Seeking Solutions to Peaceful Sleep Sometimes Leads to Special Surgery


I really had to pace myself at work... and nighttime was the longest part of my day.

-Christian Roth, patient, Stanford Sleep Medicine Center

From the time Christian Roth was an infant, he had trouble sleeping. By the time he'd reached his 30s, his sleep problems had begun to affect his health and almost every other aspect in his life.

The first night he was home after the surgery, I almost couldn't sleep because it was so quiet in the room.

-Liza Roth, wife of Christian

Before Roth's sleep surgery, he created a complicated strategy for sleeping and for managing his energy so he'd have enough at the end of the day to do things with his daughter, Emily.

It's amazing how many things are tied to it--so many symptoms just all went away after my surgery.

-Christian Roth, patient, Stanford Sleep Medicine Center