Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Medical Education: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1963) PA
  • Residency: Stanford University School of Medicine (1967) CA
  • Internship: University Hospitals of Cleveland (1964) OH
  • Fellowship, National Institutes of Health (1966)
  • A.B., Yale University, Zoology (1958)
  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Anatomy (1963)
  • M.D., University of Pennsylvania, Medicine (1963)

Honors & Awards
  • AAP, American Association of Physicians (1976)
  • ASCI, American Society for Clinic Investigation (1974)
  • Elected, America's Top Doctors in Cancer (2005-2015)
  • Elected, Best Doctors in America (2006-2016)
  • Fellow, AAAS Fellow (1999)
  • Fellow, Guggenheim Foundation (1983)


Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate a new medical approach, device, drug, or other treatment. As a Stanford Health Care patient, you may have access to the latest, advanced clinical trials.

Open trials refer to studies currently accepting participants. Closed trials are not currently enrolling, but may open in the future.

Practice Locations

Stanford Women's Cancer Center Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

900 Blake Wilbur Drive, 1st Floor

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 498-6000

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Breast Cancer Program in Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

900 Blake Wilbur Drive, 1st Floor

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 498-6000

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Very kind, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks
Frank Stockdale was extremely helpful. His knowledge, and wisdom from his years of experience was VERY helpful and comforting to me. He explained all of the sometimes complex data in a way I could understand. He personalized our visit, listened carefully and communicated thoroughly everything I wanted to know, and added more as I asked questions. His compassion and care came through on the video visit.
Dr. Stockdale exceeded my expectations. He was attentive and had done his homework to respond to my questions. He is exceptionally gifted at explaining complex matters clearly and persuasively in a warm and friendly manner.
Thorough. Straight forward. He learned as he went along about my health history. Most Drs. don’t prepare well before appointments in terms of reading and knowing a new patients medical history. He did say that the pages sent to him were in disarray and the same were sent to me in no particular order so I have to say they were difficult to review. I felt I came away from the appt, with new information and clearer understanding what to expect from treatment, how to plan a way forward.
My impression was that Dr. Stockdale is a top professional in his field. I learned a lot from the visit.
I was very happy to have an appointment with Dr. Stockdale via video. II was very happy to have an appointment with Dr. Stockdale via video. I learned more from Dr. Stockdale than I have in seven months from local providers. I did not have as many what if‘s or wise at the end of my phone call with him. It was much easier with the video visit as I am located three hours away. I am appreciative that he spoke with me and took his time to share his professional opinion with me, and to help me gain answers to questions that I’ve had for months. Dr. Stockdale was patient and informative and very polite and answered all of my questions that I had and took his time with me. Anybody else in the same situation I would recommend that they see or talk to Dr. Stockdale .
Very well understanding
An excellent and experienced professional. Very pleasant, went through everything with me. Gave me plenty of time to ask questions. He also made excellent recommendations.
I really enjoyed the visit
He is a very nice doctor, explaining everything to you, listening to everything you want to say. I just hope all oncology dr is like him , God bless him for helping patients like us .
Dr stockdale was great he took the time to explain every single point of my diagnostic and what will be the treatments and what I’m test I need to get done to know more about my cancer .. took the time to asked me question and also answer questions
He is a great doctor, both personable and knowledgeable!
Dr. Stockdale was very thorough in reviewing my chart and answered all my questions.
Dr. Stockdale is an superior oncologist.
Will highly recommended.
Dr. Stockdale and my care team has always been amazing! I am so thankful to have Dr. Stockdale as my oncologist!
Stockdale is the Godfather of Breast Cancer. Smart, thorough, compassionate. I am grateful to have had him as my oncologist for 32. years.
Dr. Stockdale cares about my health outside of his specialty. He is always able to provide answers with supporting data. He is very kind.
Dr Stockdale answered all my questions and some
Dr Stockdale is always so thorough..such a wonderful doctor!
Dr. Stockdale is an outstanding physician. I come to Stanford because of his excellent care and his concern for the whole person.
He continues to be the most intelligent, informed and informative Dr. at Stanford.
Dr. Stockdale is wonderful. I am very confident in my care.
He was very detailed and listened to my concerns.
He is outstanding, and I would recommend breast cancer patients see him.
I think that Dr. Frank Stockdale is an excellent and very caring physician.
Dr. Stockdale is an exceptional physician! His Breast Oncology along with his focus on overall health and wellness
He is the reason I come to Stanford. He is an outstanding physician.
Dr. Stockdale instructed me on what I needed to tell the technician to do at my next mammogram appointment. He also let me know that due to medication I would need bone density test.
Dr. Stockdale is fantastic. I've seen him for more than 10 years and am extremely grateful for his care.
Dr. Stockdale is a superb practitioner.
Dr. Stockdale gave me all the information I needed to be very comfortable with decisions made.
Dr. Stockdale, Frank is best doctor. I knew Dr. Stockdale will really help me. From more than 12 years I know him. He always, always help me. When any issue comes up with my health.
Dr. Stockdale is a superb physician, and I would recommend him to friends who have the cancer I have.
Stanford personnel are amazingly helpful, sympathetic, caring & efficient.
Amazing combination of personal touch and competence.
Great visit with Dr. Stockdale. I wish he could be my regular provider.
Dr. Stockdale was superb. He reminded me of the medical care I received from my grandfather, father, uncle and sister. They were always thorough and concerned for their patients.
Dr. Stockdale provides exceptional care! I feel very fortunate to have his expertise through the years. His holistic approach to my care is so valuable!
Dr. Stockdale is & has always been an excellent physician on all professional levels. I have been his patient for over 15 yrs.
Dr. Stockdale - He is the best. I'm so happy he is my doctor.
I completely adore Dr. Frank Stockdale, my breast oncologist at Stanford. He is the Gold Standard in patient care. He spends exactly the right amount of time with me, takes time for all my questions, listens deeply, and explains everything thoroughly. From the very beginning he has always been so kind, caring, and compassionate. A cancer diagnosis changes your life forever. I trust Dr. Stockdale and know he has all the experience and knowledge to take the best care of me and help me live the best life possible. Thank you, Dr. Stockdale for your expert care and lifelong dedication to helping your patients become well.
Dr. Frank Stockdale has been my oncologist for 21 years. I rate him 5 stars. Best compassion & beside manner. Excellent communication! Couldn't do more!
Being that Dr. Stockdale was so behind, I suppose that could account for his brusque manner. Overall he seemed VERY thorough in his assessment although I got the impression he thought his time was "wasted,' dealing with me - a lowly DCIS patient. I think he 'knows his stuff' but his treatment ideology was 'old school' and his assessment style was very different from the other consult I had. I felt frightened & confused. 7. I dislike 'dumbed down' explanations & was grateful Dr. Stockdale didn't talk this way.
Amazing doctor - professional thoughtful.
I feel blessed to have been cared for by Dr. Frank Stockdale my breast oncologist at Stanford for the past 5 years. He is an outstanding clinician who is also warm, caring and compassionate. Dr. Stockdale was instrumental in my transition from treatment to wellness. I specifically requested him because of his technical experience and dedication to patient care. he is loved beyond measure by his patients. I'm sad that his role at Stanford is changing and that he will no longer be my doctor - He is irreplaceable.
Dr. Stockdale is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to & VERY thorough.
Very good experience.
Good. Dr. Stockdale very knowledgable, professional, thorough, communicates well. Felt well taken care of. The best doctor, I trust his medical judgment.
Dr. Stockdale is an excellent doctor. He always returns emails. I am fortunate to have Dr. Stockdale to provide me the medical care.
I know I put 5 on everything but it is true from my experience. I have told Dr. Stockdale personally how much I value him in taking care of my health needs.
Dr. Stockdale & Erin are clinical experts who have excellent communication skills and genuine compassion for me and my health/concerns.
I am very pleased with the care I receive from Dr. Frank Stockdale, my breast oncologist at Stanford. His expert care is a huge part of my continuing success, excellent quality of life and happiness. I feel blessed to have a doctor who is always very thorough, compassionate and caring. I am also immensely impressed by his knowledge, experience and skills. Dr. Stockdale's more than 50 years of experience at Stanford dedicated to improving the lives of breast cancer patients makes it possible for me to relax, enjoy my life, and look forward to the future - because I know he can handle whatever comes our way. He makes having a terrifying disease a lot less scary. Thank you, Dr. Stockdale for always providing excellent care!
Always patient and takes his time to answer questions. The best!
Dr. Stockdale is great!
Dr. Stockdale is the best doctor. I was so lucky to have him as my doctor for long time. I come from NC to see him. He takes his time & explain everything. I always able to see him when I come to CA. Even his is so busy I had no problem to see him. I like Stanford & Dr. Stockdale.
I am so pleased with the outstanding care I receive from Dr. Frank Stockdale. He is a rock star in the Breast Oncology community; a world-renowned expert who is respected, admired and beloved. I am doing well because of his expert care, thoroughness, and deep compassion. In Sunday school, as a child, I learned the song: "Every little cell in my body is happy. Every little cell in my body is well." Years after cancer treatment, I find myself singing it again, because Dr. Stockdale's care truly makes every little cell in my body feel happy, healthy, and well. He is a very important part of my success. Thank you, Dr. Stockdale for always providing excellent care!
Dr. Stockdale & his assistants have been exceptional. Very thorough & follow-up responses are prompt. I feel that I am in excellent hands.
I would definitely recommend this care provider.
Dr. Stockdale is a very caring doctor and always treated me kindly, explaining very well my illness and treatments.
My care provider is very careful and he always willing to help me, when I have a problem. I also feel very comfortable while talking to him.
Dr. Frank Stockdale is loved beyond measure by his patients. We appreciate his expert care, thoroughness, and deep compassion. We are in awe of his devotion, loyalty, and career longevity. His more than 40 years as a breast oncologist -> at Stanford provides a continuity of care that I unsurpassed and ensures every opportunity for our success. Dr. Stockdale is irreplaceable and we look forward to continuing to grow older along with him. Thank you, Dr. Stockdale for excellent care!
Dr. Stockdale great, knowledgeable, caring doctor.
Exactly what I needed at the time Dr. Stockdale is a gifted physical!!
Dr. Stockdale is absolutely dedicated to the care of his patients. He has my deepest gratitude.
Dr. Stockdale is best oncologist. I come from NC to see him every yr. - since 2008. He provide best care & explain everything. I can even e-mail & he answer any question I have I am blessed that he is there.
Excellent in every respect!!
I trust and feel that Dr. Stockdale is a very good doctor, he listens and shares his expertise to make me feel comfortable. I am cancer free for almost 19 years now.
Dr. Stockdale very knowledgeable, careful, caring, respectful, great physician!
I would be quick to recommend.
Dr. Stockdale is an incredible physician! He is the reason why I'm home. I really appreciate his direct respectful communication and "caring."
Experience and care very good.
Very professional & caring of patient.
I am very impressed with Dr. Frank Stockdale and so pleased to have him for my breast oncologist at Stanford. He is a gifted physician and teacher who is deeply respectful, compassionate, thorough and efficient. He has been instrumental in my healing, is a joy to interact with, and inspires me with his enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to both his research interests and patient care. In the last three years, Dr. Stockdale has helped bring me back to life. In fact, he is such a vital member of my overall health care team that I consider him to be the king in my health care hierarchy. Dr. Stockdale truly represents the very best of Stanford Health Care - always providing the highest level of expert care with compassion and caring. Thank you Dr. Stockdale for excellent care!
Dr. Stockdale is one of the main reasons I come to Stanford. His knowledge of my history, the care I get by all concerned is excellent.
Dr. Stockdale is never rushing, professional & personable. Always takes time to answer your questions. The NP Janis Petree is the same way too!
Only superlatives for Dr. Stockdale!
Provider made special effort to fit me in w/appt. ASAP & the amt. of time spent & detail given was exceptional - very grateful for this.
Dr. Stockdale was amazing. He was very personable, extremely knowledgeable and generous. I would like to thank him -
Dr. Stockdale is excellent, very knowledgeable, informative, attentive to detail.
Always caring, thorough, knowledgeable. Great doctor.
People would be more interested in doing your surveys if questions were only asked once.
Very good doctor & humble too.
When I count my blessings, I count Dr. Frank Stockdale, twice. He quickly has become one of the most important doctors on my medical care team. I appreciated his vast experience and knowledge value his insight, treasure his honesty, and find his caring presence deeply healing. He is not only a brilliant breast oncologist, his is my good luck charm. I am so grateful that Dr. Stockdale continues to practice medicine; he is an exceptional doctor, who truly makes Stanford, heaven on earth.
I really appreciate Dr. Stockdale's thoughtful explanations re: my concerns and clinical condition I always leave my visit feeling "cared for" and "cared about."

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