Aneurysm coiling pre-treatment

Angiogram from a patient who has an aneurysm which has bled. (Blue arrow points to aneurysm.)

Aneurysm coiling post-treatment

Angiogram completed after fine coils made of platinum were used to fill up the aneurysm and prevent it from bleeding again.

Aneurysm flow diverter pre-treatment

Angiogram from a patient with a large aneurysm (between blue arrows). This aneurysm was enlarging and pressing on the nerves going to the eye and causing double vision.

Aneurysm flow diverter placed

The flow diverter (outlined by arrows), which has been placed across the opening of the aneurysm in the artery the aneurysm arises from.

Aneurysm flow diverter post-treatment

Angiogram from the same patient three months later showing the aneurysm has been completely occluded and there is normal blood flow through the artery.

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