Allan Mishra

Orthopaedic surgeon, Sports medicine surgeon

Academic Staff - Hourly - Csl, Continuing Studies Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery

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Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Fellowship: Stanford University Sports Physical Med and Rehab Fellowship (1995) CA
  • Internship: Beaumont Hospital Surgery Residency (1990) MI
  • Medical Education: University of Michigan School of Medicine (1989) MI
  • Residency: Beaumont Health System Dept of Orthopedic Surgery (1994) MI
  • Board Certification: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery (1997)


Practice Locations

Menlo Medical Clinic in Menlo Park - 1300 Crane Menlo Park, CA
Menlo Park, CA

1300 Crane Street

Menlo Park , CA 94025

(650) 498-6500

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Dr. Mishra was great. Spent time with me explaining his recommendations and coming up with a plan. Very personable and friendly.
Dr. Kumar epitomizes what I would hope for in ANY care provider -- expertise, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a natural manner of motivating (me) to continue the regimen he recommended for my right knee. Now, several days since our appointment, I am diligently continuing the therapeutic exercise, with him in mind.
Dr. Mishra and his staff got me in very quickly given my history of knee surgeries given my last knee issue and I truly appreciated their ability to schedule me in last minute.
I was pretty worried before coming to the appointment that I might be rushed through and not able to share all the information I needed to share as doctors these days sometimes do that. Fortunately, my worry was unfounded and I did feel that I was able to share all that I needed to do so.
Dr. Mishra is professional and cares about my health.
Dr Misha is the best surgeon I've encountered. Surgery is his last option and not an option in my case.
Extra special attention... Would have hugged him, if not for COVID?
Dr. Mishra is tremendous
Dr. Mishra is an excellent doctor he takes the time to listen and explains things in a way that is very easy to understand. He is very knowledgeable.
Proactive & get MRI ASAP. Asked questions, examined knee, very thorough, understood issue, committed himself to getting answers & recovery.
Dr. Mishra is the consummate professional who is also a great guy.
Dr. Mishra is helpful, thorough, inventive, and completely wonderful.
Have already recommended Dr. Mishra.
Dr. Mishra was very kind, professional and very helpful at explaining my health and my concerns. I was very pleased with Dr. Mishra - Thank you.
Dr. Mishra provides high quality comprehensive care. He treats the whole patient, not just the body part. He incorporates wellness and prevention in his treatment plan.
the doctor was top notch.
Dr. Mishra is truly exceptional.
He is the best!
Dr. Mishra is outstanding!
Dr. Mishra is the BEST!!
Dr. Mishra is outstanding. He's brilliant and warm and empathetic and funny!
I am very impressed with the service and expertise on how my case was quickly managed.
Focused and professional quality time
Dr. Mishra was recommended by someone I didn't know - that's how good he is. I will highly recommend him. All my drs. are at PAMF but I switched orthopedics to see Dr. Mishra.
Dr. Mishra possess the perfect complement of expertise (technical), communication skills, humility and compassion. He validates and address my concerns.
My recovery from knee surgery is going remarkably well - In large part due to Dr. Mishra's ability to communicate what I, as a patient, can do prior to the surgery to optimize my outcome.
"Mishra MD" is truly outstanding. You are very lucky to have him!
Dr. Mishra is knowledgeable and caring.
Dr. Mishra is WONDERFUL. I have never been to Stanford HC. My usual is PAMF. Dr. Mishra is so caring, nice, explained everything. He also came highly recommended -
Dr. Mishra is the best. As he says, he treats his patients as he would treat himself.
Dr. Mishra is big on teaching and prevention. He is a conservative surgeon. I appreciate that. In his words, "I treat my patients as I would myself." How awesome is that?
Dr. Mishra is the best - in every regard!
Dr. Mishra is the best, hands down! He has treated me and my husband in the past.
Dr. Mishra listens, answers my questions, explains well gave excellent stretching/strenghtening exercises to increase ROM in R shoulder with severe arthritis, continues to monitor & moves me to he next step when I see him next. Kind, cares about helping me stay out of surgery.
Dr. Mishra's professionalism and bed side manner is second to none. He is an outstanding physician and the clinic is most fortunate to have him. He is outstanding.
Dr Mishra is excellent!
Dr. Mishra is absolutely excellent, in every respect! I couldn't recommend a physician more highly. He is extremely knowledgeable, and is totally dedicated to conveying that knowledge to the patients under his care. Plus he has an excellent staff.
Dr. Mishra has a very "wholistic" approach to his treatment, which I appreciate a great deal.
Alan Mishra is a remarkable physician. He is not only a good surgeon but also a good physician, who understands that a patient is a person, and who can relate to them.
Dr. Mishra is excellent.
Dr. Mishra is just the best - in all aspects.
I absolutely love interacting with Dr. Mishra because it is a two-way conversation and I always learn something new. He stays on the forefront of treatment knowledge in his field.
Dr. Mishra spent a long time with me making sure I understood my MRI results and the plan going forward. Was very thorough and detailed explaining exactly so I understood. He is an excellent physician!
Dr. Mishra spent quality time with me discussing my (pretty minor) injury and concern for my overall health and well-being. I truly appreciate his overall approach.
Dr. Mishra is thorough, concerned, professional and an expert.
Verbal instructions were given for turmeric & one handocet) and VTD. It would be helpful to have these same instructions also available in MyHealth website.
Dr. Mishra is top notch!
I am very grateful to Dr. Mishra for his care. He takes my issue seriously, and has gone above and beyond to help me heal.
Dr. Mishra is in my top tier of my medical providers.
Dr. Mishra is always right on time, as well as kind, patient, and great at explaining to the average person. He's perfect.
Dr. Mishra always allows me to talk and explain my concerns before he starts. Greatly appreciated. He always explains the pros and cons of the next step.
Top rate doctor with excellent staff. Utmost confidence with Dr. Mishra both in past and with my current problem.
Dr. Mishra is the best! Shows genuine concern and gives full explanations.
Dr. Mishra provided me with the level of professionalism I received in the past and I look forward to his continued success with my present condition.
Dr. Mishra is an outstanding physician who provides excellent care!
Dr. Mishra took the time to evaluate my health, both my immediate concern but more globally, as well. Fantastic experience.
Could not have been better.
Dr. Mishra is one of the best doctors I've ever worked with. His listening skills are exceptional and he really wants to hear your perspective before coming to conclusions. I feel like I'm a partner in his diagnosis and we reach the best and optimal outcomes.
Excellent doctor, answered all of my questions, explained follow-up in detail. Friendly!
Dr Mishra is the best. I have some unique issues and he spends the time to help and I appreciate that.
I've been a patient of Dr. Mishra for more than 10 years and am really impressed by him. He explains things well, both what's going on with my body and the exercises i need to do.
I have recommended Dr. Mishra to others, especially since he is likely to think about the problem and come out with a non-invasive solution.
Exceptional doctor with concern for & interest in the whole patient (not just injured/affected area).
Dr. Mishra is exceptional - excellent at what he does, makes great suggestions for follow-up self-care and has a very good way of interacting with patients.
Dr Mishra is an outstanding physician.
first visit and he was vey thorough. took an hour almost of review.
Dr. Mishra had reviewed my Visas from 10 years ago and clearly explained the treatment & how it related to my problem now. Very pleased with his taking time to answer questions & fully explain possible treatments.
I was referred to Dr. Mishra by a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon. I asked my friend for suggestions for someone who wouldn't immediately jump to the steroid injection or surgery, but would consider other treatment options. I have found Dr. Mishra to be very interested in the various problems that I have presented with, and each time he came up with thoughtful recommendations for how to approach the problems through a combination of exercises and PT. It takes time, but the results have worked out. He has a wonderful, thoughtful, and caring personality. I highly recommend him for your orthopedic issues.
Dr. Mishra is an excellent MD.. He strives for non-invasive ways to address problems. He was recommended to me by Orthopedic Surgeon at PAMF. I have great respect for Dr. Mishra.
Dr Mishra is outstanding
Dr. Mishra is outstanding.
excellent doctor, professional, knowledgeable.
Felt the appointment was rushed. The doctor inquired about my radiation tatoos (again). Had previously explained what they were. Felt the doctor was not familiar with my medical history.
Dr. Mishra is excellent. I specifically selected him based on his reputation with other orthopedic surgeons. Very thoughtful--tends to go towards the slow but steady approach to solving problems. In may case referred me to physical medicine for nerve studies.
Dr. Mishra is an incredible dr., which is obvious, but his communication style is excellent and so appreciated.
My confidence in Dr. Mishra is absolute. I think he's amazing.
Dr. Mishra and his team are great. I couldn't ask for anything more than what they provide, on the phone, via e-mail, in office. Above and beyond!
Dr. Mishra is extraordinary! I have absolute confidence in him.
I have absolute confidence in Dr. Mishra. When I'm with him, I feel like I'm in the hands of God.
Honest, knowledgeable, easy to understand opinion. Personable, listened carefully and straight forward opinion of what would be helpful in my case.
I would highly recommend Dr. Mishra! Excellent physician really cares for his patients.
Dr. Mishra is an excellent practitioner. He's warm, caring, knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate. He makes me feel totally safe and confident.
Dr. Mishra is one of the best doctors I've ever had. And I've seen a lot of doctors.
Dr. Mishra is superb.
Dr. Mishra is truly invested in me as a patient. He explains everything clearly, takes the time to discuss options and treats me as a partner in my health. I HIGHLY recommend him.
Very concerned doctor.
I feel safe and very well taken care of when I'm in Dr. Mishra's hands.
Dr. Mishra is very caring and explains everything - trust him and know I will get better.
Dr. Mishra is perhaps the best all-round physician I've ever seen.
Dr. Mishra is a pro-
I got excellent treatment from Dr. Mishra. I am 110% satisfied!
Allan Mishra is a GREAT doctor.
Dr. Mishra is always fantastic.
Dr. Mishra is outstanding.
Dr. Mishra is terrific.
Allan Mishra is superb. He's helped keep me from having knee surgery for give years. Its protocol for exercise and muscle strengthening has helped me immensely.
Appreciated Dr. Mishra's comments and concern about ongoing wellness.
Superb down to earth surgeon
Dr. Allan Mishra continues to be one of the best MD's I have ever seen. We need more like him.
Dr. Mishra is one of the best doctors EVER.
I indeed have recommended Dr. Mishra to others, and I will continue to do so. I have absolute confidence in his skills and delight in his person. When my orthopedically challenged shoulders and knees are in his hands, I feel confident that I am in the hands of God!
The doctor very patiently described what I should expect in recovery.
Dr. Mishra is the smartest, most compassionate, most professional, and best doctor I've ever had. As a surgeon, he is brilliant.
Dr. Mishra is kind, informative, patient, detailed -- absolutely excellent.
One of the best doctors @ Menlo Medical.
Dr. Mishra & Paula are a great team. I feel I am always in safe hands when I am w/them.
The care was absolutely outstanding.
I wish all doctors were like Dr. Mishra.
DR. Mishra's bedside manner is phenomenal. He talked to the patient in an age-appropriate manner which is not easy to do with teenagers who straddle the world of childhood and adulthood. He is clearly very knowledgeable and also super caring - following up with a phone call himself later that day.
I was very impressed with Dr. Mishra. He seems passionate about providing the best care possible and gave me the feeling that he really cares about the patient.
Dr Mishra and his staff are fantastic
Dr Mishra is great. He's been selected to participate in Dean Lloyd Minor's initiative, "personalized medicine"
Dr. Mishra is very good. Especially when your problem is much broader than initially thought. He digs in and really helps to create a plan of action.
Dr. Mishra is the best orthopedist I have been to. He is courteous, nice, very experienced, and knows his profession well. Same goes for all his staff.
Dr. Mishra is fantastic.
Dr. Mishra was the most impressive doctor I think I've ever seen. His genuine care, thoughtfulness and patient care was outstanding. I would recommend him highly to anyone.
Dr. Mishra, took a great interest in my surgery and follow-up with my physical therapy.
Was intrigued that dr. took no notes in my presence and wrote his recommended therapy exercises on a piece of scrap paper.
Refreshing experience. Dr. Mishra put me @ ease immediately and really listened.
Dr Mishra is extremely knowledgable and an outstanding teacher.
My doctor is a great listener!
Dr. Mishra listened to my concerns & responded to the concerns with a clear plan. I respect him.
Dr. Mishra is excellent!
Dr. Mishra was very responsive to pain issue, and fit me into busy schedule.
Dr. Mishra is smart, caring, very patient, extremely nice. I can't find anything he needs to improve.
Dr. Mishra gave me the impression that his first priority was making me better; not rushing to tests, procedures, surgery w/o first trying conservative approaches.
Dr. Allan Mishra earns my total trust & confidence.
Dr. Mishra is the best doctor I've ever had (I have seen a lot of doctors).
I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mishra.
Quite simply, Dr. Mishra is phenomenal. With him I feel like I'm in the hands of God.
Dr. Mishra is the best. I refer people to him all the time.
Would have my mother see him!
Mishra the best.
Dr. Mishra has a warm & friendly bedside manner.
Dr. Mishra is the nicest doctor I've ever had.
Dr. Mishra is a very kind & caring dr. Thank you.

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