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Our doctors help define the national protocols for breast cancer through their active role in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guideline Panels.

Stanford Women's Cancer Center: Breast Cancer Patient, Anita Laughlin
2nd grade teacher Anita Laughlin was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Her doctor referred her to Frederick Dirbas, MD, physician leader of the breast disease management group at the new Stanford Women's Cancer Center. She used a ground-breaking procedure called intraoperative radiation (IORT) to treat Laughlin’s type of cancer. "And it worked out very, very well," Laughlin said. Read Laughlin’s full story: Visit:


Your Care Team

Each woman’s breast cancer experience is unique, which is why we provide customized care for you. Our doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff are here to support you throughout your journey with treatment plans tailored to fit your individual needs. At weekly Tumor Board meetings, experts from multiple disciplines review cases that require more complex recommendations.

Your Doctors

Medical Oncologist

Medical oncologists have specialized training in diagnosing and treating breast cancer using medications, including chemotherapy and biological, hormonal, and targeted therapy.

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Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists have subspecialty training in using high-energy radiation to destroy or prevent the spread of cancer while protecting healthy tissue.

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Breast Reconstructive Surgeon

Breast Reconstruction Surgeons have specialty training in rebuilding and reshaping breasts after cancer surgery to remove tumors. Many breast reconstruction surgeons are plastic surgeons and use synthetic implants or tissue from elsewhere in your body to reconstruct your breast.

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Breast Surgeon

These surgeons specialize in treating cancer through traditional (open) and minimally invasive surgery. Surgical oncologists perform biopsies (taking tiny tissue samples) to test for cancer. They also surgically remove tumors, some surrounding breast tissue, and lymph nodes to evaluate them for the presence of cancer. 

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A radiologist who specializes in breast cancer has additional training in imaging technologies, including X-ray, ultrasound, CT, and MRI, to detect and diagnose breast cancer. These doctors interpret imaging results and take biopsies, as needed, to help confirm a diagnosis.

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These doctors have special training in detecting and diagnosing cancer by examining tissue samples, taken during a biopsy under a microscope. Pathologists work closely with oncologists to determine the type and stage of breast cancer you have.

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