Selena Hung, DO, MPH

Selena Hung, DO, MPH

Internal medicine doctor

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Additional Languages Spoken:
Mandarin , Taiwanese


Dr. Hung is a board-certified doctor of internal medicine. She practices at Samaritan Internal Medicine in San Jose. In addition to her medical credentials, Dr. Hung completed her Master of Public Health at the University of Texas at Houston.

Dr. Hung partners together with her patients to help improve their mental and physical health. As part of an interdisciplinary team at Stanford Health Care, Dr. Hung has the resources, strategies, and skills to achieve quality care.

Dr. Hung was born Taiwan and is fluent in English and Mandarin. She is a member of the American College of Physicians and the American Osteopathic Association.

Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (2012)
  • Residency: Lahey Hospital and Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency (2010) MA
  • Medical Education: Touro University-Nevada (2009) NV United States of America

Specializing In

  • Senior Health
  • Stress Management and Anxiety
  • Women's Health

Practice Locations

Samaritan Internal Medicine San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA

2410 Samaritan Drive, Suite 201

San Jose , CA 95124

(408) 371-9010

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Patient Reviews

(239 reviews)

Everybody was great, especially Dr Hung.
Dr. Hung is awesome - although English may be her second language, she takes interruptions (questions, feedback) very professionally, making sure she provides a frame of reference or example to the extent that it is relevant to the patient. She is a great listener, and shows good empathy (but also path of action) to help you with your medical care.
When I was with the doctor, she made me feel like her only patient. I was not rushed or dismissed. The entire office was kind and helpful. Thank you!
I love Dr. Hung and I've recommended her to a bunch of my friends and our patients. She cares so much about her patients and I love how honest and open she is to her patients.
I really enjoyed meeting her and one of the best doctors I have seen in a long time.
I can be a very difficult patient...Dr. Hung handles me with kindness, firmness and with a touch of kind of doctor
I am very glad I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hung. She was so thorough and gave me a sense of hope that I have not experienced from any doctor in the past.
Dr. Hung was very caring and showed concern with regard to my questions or conditions.
very satisfied .
Dr Hung is the best general doctor ever.
I loved Dr Hung! She was so warm and caring and listened to me, and acknowledged and addressed my concerns about my health. I feel very confident in having her as a provider.
Love everything about my Doctor, & Staff
She is my chosen new dr. I've gone with my husband to his dr. appointments and I liked her manner and was very receptive to my questions regarding his health.
I always feel well cared for whenever I see Dr. Hung.
Dr. Hung was delightful.
100 percent like the service
Dr. Hung is compassionate, listens, and then provides excellent medical advice and care. She is the best doctor ever.
I absolutely adore Dr. Hung & tell a lot of my friends above hr. I feel she really takes the time to care for me & also develop a positive relationship.
Dr. Hung is my absolute favorite doctor. Even my picky husband thinks she is great.
I have already recommended Dr. Selena Hung to friends. She displayed terrific bed side manner, compassion, positive energy, and never made me feel rushed. She listened to concerns and showed real interest in understanding my genetic risk and family history. Even though we discussed emotional topics of genetics and family history, she never made me feel uncomfortable. I really appreciated her referrals to specialists and lab work requests. She was tremendously helpful and pleasant.
i have been seeing Dr. Hung since she was at San Jose Medical Froup and followed her to Stanford. She is by far the best PCP I have had. She is always quick to respond to emails, even on weekends.
Dr is always friendly and thorough
I love Dr. Hung ~ she is amazing. I feel confident that she has my best interest at heart and will provide me with the best care. She listened to my concerns and agreed. She immediately took charge and made changes to my care based on what we discussed. I will now have all of my care under the Stanford umbrella.
Dr Hung is the first doctor in many years that I can say I am totally confident having her as my doctor. I recommended her to my daughter and others. She is good listener and thorough in making sure all my concerns are addressed. She is very sharp, doesnt waste time. Very happy I have joined Stanford.
She blew me away with the depth of care I received. She set me up with three specialist referrals, two of which called me the next day to schedule and the third called me the day after, without me calling them first. Nothing like I've experienced before!
Dr Hung is one of the best doctors I have ever had! She genuinely cares about your well being and is focused not just on your visit issues but on your long term health.
Dr Hung is the best Dr I have ever met.
caring and personable.
Dr. Hung is probably the best internist I have ever had - great as both a medical professional and a caring person.
I thought Dr. Hung was great. I felt like I had a good rapport with her and she answered all my questions and concerns.
I might not recommend Dr. Hung so I can keep her to myself! (just kidding.)
care provider spend more time with patient as needed
Very competent and empathetic!
Dr. Hung truly cares for her patients.
Dr. Hung spent a very long time with us. We have been living outside the country for a while so were glad she gave us so much time and that she was so thorough.
md was excellent. I would definitely recommend her.
My PCP Dr. Selena Hung is one of the best doctors I've ever had. Very caring, competent and open to questions
dr hing is always friendly & listens to every concern u might have
Dr. Selena is very good at explaining problem and treatment
Dr. Hung provided the excellent service. I feel very comfortable under her medical care providing.
I am very happy with Dr. Hung
I would give Dr. Hung and excellent, outstanding, superb. It has been a long time since I have experienced a doctor who cares
I have recommended Doctor Hung to friends.
very thorough, great custom service, very knowledgeble and caring
Dr Hung is the best Dr i ever had. i told all my friend and family about her.
Dr. Hung is very knowledgeable at what she does. She explains everything thoroughly and gives you examples to help you understand.
I was very pleased of the the doctor
Love my care provider
Dr. Hung is AWESOME! She is the doc for both me and my spouse so I am aware of her work with him too. Everyone has been great!
Dr. Selena Hung is a very good doctor and I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.
I really like Dr. Hung.
excellent doctor I've ever met.
I am so relieved to have found such a caring physician who is extremely thorough. Caring for geriatric patients is complicated and Dr. Hung is so very good at it.
Dr. Selena Hung is an outstanding doctor. She provides me with excellent care and follows up with me to be certain that I'm doing well. I have reached out to her with questions and receive a prompt response. She is my favorite doctor of all time.
Dr. Hung is the best. So thorough and caring. Love her.
Dr Hung always treats me very well and with great respect.
The doctor is very caring and she listens to my concerns I have regarding my health care.
if I could give Dr Hung a 10 rating I would! she by far is the BEST Dr. I've ever had and my husband agrees!
This is the best doctor I have ever had. Dr. Hung is the ideal doctor. She's competent, efficient, kind, concerned, funny, very bright, and transparent.
Dr. Hung rocks! I can tell she really cares, and she always tells me everything I need to know to understand what we're doing and why. If I had known I would have become a patient of hers years ago.
Dr. Hung is an amazing person & medical provider. She radiates such a positive energy and truly cares for her patients. Her intelligence & capability is also evident so she is a perfect PCP!
Happy to have Dr. Hung as my family doctor.
very good
Dr. Hung is the best primary Physician I have ever had.
Dr. Hung is outstanding and truly cares about her patients.
Dr Hung is such a caring & efficient dr. I always feel at ease with her.
very happy with the service
very appreciate her care. She loves her patient as a family member very thorough care. I am so blessed to have her as my care giver. She save my life.
Dr Hung is a excellent physician.........her bedside manner, care and knowledge, goes above and beyond!
I came in for my monthly injection every thing went very well.
I have all the confidence in the world being in Dr. Selena Hung's care. She is so thorough and explains everything to me in detail and answers all my questions.
Dr. Hung is passionate about her patients. I felt truly supported and was extremely well informed about my diagnosis, next steps and expectations.
excellent and caring
It was my first time seeing Dr Hung and she was amazing! So pleased with the experience with her. So detailed and listened to everything but also kept us on track.
Dr. Hung is the best provider I've ever had. She's caring. Supportive and smart.
I felt like I was Dr. Hung's only patient. She took my concerns seriously & took great time to go over everything.
Dr. Hung in the best communication with patients
I felt really cared for by Dr. Hung, when it came to time, understanding, and knowledge. She went above and beyond the average obligation of a doctor, and I really believe, for the first time I've been her patient, I believe all doctor's can and should adhere to the values and principles she holds in her practice. In essence, I really feel like she put my needs above all things.
I love that Dr. Hung shares experiences that relate to my case to help with decision making and my view on how important it is to take care of myself
Dr. HHung is the best doctor I have ever had and I have recommended her to my family.
my daughter's love her I love the way she gives information.
I have already recommended them to at least 3 people, so far.
Friendly, knowledgeable and working hard
extremely empathetic n knowledgeable
Care provider is really great. She is very patient!
very lovely and caring detail oriented
Dr Hung is always "present" with her patients, I feel she truly has my best health as top of mind.
Really excellent in communication and reviewing all my issues. I request Dr. Hung excellent doctor!!
Dr. Hung is very thorough and always very interested in what is going on with my health!
Dr. Hung is excellent in everything. she explained all the medical terms in plain language that I could understand to make the decision for any procedure. I would not have any hesitation to recommend Dr. Hung to my family members and friends.
Dr. Hung is a very thorough and knowledgeable dr. she looks for ways to identify and help resolve my medical issues. I have The utmost confidence in her.
Dr. Hung is super nice and professional. She is patient to answer all my questions and explain everything clearly.
very good no problems
I am glad that I found Dr Hung, she is great!
It was a very nice experience.
Dr. Hung is exceptional, she reviewed 4 lab test results and explained which lab results were critical and why.
I love my DOCTOR!
dr Hung was very easy to talk to and a delight. she was knowledgeable, resourceful, informative and showed understanding, care and comfort when discussing my issues. she had an upbeat personality and her humor was the icing on the cake. so nice to find a a dr that has all of these qualities!
Dr. Hung is a great doctor & an amazing human being.
Dr. Hung is the best doctor I have seen who cares about patient a lot!
I had a most excellent experience with Dr Hung. she was amazing! I have a lot of health issues, and instead of being bothered by that or telling me to "pick one issue to discuss" as some providers do, she allowed me to bring up each and every concern. She knew straightaway which issues needed a specialist and sent referrals. I even got a phone call from one the clinics she referred me to so I could make an appt! I am so impressed. She was actually excited to meet me and be ablebto follow my conditions, one of which is CRPS, which is rare.
Dr Hung is one of the best physicians I have visited. She spent time with me and I freel very comfortable with her diagnosis and treatments. I have highly recommended her to friends.
I recommend my doctor to everyone who is looking for a new care provider.
Caring, clear communicator
Dr. Selina Hung is the best!
Dr. Hung is the BEST. Everyone should have a doctor like her.
Dr. Hung explained all my exam results.
Dr. Hung is an EXCELLENT doctor and very caring. I feel very comfortable with her. We followed her here from San Jose Medical because of the wonderful doctor she is. She goes above & beyond.
Dr. Hung is Awesome & Amazing!!!!
My initial experience with Dr. Selena Hung was impressive. She is energetic, complimentary about my purpose there (baseline health measurements), helpful, and thorough. Even though I was her last patient of the day, I did not feel rushed. I feel peace of mind and confidence from my first meeting with her.
Doctor was overall very thorough and explained everything easily. However, I did feel a bit rushed as she spoke quite fast and went through the examination very quickly.
Dr. Hung is excellent!
Best doctor I have ever had.
Dr. Hung is very passionate and you never have the feeling she is rushed and always spends adequte time to make me feel better and all questions are addressed. In the mean time my while family is in her care and I get the same feedback from my husband and kids.
excellent visit.
Ideal care giver for me.
I love my doctor. That's Chia-Yi (Selena) Hung, btw. Amusing note, my coworker made a slightly serious joke that I should just marry her after I raved about how efficient and personable she is. Why is everyone single shaming me? Anywho, we need more doctors like her. Keep up the good work?
My daughter-Inlaw, recommended Doctor Chia-Yi ( Selena) Hung to me, I have recommended Doctor Hung to my friends. She is a great doctor.
I felt Dr. Hung went over lab results with me thoroughly and discussed my health with me in such a way I could understand.
doctor was very rushed. she talked to fast. I feel she did not take my concerns seriously. very unprofessional. she told me there is nothing that can be done about abnormal test results. she alsoused inappropriate language when explaining something.
Dr Selena Hung is by far the best Dr I've ever had!
Dr Hung is a very thorough and caring physician. She listens and asks questions. I know she wants me to be healthy. She is a very good doctor and I really like her compassionate approach. I am glad I found her
great and caring doctor
Dr. Hung cares about her patients, and I very much get the needed attention I need during visits.
Dr Hung was a delight I had a list of questions and we went through them, she explained clearly my concerns and offer suggestions, help set up follow up and recommendation on specialist. felt I was heard
Dr. Hung ensures that understand what my options, medication, are. She is very warm & makes me feel very comfortable & she is sincerely interested in my well-being.
Dr. is very knowagable and talks over plans to my understanding.
Dr.Hung provided a very detailed physical exam
I LOVE Dr. Hung! She explains everything very clearly to my 94 yr. old grandmother. She also puts her issues into perspective for us.
Dr Hung is responsible and reliable. She gives me all the details of the information I concern.
Even when Dr. Hung is very busy, she never seems to rush her patients out the door. She shows the same high level of concern and attention as when things are slower.
I love my doctor, she is very energetic and a loving person. Thank you.
Dr. Hung is so good about explaining everything and showing you that she cares.
I think after this one visit, Dr. Hung had a better grasp on my health than the doctor I've been seeing for many years. She took the time to take a thorough history.
Dr. Hung is an excellent doctor. She is courteous, understanding, patient, and thoroughly goes over everything. She takes notes as we talk so nothing is left out and not forgotten. I appreciate this doctor immensely the time she has given me at my appointments. This doctor is perfect and plan to stay with her forever.
Dr. Hung never makes me feel rushed. She is very thorough, she's the best doctor I have ever had.
Dr Hung had an excellent bedside manner. She had the right combination of leading the discussion and explanation and letting me be a part of the care plan. It was a wonderful experience. I felt very cared for, and in very good hands.
The doctor was very personable which made it easier for me to open up about any health issues I was concerned about.
Dr Hung is an excellent Dr. I followed her from San Jose medical clinic
I didn't feel rush at my appointment which is very rare for doctors office.
very good doctor not only knowledge but also with passion for her patient.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Hung to everyone.
all very good
I found out I had a thyroid problem which I freaked out but Dr Hung was very talkative and told me everything was going to be okay if it wasn't for her and how calm she made me I would had freaked out and started crying but I left know that steps are being taken to make things better with time
very good
Selena Hung is an excellent Dr she always explains ask if I understand, supportive and always on top of everything. she even got my husband to get his flu shot this year, she is very compassionate and understanding, she truly respects and cares about her patients.
I think I can trust Dr. HUNG
I can not say enough good things about Dr Hung. Being from the Midwest and working here in your area I just happened to need medical attention and we were given Dr Hung. My wife and I think very well of her. Because of my health conditions it has been necessary to continue seeing her. She is absolutely wonderful.
honestly I can't say enough good! They are the best
Dr. Hung is the best physician I have ever seen.
All is good, thank you.
She was very enthusiastic.
dr. hung is the best physician I have ever had. she is beyond amazing.
Excellent! Very empathetic and competent professional.
Dr. Hung is the best. I've never had a doctor make you feel like you're her only patient. Very caring. That is why I left my other insurance plan to follow her to Stanford.
I have not had a primary care doctor before, nor have I had a physical in many years, so I was a little nervous. Dr. Hung was incredibly nice, thorough and really seemed to care about what I had to say. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her to any and all of my friends. My favourite doctor!
Dr Hung looks like an angel to us.
Dr. Hung is very thorough and explains everything completely in lay man's terms. She also explains how the human body works. I am looking forward to having Dr. Hung as my primary physician.
Dr. Hung is great about making sure she spends the time required to address your concerns; I never feel like she's overbooked and just trying to move on to the next appointment.
Dr. Hong is very caring and thorough.
Dr. Hung was amazing!!
Dr. Hung is great! She understood my concern and made a good plan how to deal with it.
It was one of the best medical care experiences I've ever had
Dr. Hung is WONDERFUL!!!
Dr. Hung is the best cares about you and your health exclusively. Great bedside manners.
First visit Dr. Selena Hung as primary doctor was on vacation. Dr. Hung is so nice and I decided to switch my primary doctor to her. This does not mean I was not happy with my previous primary doctor, I have never met her but when I decided to visit her, her schedule was full and having a vacation, so her colleague introduced me to Dr. Selena Hung. Very kind.
Dr Hung is one of the best, caring, personable, Drs I have ever seen! I love her!
Dr. Hung is very thorough in explaining and answering my questions. She is very personable and concerned that I understand what I need to do to attain the goal of excellent health.
Dr. Hung was very thorough, kind, compassionate & I could see her passion for people & medicine. This is the type of Dr. that should be in the medical field!
Dr. Hung was very thorough in her explanations. I felt at ease and comfortable with her. She listened to everything I had to say w/o interruption. I am looking forward to having her as my primary physician.
Dr. Hung is the best primary care physicians I have ever had. When she left SJ Medical Group, I was so sad. I fought with insurance and my husband to get to her practice at Stanford Health Care. I am so happy I did. I have peace of mind that I am in her care. And my husband is happy that I feel that way too. Worth it!
Amazing doctor.
It was lunch time, so seemed like every body wants to go for lunch. Dr. was in hurry....
I couldn't have a better Dr.
very competent
Dr. has always been extremely caring and shown a great deal of knowledge.
Dr. Hung Selena is very kind and she always answers my questions very clearly.
Fine Dr.
she's the best physician I have ever had! finally someone who cares like family!
Dr. Hung was excellent !
Dr. Selena Hung is amazing and you can tell that she really cares about her patients! She is so knowledgeable and helpful I definitely am so grateful that she is my PCP!
Dr. Hung is the best PCP I have had. I followed her here from her last practice.
As a healthcare professional myself, Dr. Hung is amazing. Highly recommend.
exceptional service and guidance
Dr. Hung is so wonderful.She has passion for her patients. willing spent time and care for every aspects. feel confidence with her, very friendly, patient, quick respond... I am so glad I can have her as my primary care physician. And already refer her to other people after i first visit her. I already refer people to choose her.
This was my first visit. Mostly I was providing info of my physical history - However, doctor was very nice easy to talk to and attitude.
very thorough and inquisitive
Dr. Hung is an excellent doctor. She helps me not only address immediate issues, she helps me make changes for long-term health.
awesome Doctor
Very empathetic, caring, and thorough!!!
Dr. Hung is an excellent doctor and I am very lucky to have found her.
Dr. Hung was fantastic. She spent a lot of time gathering my history and investigating current issues. I have told friends and family they must see her and will be switching over my immediate family care to her office. I felt very well taken care of. Thank you Dr. Hung!
love Dr. Hung
Dr. Hung is incredible. Spent time explaining my dx, thoroughly assessed all options of what it could be, great attitude, sense of humor. Great doctor!
dr. Hung is very sincere to provide helpful suggestions n relief some of my major concerns, she's with great patience n immediate scheduled for me the next day for a blood test. through the test results help me clearly understood my physical condition, how to take what action to improve some of issues shown on the test result.
I am a patient at another office and your office was covering in his absence. I was quite hesitant because I've had bad experiences with "covering" physicians in the past. What a wonderful surprise to meet Dr. Hung! She took the time to explain what I had, how we would treat it and made me feel cared about. If I ever consider leaving my current physician, she will be who I go to! Quite impress and considered it an amazing experience.
Dr. Hung is amazing. She listens to me. And understands my issues. Very personal and I like that, keep up the amazing work Dr. Hung.
Dr. Hung is the best!
I liked Dr. Hung, unfortunately I felt rushed. I was looking for a DO hoping to have a physician who was more natural/preventative minded. She didn't push a flu shot when I declined (good). I don't felt she addressed my specific concerns regarding nutrition for example. I was disappointed with the follow-up after my bloodwork. I told the dr. I've been a vegetarian for several years, but seems she didn't review my information. Her suggestion to borderline high cholesterol was to cut back on red meat, buttery, cheesy foods which is a pat, scripted response for high cholesterol & I already know that. I would have felt better getting information that might help me improve my health. Overall, I liked Dr. Hung, but because I don't feel I received help for my specific concerns I may try looking for a practitioner who can focus more on individuals & give better guidance for my health.
I want to keep her to myself so I won't be booking up her time with other patient recommendations. Is that selfish?
Dr. Hung is an extraordinary doctor, both as a clinical practitioner and as a person who connects with her patients. I feel fortunate to have found her as my primary care physician. She has discovered health issues that eluded other doctors and keeps on top of my ongoing concerns.
Very friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable doctor.
Can't asked for a better care provider
Dr hung is very friendly, very caring, she always take the time to explain the treatment and its possible side effects, she is available very fast via email or phone when needed, I would strongly recommend her to anyone
Loved Dr. Hung. Had been wanting to switch from Samaritan Family Practice for a variety of reasons, and feel confident in switching to her.
Selena Hung is a great DO. she is very knowledgeable and caring as well as understanding. she provides me with medical information that I understand and if not she explains in a way that I do understand. I will keep coming back to her as my PCP
Dr. Hung is very thorough, empathetic, patient and compassionate!
best doctor I've ever had
Dr. Selena Hung is great! She evaluates my syndromes and explains the possible reasons behind it with sensitivity and care. I am lucky to be her patient.
My providers is the best I have ever had in my experience, she explains everything to me and lets me speak as without cutting me off
good experience
she is so awesome
Thank you Dr. Hung
I especially like the detail explanation and the work that is necessary to assess the condition for my health care.
Dr. Hung explained the exam to me in my own language (Chinese), it makes more understandable and comfortable.
Very pleased with the level of care.
good experience
Dr. Hung is the best doctor I have ever had. She's smart, sincere, thorough and seems to actually care.
Dr Hung is the best. so good I followed her from SJ medical clinic.
Doctor Hung is an excellent Physician.
To diagnose my issue, the doctor ordered many many tests and referrals. She didn't see the notes in my file about my pre-existing conditions until a follow-up visit. I was asked to get two MRIs, see a gyno, and a gastroenterologist among other things. It didn't seem like she was asking enough questions about my medical history or trying to evaluate me besides asking me to run around and take a lot of tests. After my first round of blood tests looked fine, I decided (on my own) to adjust my diet to exclude dairy and my stomach issues disappeared. Unfortunately this was after I had already gone for two MRIs that could have been avoided. I was glad I did not follow-up with all the other appointments.
Dr. Hung is one of the best Primary Care Physicians that I have had. She is excellent!

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