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In this issue of Meet the Expert, we interview Patrice Duhon, MSN, RN, the Director of EPIC Optimization and Reporting for Patient Care Services. Learn more about the important role Patrice plays in enhancing the use of technology in professional practice.


Implementation science is the study of strategies that facilitate the uptake of evidence-based practice and research into bedside practice, but what should nurses know about it?




Global Health Engagement missions performed by the U.S. Military are conducted to improve the well-being of populations worldwide. From 2015 to 2017 Monique Bouvier PhD, RN, C-PNP worked with a multidisciplinary team interviewing U.S. Navy health care personnel about their experiences on global health engagement missions.


In October 2019, the Stanford Medicine Center for Improvement (SMCI) successfully launched their new website. The goal of SMCI is to become the best at getting better. SMCI seeks to create a community of improvers in all disciplines and at all levels.