate as well!!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about him!! He’s worth his weight in gold!!!
Dr Carroll was thorough reviewing my history, recent CSF leak surgeries, potential options available to treat current condition he and his team could provide. Answered several of my questions and gave professional guidance allowing me to make an informed decision on next medical treatment. I appreciate Dr. Carroll’s dedication to his specialties!
Clone him. He’s changing lives. Give him everything he needs that allows him to do his work.
Dr. Carroll is so understanding and I feel so lucky to have him as my doctor.
I’m very grateful he is apart of my medical team. Thank you Dr Carroll
Dr. Carroll takes the time to be thorough and intentionally cares for his patients in meaningful ways, both diagnostically and relationally. His level of expertise and knowledge as well as his demeanor are unmatched as a physician.
You just need more doctors like Ian Carroll. He holds high esteem with all his patience because he listens
Dr Carroll is very thorough, professional, caring, very glad he is my Dr.
He is the best, very empathetic and truly an expert in his field.
He is brilliant, so kind, curious and a dream come true. No other health care provider holds a candle to what he does to help me feel better. I will be his patient my entire life and I’m so grateful.
Professional, knowledgeable, thorough
Dr Carrol is very professional. He also provides extensive information that is helpful in understanding the medical condition and any testing that is recommended.
Wonderful doctor!! The best I've ever had.
Dr Carroll has always taken the time to allow me to ask questions about my options for medical care. He has been my advocate and partner in my health care journey. I hold him in the highest regard for his care of my medical condition.
Great doctor
Dr. Carroll is an exceptionally kind, responsive, knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate doctor, and I trust him completely with my care. He always is interested in my thoughts and concerns and includes them in our decision regarding my plan of care. He keeps the best interest and safety of the patient at top of mind in all he does.
Dr. Carroll was professional, asked excellent questions, and encouraged meaningful discussion.
Ian Carroll is, in my opinion, a pioneer in his field. I truly believe that the world would not be the same without him. He has certainly touched my life in a positive way, and I hope he can do the same for many others, unfettered.
Dr. Carroll is GREAT! He listens and doesn't rush his patients, his bedside manner is excellent. I feel he does his best to help me and I hope Stanford provides him with the resources he needs to continue finding answers for the CSF Leak patients. Thank you!
Dr. Ian Carroll truly cares about his patients.
He’s very knowledgeable and seems to really care about his patients. He’s been instrumental in my care and I wouldn’t have gotten where I’m at if it wasn’t for him.
Dr. Carroll has the best interest of his patients in mind. He listens and he communicates very well. He doesn't always tell you what you want to hear, but tells you what you should hear. Highly recommended
I appreciate Dr C expertise & professionalism. Dr C has great bedside manner & has made my quality of life improve significantly.
Dr. Carroll is a kind, personable, highly professional doctor . Absolute best!
Dr. Carroll is awesome.
Dr Carroll is an amazing doctor. He gave me my life back after suffering from an undiagnosed spinal CSF leak for 2 years. I was bedbound and could only be upright 2-4 hours a day. He is careful, detailed, intelligent, and compassionate. I’m now back to enjoying my life thanks to his care. Very, very grateful.
I have never had a doctor be as attentive, and detail oriented to my case to truly help me and consider all options that i have in the world. I have felt so hopeless, and have been dealing with this for 3+ years. He was not biased towards any technology, procedures, or surgeries. was looking for what is in my best interest. Dr Ian Carroll is truly amazing and I’m so excited to continue to work with him.
All options were covered.
I love Dr Carroll!
Dr. Carroll is the Best. Just make more humans like him.
Wonderful and caring doctor, very knowledgeable
Ian Carroll, Understanding, willing to discuss all options, patience, thoughtful and not afraid to smile. in my book excellent doctor
Couldn't be more pleased with how willing he is to answer all of my questions.
Great Doctor
Dr. Carroll is a highly competent and caring doctor.
Caring, knowledgeable, competent, and patient. The best.
Dr. Carroll is one of the best I have had. He listens, acknowledges what he heard and cares about his patience., Wish more doctors were like him
Dr. Carroll is the best. He's easy to talk to he listens and I have complete trust in him
Dr. Carroll is an exceptional doctor. He cares and he listens. He explains and we come up with a plan for treatment!
Dr. Carroll is exceptional and provides the highest quality of care. I am always respected, heard, and helped. I highly recommend him as a provider.
He allotted a good amount of time for this appointment, was very attentive, and communicative. He will review with colleagues before and if a follow up plan is needed
Very attentive, compassionate and understanding!
Dr. Carroll cares deeply about me and his other patients. He tailors the treatment plan for each individual, regardless of the extra time and effort it entails. His dedication, compassion, mixed with a wonderful sense of humor and simple brilliance make him simply extraordinary.
Dr Carroll gave me my life back.
Dr. Carroll is wonderful and treated me with such respect and kindness. And gave me good information. And explained what I have gone through with the headaches and other symptoms. He is just incredible and I am so grateful.
Dr. Carroll is amazing, I am so thankfully for how he has dramatically improved my quality of life and is continuing to improve my quality of life.
Always a pleasure talking to Cr. Carroll.
I am glad I did get to talk to Dr. Carroll, he is very approachable and answers the questions in a way that is very easy to understand .. Thanks Dr. Carroll !!
Dr. Ian Carroll is a kind, caring compassionate Doctor and I am so very lucky to be one of his patience. I wish he could be cloned.
Thorough, attentive, vastly knowledgeable, hopeful,. He took his time going over mu i ages with me, answered all of my questions and I would highly recommend him!
Everyone should be as fortunate as I have been to be under his excellent care.
He was very detailed about the plan of action to treat my issue. I appreciate the extra explanations he provides.
Top notch in every respect.
Very thorough, instilled confidence in his care.
I couldn't ask for a better visit.
Very thankful to have him as a doctor
Dr. Carroll was super attentive, thoughtful, used the time on the call efficiently and came up with a game plan to move things forward in helping me to try and make progress.
He is wonderful. Dr. Carroll listens and hears his patients, offers realistic choices and opinions, which is appreciated, and provides the information needed to understand those opinions better.
Dr Carroll changes lives and without him I wouldn’t be able to become a doctor. He believes his patients and he is one of a kind. I am so grateful for him.
I did this on the last form, but here I go again! Ian Carroll took the time and energy to advocate for my treatment of an extremely painful and debilitating CSF leak. He gave me my life back. Not only that, but he always treated me with the upmost integrity, kindness and compassion. I am forever grateful for his care.
He was very knowledgeable about my condition, gave the me the answers I was looking for, a plan of action, and allowed me to ask additional questions. Because of the 75-minutes allocated to the appointment, I didn’t feel rushed.
Dr. Ian Carroll is an excellent doctor.
Dr. Carroll is very professional, very polite, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him.
As always, Dr. Carroll was professional, asked excellent questions, was respectful of my opinions and concerns, and made suggested treatment options that are worth pursuing. He also realized that I would need time and discussion before making a final decision, which was very prescient of him. It was a most helpful and encouraging session.
I like him.
Caring. knowledgeable and thorough.
He’s the best!
Excellent professional. Good personality.
He is the best. He's easy to talk to. He listens. He answers my concerns. He is relaxed and easy to converse with.
I really appreciate how thorough Dr. Carroll is, and how he takes time to listen and discuss any question.
Dr. Carroll was knowledgeable, understanding, listened well, I felt very confident with our meeting.
I’m so thankful I am able to see him and get more testing and treatment.
He is an excellent doctor, a compassionate listener, and respects my thoughts and point of view, which I have found is not very common among doctors. I trust him completely in helping with my care.
Doctor Carroll is the best.
Dr. Carroll uses the analogy of "the mountain" of specialist medical care. Dr. Carroll is at the top of the mountain.
I really appreciate his sincere interest.
Dr. Carroll is an excellent doctor. He makes sure his patients understand the treatment plan. I am very fortunate to be his patient.
I would feel better meeting him in person He explains things well He seems to take time with the visit I'd like to know if he works with a "team" to treat CSF leaks and who the team is He is understanding
Appreciate Dr. Carroll’s review, ability to discuss medical needs, options & referral status items.
Very caring….wish I had found him earlier in my journey ( 7+ years of hell ) but now he has me moving to a functional life again…
So thankful to have him as my doctor.
The greatest doctor I have ever seen. Amazing. I never knew standing up could be this easy
Dr Carroll is a very kind person and passionate to act in the best interest of his patients. He explore every possible avenue to find a solution for our daughters health challenges. His efforts, knowledge and compassion is much appreciated. We are forever grateful for Dr. Carroll in trying his best to help our daughter.
My First Doctor I have ever seen a Stanford has been Dr. Carroll... Dr. Carroll takes patient care and understanding, bedside manner to a very different standard how doctors can try to achieve to be. He treats and address the human being a whole, listens with authentic care in person and on video. His kindness and ability to provide optimism is beyond what words could ever describe for someone that has gone all over the world to be heard and treated. Dr. Carroll is an exceptional doctor!
Dr. Carroll was exceptional. I felt extremely well cared for.
Dr. Carroll was highly knowledgeable and caring. He was very prepared and his notes were excellent and very helpful. The whole process has been outstanding. Thank you.
Dr Carroll continues to be a fantastic doctor. I appreciate his diligence, patience and sense of humor.
Dr. Carroll is amazing and the time he has spent on my treatment is seriously appreciated.
Dr. Ian Carroll listened, and answered all of my questions. I was also thankful that Dr. Carroll asked me questions and listened to my answers. Dr. Ian Carroll explained the complexities of my diagnosis and offered me hope for a resolution. He is clearly brilliant with a compassionate, caring approach.
He is wonderful doctor
Dr. Carroll is by far superior. He listens he cares about his patience and I always feel he makes the best recommendations for me even if I don't like what he says. 95% of the time he has a welcome smile. Once in awhile he has had a very hard day. Best I've had at Stanford or any where else
Dr. Carroll was descriptive and assisted lining out our next steps for treatment and was open to my followup questions. Thank you!
Very, very comprehensive visit. Very knowledgable and caring.
The man performs miracles!
Dr. Carroll is not only brilliant, but he is caring, takes time to understand and oozes compassion. I have never seen a better doctor.
He’s always wonderful. Feel very lucky to have him as my Dr!
Thank you for your expertise and communicating the processes both pre and post procedures including additional followup care coordination.
Dr. Carroll is the most knowledgeable, competent, and caring doctor I’ve ever worked with. I trust him completely with my care.
Dr Carroll is a kind person, and a great neurologist trying to provide the best holistic care he can offer.
Dr Carroll is very helpful, kind and caring, as well as immensely knowledgeable about this specific area. Am extraordinarily fortunate to be able to work with him.
Don’t let this doctor get away! He is the e best and really listens to his patients!
A delight.
Dr. Carroll has provided me with compassionate care. I always feel well cared for each time I see him. He was able to treat my CSF leak when UCSF told me nothing more could be done. I believe he has been successful and I will miss my visits with him.
I love how thorough Dr Carroll is with his explanations, detailed enough to understand that isn't oversimplified. More importantly, I feel like he has a genuine (I would underline the word genuine if I could) concern for my physical and mental health. I trust the direction we are going and I am confident we will find the right fix.
Dr Carroll is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. I feel so lucky to be under his care as he is one of the leaders in the field of CSF leaks. I so appreciate all that he has done in the field of research in this area.
He’s wonderful.
He's wonderful. Extremely knowledgeable, thorough, prompt, kind, and friendly.
I am very happy and grateful to have had talked with Dr. Carroll today.
Dr. Carroll has always been a very direct speaker, friendly, speaks at a pace you can understand , very through. Makes you feel that you are in very capable hands. Explains and answers all questions. Just need more with his expertise
He’s wonderfully compassionate and truly knows what he’s doing. It was a relief to speak with a doctor who understands CSF leaks.
He’s the best. He’s not afraid to bring another Dr in if my problem gets a little complicated. He shows no ego, you don’t see that very often with doctors! Love â ¤ï¸ him!
Spectacular caring doctor with great knowledge about his subject and great ability to state when he did not know an answer. I felt this was one of the highest quality medical encounters I have ever had.
Dr. Carroll seemed truly interested in my care and offered what he felt was the newest diagnostic care for me. We will proceed and see if we find a cure
Excellent educational experience that with his data, research and clinical experience gives me a degree of hope that I might be helped. He also motivates me to inform my “ old “ medical team of new treatment criteria
He’s very personable, compassionate and helpful. He gives me hope when I’m all out.
Dr. Carroll is a wonderful doctor and human! I feel extremely grateful that he is taking on my case and doesn't give up on me or my care!
The best Dr. I have ever had! Thorough, caring, and brilliant!
Stanford patients are very grateful for Dr Carroll.
Kind…..listened…..for all the documents we sent pre-appointment I’m surprised he did not have a pre-initial visit formulated summary done by a person/doctor of CSF leak knowledge. His knowledge made up for it very comprehensively. His expressed guidance going forward was comforting and gives us hope. After 7 years of suffering these fresh eyes are appreciated.
I continue to be very impressed with the excellent communication and healthcare provided by Dr. Carroll. He gives the explanation needed for me to understand my condition and why certain treatments are best. I feel like he gives me the same care he would a member of his own family. He is an outstanding physician.
He is an excellent, thoughtful doctor who I would recommend to my closest friends and family.
very good at listening to my concerns
Very informative
Dr Carroll seemed very ingaged with me. I felt he genuinely cared about my treatment and well being.
I always leave a visit with Dr.Carroll feeling well informed and well cared-for.
Dr. Carroll is genuinely interested in helping his patients. He takes a lot of time in the beginning of the visit to review history, which is usually helpful, but this time it wasn't. Perhaps asking what the visit is for at the beginning of a visit could avoid taking time on something that may not be relevant.
I appreciate Dr Carroll’s vast knowledge and persistence in trying to solve my challenging medical situation.
I truly appreciate the exceptional medical care I have received from Dr Carroll. He takes time in his communication to ensure complete understanding. He provides clear and concise direction of my individualized plan of care. His all inclusive approach of providing emotional, mental and physical care and support is what I value most.
Very patient and thorough, which is greatly appreciated!
I appreciate the time he took to explain things and answer my questions about upcoming procedure.
Very knowledgeable, takes his time to let me understand what the plan is and how he came to that decision. Takes my thoughts into consideration. So happy and lucky to have him as my doctor!
Dr. Carroll was compassionate and listed to my concerns. I finally felt heard and feel like my treatment is in very competent hands with him.
I appreciate that he took time to answer both my questions as well as my caregivers questions. He was very thoughtful, thorough and patient.
I appreciate Dr. Carroll’s depth of discussion and concern for my condition
Dr Carroll visit was extremely helpful . He answered all my questions and concerns. And offer a plan to help w my illness.
He should be the role model for other physicians. He knows how to practice the healing arts. Many more doctors … and I’m talking about neurologists nationwide, do not have the art that Dr Carroll does. Without it, they will fail or misdiagnose many. And within those many are the nurses and doctors they rely on to help them do their work. We can’t help our colleagues when they won’t help us.
Very caring and sensitive. I have never had a doctor who isn't a psychiatrist care so much about my mental health and discuss it so thoughtfully.
I really appreciate all the thought & care that Dr Carroll puts into his treatment plans. I feel that he genuinely tries his hardest to optimize patient health & long-term quality of life.
Just a to notch, class act. Having Dr. Carroll on my team makes this gawdaful condition a little more bearable.
Excellent visit. I’m feeling very hopeful after talking with him!
Dr. Carroll is a God send! He actually listens and always involves me in his decision process and asks me my goals. He is professional and truly cares about me getting better. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services!
Extremely concerned and caring.
Phenomenal physician. Dr. Carroll is the rare blend of a brilliant Doctor and an engaged caregiver.
Dr Carroll is absolutely everything that’ you would hope for in a health care provider. I know that under his care not only will I get the most knowledgeable expert but that my concerns and challenges will be met with compassion and dedication in partnering with me to ensure the best possible outcome. Where other specialists have walked away and left me bed bound with no help, hope or answers, it was Dr Carroll’s commitment to excellence that literally has saved my life and returned me to the upright world. I’m still not back to where I’d like to be and I’m so incredibly grateful that Dr Carroll continues to “stick it out†with me and explore additional possibilities in treatment that may keep moving me forward on the path of recovery. These statements truly don’t adequately express the good fortune and gratitude I feel being under his care. Thank you Stanford and thank you Dr Carroll!!
Dr. Ian Carroll s a kind, attentive caring person. Many Blessings .
We leaky people love how thorough Dr Carroll is and how much the Stanford Protocols will help us in our doctor’s offices. He is very careful with us. As it should be. He gets it.
He is lovely, two thumbs up
Very thorough and thoughtful
Thanks for your time!
Listens well, approachable, good at explaining pros/cons, seems honest and caring. Manages appointment time pretty well. Almost every good doctor is busy and pressured on time these days, but even with limited appointment lengths, Dr. Carroll clearly doesn't skim over important points, doesn't rush your decisions, and wants to be sure you feel comfortable with your decisions. Good about offering recheck appointments.
Dr. Carroll has consistently been supportive, compassionate and professional. His passion and dedication are unmatched by any other medical professional that I’ve encountered. I am eternally grateful for who he is and everything he’s done and continues to do to significantly improve my life as well as the lives of countless others. Dr. Carroll shows me, through each and every encounter, the boundless and innate beauty of the human heart.
I appreciate that he showed compassion and genuine care for my health.
He is the best, most compassionate and intelligent physician I’ve seen.
Dr. Carroll was extremely thorough and was caring. I would recommend him highly!
Needs to work on organization--both in not losing imaging and in being prepared for meetings. Twice now, he has had consultations with me and not been prepared at all.
He is an excellent doctor
Thanks for your clear explanations. I now understand what activities I can, and cannot engage in, and why. I also understand what could happen in the future if I develop another CSF leak.
He is a very good doctor. He is very interested in the success of his procedures.
I placed my comments on previous page! Dr Ian Carroll is a expert in his field and understands complexity of my EDSh and is working me up for a cerebral spinal leak. I’m thrilled Dr. Carrol selected me to be part of the headache & pain clinic.
He was very friendly and made sure I understood everything he was talking about. He had enclosed information he sent to me via email before our meeting that had a lot of great information which made what he was describing to me about the process easier to understand. He was very down to earth and I did not feel “unintelligent†as some doctors sometimes tend to make you feel! He was great!
Dr. Carroll is everything a physician should be. He cares and it shows in his bedside manner as well as the actions he takes. I'm beyond glad that he is my physician. I'm thankful. Without him, I would have to fight for the care I deserve. Can't say enough good things about the man.
He is the best. Lucky to have him.
I really appreciate his genuine care and interest. He asked pertinent questions and seemed to look at the big picture as well as the details.
Dr. Carroll is extremely attentive and seems genuinely interested in my progress, my concerns, and my plan of action. He goes above and beyond any doctor that I have ever seen.
Thankful he uses video appts.
Dr Carroll is amazing. I am so grateful to have him taking care of me. He is empathetic and truly cares about each patient he sees. I was debilitated by my CSF Leak and Dr Carrol’s treatments have me upright again. I highly recommend investing more into his program so he can help even more patients and share his work and techniques with other doctors.
Dr. Carroll was the singular physician I have met who treated me as a whole person, not just a walking organ or disease state. I really appreciated his compassionate advice and willingness to say the hard truths. He met me where I was at, and ensured I could describe in my own words what was the key suggestion for living my best life. I am truly, truly grateful.
Keep up the good work.
I am fortunate to have Dr Carroll as my doctor and fortunate to be at Stanford. I think that Stanford is fortunate to have Dr Carroll on staff!
It was encouraging to hear him say “don’t give up hope†because I’m literally at my wits end with health services in my area.
Very clear about the plan for future treatments and reasoning behind the decisions. Excellent communication concerning my condition. After waiting 2 months for the appointment, I was very impressed that we could move forward in such a timely manner.
Excellent doctor. Very thoughtful in his approach and patient care.
I appreciate his thoroughness and his generosity with his time.
Dr Carroll is an excellent physician! I trust him completely. The procedures he has performed on me have substantially reduced my pain and have been life changing. I’m in the process of reducing and eliminating several prescription drugs I have been taking for 14 years when my pain started.
Dr. Carroll is the best
Ian Carroll is a very kind and caring Dr and is very detailed in his conversation and questions! It is great to have all that Is discussed in the video visit transcribed into notes for reference!
Excellent with listening to patients concerns and putting potential treatment risks in context.
I find Dr Carroll to be a superior physician. He is extremely competent and very caring as well. Am delighted to be in his care. His pioneering efforts have greatly improved my daily headaches!!
Most compassionate and brilliant physician ever. Full confidence
Dr. Carroll rescued me from UCSF where they had nothing to offer me. He was personable, expert and, as somewhat of a connoisseur of CSF patches, had a virtually painless technique.
Dr Carroll was very informative and kind.
Very thorough and helpful
Dr. Carroll was thorough in our appointment and explained in detail the next steps after my visit.
Thank you
Dr Carroll is a great communicator, clear, concise, patient.. I did not feel constrained by time or hurried. I am grateful for his time and knowledge to help me, and give me hope.
Dr. Carroll is awesome, describes/explains things clearly, and makes sure you understand next steps. He is very supportive of his patients and I’m happy (and fortunate!) to be one of them.
Dr. Carroll is an amazing doctor that listens to his patients and provides care that isn’t available in most hospitals for this rare condition.
Dr. Carroll was extremely respectful and explained everything thoroughly. I felt my concerns were addressed and I left with a plan in place. Excellent care.
As always, pleasure to deal with.
Outstanding doctor!
Can’t thank Dr. Carrol enough for the care he has provided!
Utmost professional dedicated to patient/medical excellence. Very grateful for him, his work and Stanford!
Dr Carroll is an excellent surgeon
Dr Carroll is great. I feel he is working to help me in the best way for my individual needs. He doesn’t forget to include me in all the information about my diagnosis and options for treatment that I have both in the immediate future at my next appointment and the options that I will have going forward after that. I feel that I am in good hands and that he cares about my specific medical and psychological needs. Having solid mental health footing is key in successful recovery from the treatment procedure. He has my whole health in mind, not only his area of expertise.
Dr. Carroll is thorough, attentive, and highly skilled. He is performing life-saving work by diagnosing and treating spinal CSF leaks. Dr. Carroll is one of only a few practitioners who understand the complexity of this condition and the devastating symptoms it causes. He is willing to tackle complex cases and support patients until they are cured. Stanford must continue to support this important work and provide Dr. Carroll with the resources necessary to not only sustain but expand the Stanford CSF Leak Program.
He is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I appreciate his expertise and knowledge. So grateful.
My video visit with Dr. Carroll was excellent. I did have a list of questions for him. He answered all my questions. More importantly, I now know what my medical problem is and how it happened. I so appreciate his patience with me & how very kind he was. I need another blood patch & hope it can get scheduled soon. Dr. Carroll is the best!
Dr. Carroll is brilliant and compassionate. If all MDs could be like him!!
Dr. Carroll was very caring, a good listener and completely understood my problem. I never felt rushed and was given hope. I highly recommend Dr. Carroll!
I am so thankful that he is willing to take the time to further explore my medical situation to find a cause, and hopefully a cure for the headaches I have been suffering from for the last 7 years
Dr Carroll is one of the best! His compassion and honest are matched by none. So lucky to have him on by my team.
Dr Carroll is the best doctor I have ever known. And I’ve seen a lot. I would strongly encourage Stanford to invest as many resources as possible into supporting the work Dr Carroll is doing — and hoping to do in the future. What he’s accomplished is truly remarkable and I feel the limiting factor is probably bottlenecked with resources he has available. I also am part of a large private support group for the condition I have. I have literally never heard someone make a complaint or have a bad experience with Dr Carroll. No other doctor is consistently given that high praise. He’s that good.
Great doctor. You are lucky to have him.
He is a delight, give him all the monies. I appreciate his thoroughness and his care of care, and am grateful he took me on as a patient.
Dr Carroll is the most caring & compassionate Dr. He goes above & beyond to help his patients out.
Extremely professional and amazing doctor. His knowledge was comforting.
Dr. Carroll is wonderful and dedicated. He was very sympathetic. I was quite emotional and he was very sympathetic and kind. I've worked a lot with him. He's my fav. doctor.
Dr. Carroll rocks! I wouldn't want anyone else in the entire world doing my epidural patches. He should be cloned!
Dr. Carroll showed concern for ALL aspects of my health! Came up w/a plan and we began same day! Asked if we had questions OR concerns - Excellent doctor!
Dr. Carroll spent a good degree of time & set a plan in place for a full evaluation.
Dr. Carroll was great, listened to me, was very informative, didn't rush, and I was very happy with the visit.
Out of all of the doctors I see at Stanford Dr. Ian Carroll and Dr. Friday are the best and the only ones that make sure I am taken care of. Dr. Carroll is wonderful and caring.
I have NEVER received such wonderful care as I received with Dr. Carroll. He was extremely compassionate & empathetic to the health challenges I have endured. He took time to help me understand my imaging & what was causing my situation & the plan of care.
Like said before, Dr. Carroll and staff are legitimately the best.
I was told that he wasn't giving up on me and my difficult condition, which has renewed and helped support me immeasurably.
Dr. Carroll is amazing!! He is a caring person & I feel he is the only doctor who has listened & cared enough to do something. I can't say enough good things about him!!
Dr. Carroll is always so wonderful, kind, efficient and so caring.
There is not a more compassionate, understanding, caring dr. than Dr. Carroll he's the best!!
My wish is that there were many more doctors just like Ian Carroll. He's smart, compassionate, hangs in with you when things are rough, has incredible techniques, skill, insight and bedside manner. Yes, he really is that amazing.
Surprised, impressed & grateful for amount of time allotted for consult.
Ian Carroll is the best. It's not wise to bet against this doctor. His insight, compassion, understanding and technical expertise are top-notch. The best. I trust him fully.
Dr. Carroll is very caring, personable, and informative!
Still my fave doctor. It's not always easy, but we both keeping doing the best we can. He won't give up on complicated cases if you if you don't give up either.
Everyone is very nice and helpful. The only little thing is my health messages take 2-3 week for a reply.
Dr. Ian Carroll is the best. He listens he cares and knows what he is talking about.
Dr. Carroll is an outgoing individual and very confident in his discipline. He also has very helpful re: my current medications and a referral for future treatment options.
Dr. Carroll is outstanding. It takes time to explain everything I go over radiology images.
Dr. Carroll is an amazing doctor. He seems to really care about me as a patient and went above and beyond my expectations throughout the entire process.
Not enough positive to say about Dr. Carroll. Awesome provider! Really listens to history, current symptoms and includes you in game plan for future care. You feel like you matter!
Dr. Carroll found my spinal fluid leak and fixed it. He is brilliant. I have complete faith & trust.
I really appreciated Dr. Carroll and how he took the time to answer all of my questions so that I understood. He is really an awesome provider who cares about his patients.
Dr. Carroll is the most knowledgeable and helpful Stanford doctor from my experience over 5 years.
Dr. Carroll is the best! He diagnosed my CSF leak, and has been working on treatments to try to fix it. He truly cares for his patients!
He treats you with respect, engages you as a fine partner in your care and is compassionate & willing to help face tough decisions when you're a tough case. Splendid.
#1. The best!
Please give Dr. Carroll whatever resources he needs to be able to treat & follow-up with his patients. I am very fortunate to have found him & be in his care. There are many more that need him too!
R. Carroll is an outstanding care giver showing great concern for my well being and he success of the treatment. He truly goes above and beyond.
Dr. Carroll is an excellent doctor. CSF leaks are rare and difficult and need more doctors like him, more recognition and more education among care providers.
Dr. Carroll is top notch.
Dr. Carroll cares and invest a lot of time in describing and helping me, with my condition.
Dr. Carroll is the best doctor I've ever met.
Dr. Carroll is a compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful doctor.
I feel totally under good care now & that I will be okay!
Dr. Carroll is a fantastic doctor. He is very well respected in the CSF leak population. I have spoke with many people about his skill/bedside manner.
Dr. Carroll is the best!!!
I wish every physician could be like Dr. Carroll. He is the kindest, smartest provider I have ever encountered. He is the crown jewel of Stanford. Please give him every resource he needs to make his job easier to be able to treat more patients.
Dr. Carroll is a caring and supportive person. He is a good listener and he provides up to date information.
Dr. Carroll has made the most positive and beneficial contribution to my health & well being of any doctor I've ever had over decades of receiving Medicaid care. He is a true gem and I'm so grateful for doctors like him.
Dr. Carroll is an extraordinary doctor and a caring and warm person.
the only reason I go to this clinic is because of this doctor.
I love this doctor. I just wish I didn't have so much trouble with your staff getting my prescriptions refilled. I will discuss that problem later. But my doctor is wonderful.
Dr. Ian Carroll is very professional w/an exceptional bedside manner. He is very thorough & caring. Absolutely an amazing, compassionate dr.
Dr Carroll is a vey compassionate physician He listen to all your complaints and is always trying to figure things out to take care of your pain
Dr. Caroll is on of the best doctors I have ever worked with. Only problem is that it is so difficult to get an appt. with him!
Dr. answered my questions.
Dr Carroll inspires confidence. He is friendly, informative and thoughtful. He is an excellent diagnostician
Dr. Carroll is an excellent physician!
A great professional.
Dr. Carroll is very patient and kind and is a good listener. I have confidence in his ability to treat my condition, and know he will address any concerns I have without me feeling silly for asking.
Dr. Carroll is always courteous and caring, he takes as much time with you as you require and always does his best to reassure you when you are worried.
Spent time going through my test results - very helpful.
I cannot express my thanks and give enough accolades to Dr. Carroll. I have finally found a doctor to manage my pain condition CRPS. He asked my husband questions about observation my husband has made. Dr. Carroll informed me of treatment options never before offered and answered my questions in a way such that I knew he had the expertise to treat my condition and I was no longer alone.
Dr. Carroll was very kind explaining everything very courteous.
Dr. Carroll was clear and helped me to understand a very complex process. Also, he has an inspiring presence.
Dr. Carroll has been the most informative, caring, responsible doctor I have experienced at Stanford Hospital throughout six (6) years being a patient!
Dr. Casroll is an extraordinary doctor and a caring person.
Dr. Carroll has a good bedside-manner and is patient and listens. He doesn't talk down to patients, fantastic doctor.
Dr. Carrol is always informacive and takes the time necessary to... that I have. He is kind and caring and always very well improved.
Dr. Carroll was extremely thorough and helpful.
My wife works for Stanford hospital so this is tough. Dr. Nwanshinadu is typically great but hasn't responded to me in weeks. Both Dr. Carroll & Dr. N did not communicate before my last visit & we accomplished nothing. Dr. Carroll's lack of compassion & empathy blows me away. I'm suffering & can't sleep and he did nothing.
A physician with Dr. Carroll's knowledge along with terrific "people skills' an sincerity is rare thing these days. Great job, Dr. Carroll, your mom must be proud!
Dr. Ian Carroll is great. Truly one of the bests caring and considerate physicians.
Dr. Carroll is so intelligent & caring. He helped me heal my neck pain of 29 years in 2 yrs. A true miracle. He is attentive. He thinks outside the box & he cares!
Dr. Carroll really helped me with nerve pain in left foot. Allows me to have normal life. He is caring, compassionate and a super listener.
Dr. Carroll is the best doctor I have ever had. His commitment to his patients and his energy and brilliance to provide excellent care is unmatched. He is doing amazing work. He draws every support possible.
Dr. Carroll is an extraordinary doctor. He thinks outside the "box", always shows concern and he is friendly and caring.
I was VERY favorably impressed one of the best dr's I have spoken to. Great experience.
Dr. Carroll explains his approach and is a great listener. He also cares and gives you time necessary. Greatest confidence in him.
Dr. Carroll is a fantastic, smart doctor who really cares about making me get better. I fully trust him & feel fortunate to have such a smart & caring doctor.
Dr. Carroll is the best doctor I've ever had - and I've had quite a few! He is brilliant, compassionate, works his tail off trying to help his patients and tells you exactly what he knows & doesn't. He deserves every support for everyone's continual success.
The main provider was Dr. Ian Carroll. He is always very informative and listens to my questions. He is the best.
Dr. Caroll is a wonderful doctor.
Great docs.
Dr. Carroll always listens to your concerns, is very caring and spends all the time necessary with you.
I am very confident and happy.
Dr. Carroll is a great doctor! Could give classes on doctor/patient relations.
Dr. Carroll gets 5 + in every category. He shows great empathy, patience and confidence. I'd happily recommend him - No reservations!!!
Dr. Carroll is the best doctor I have ever been to. I can't thank him enough for discharging me & for the treatments & medication he prescribed. I feel like a new person. He's my hero!
I feel& trust him more with each visit. I also feel he trusts me more.
I was impressed with Dr. Carroll, came highly recommended.
Dr. Carroll is a wonderful doctor who cares, explains & talks about your life not just health.
Excellent care provider.
Very hard to get to his nurse or office. Don't return calls or emails for 5 days after repeated calling.
Dr. Carroll has been more attentive to my total care than any other doctor. I have ever seen. He looks at the whole person.
I highly recommend Dr. Carroll - by controlling my pain, he changed my life. He is brilliant but also kind & caring.
Dr. Carroll is very kind & thoughtful.
Dr. Carroll is a wonderful doctor -
Dr Carroll was excellent and recommended him as a pain management expert to my orthopedic surgeon and other CRPS patient.
Very patient and very compassionate in regards to my concerns & pain.
Dr. Carroll attentive/focused/compassionate/confident. Great bedside manner. Doesn't rush/listens great.
He's just great!
He looked at my whole medical history to see if there are connections to my nerve damage & pain issues.
Amazing care provider.
Dr. Carroll is the best doctor I have ever had the privilege to meet I'm very lucky.
Dr. Carroll couldn't have been nicer. He explained the implants & why it's my last option!
I have seen Dr. Carroll for the first time and only once so it is difficult to judge about confidence etc.
Dr. Carroll's demeanor/attitude/follow thru & caring instills confidence in me and he delivers amazing results.
Dr. Carroll is knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate and he is an extraordinary care giver.
Dr. Carroll spent a lot of time with me to get to the cause of my back pain.
Dr. Carroll is the best! Very knowledgeable, considerate and understanding.
Dr. Carroll is thoughtful, considerate and generally amazing. I drive 3-4 hrs. to see him.
Excellent care dedicated workers.
Dr. Carroll is the best in all ways of any doctor I have ever had I feel it is a honor to have him as my doctor!
Dr. Carroll diagnosed my problem within 15 min. Very kind, educated. Excellent diagnostician - the very best!!!
Excellent care!
Excellent doctor - he helped get my pain in face over 5 yrs. ago; got rid of my daughters migraines and is now treating my son's pain.
Absolutely great.
I have seen several providers for my pain Dr. Carroll is by far the best. From now on I will only schedule with him.
Dr. was the best in all of the above questions that I have ever experienced and I am 68 yrs. old.
Dr. Carroll shows great concern for my well-being & responds to my concerns. He is working w/me to find new treatment options.
Was hoping that Dr. Carroll would be more involved. Connected very well with him. Dr. Carroll connects very well with patients.

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