Cancer Supportive Rheumatology Program

Leaders in Cancer Supportive Rheumatology Care
If you have cancer and an immune disorder or rheumatic disease, you need coordinated care from a multispecialty team. Our oncologists work with rheumatologists to plan treatments, manage side effects, and prevent complications. We provide customized care for rheumatic and immune conditions that were pre-existing or developed during cancer treatment.

What We Offer You for Cancer Supportive Rheumatology Care

Rheumatologic (arthritic) disorders

Autoimmune disorders that affect connective tissues

Inflammatory disorders

Autoimmune disorders that cause vasculitis (inflammation in blood vessels)

Immune disorders

Whole-Person Care

Innovation Through Clinical Research

Your Circle of Care

Everyone’s cancer experience is unique. This is especially true for people who are facing cancer and have other health conditions as well. Our doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff are here to support you throughout your journey with treatment plans tailored to fit your individual needs. We work as a team to provide customized care for you.

Your extended care team supports all your physical, emotional, and daily living needs. Our goal is to maximize your treatment success, while minimizing the impact that cancer and its treatment can have on your life.

Your Doctors


A rheumatologist specializes in diagnosing and treating all types of arthritis and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. 

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Extended Care Team

Nurses and Nurse Coordinators

Nurses and nurse coordinators are registered nurses (RNs) who organize your care with your doctor. They guide you from your first contact with our clinic through follow-up care. RNs can also assist you in finding counseling, financial help, and other support services. 

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Care Coordinators

Care coordinators provide you with information and assistance before and during your appointment.

  • Medical Assistant: Medical assistants work with our team to help provide care. They may prepare you for an examination, assist your doctor, or take your vital signs before your appointment.
  • Patient Care Coordinator: Our patient care coordinators help you schedule appointments and access your lab results. They are your first line of contact before seeing your provider and will guide you during your visits.
  • Patient Access Representative: Patient access representatives can answer your questions about health insurance coverage, help you apply for health insurance, and refer you to our financial counselors. 

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Research Coordinators

Research coordinators help find candidates for possible participation in clinical research trials. Stanford Health Care’s Immunology & Rheumatology Program investigators work to better understand, diagnose, and treat certain disorders through clinical trials.

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Comprehensive care for cancer and rheumatic conditions is accessible and convenient at Stanford Health Care. Our scheduling staff can help coordinate your appointments. If needed, we’ll make sure you can see multiple providers during a single trip.

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