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Endocrine Surgeon

Endocrine surgeons have advanced training in the care of benign and cancerous endocrine tumors. They treat a range of disorders impacting the body's endocrine system through open and minimally invasive surgery of the adrenal, thyroid, and parathyroid glands as well as neuroendocrine cells.



These internal medicine physicians specialize in the endocrine system. They may replace the thyroid hormone for people who have had a thyroidectomy (thyroid removal), prepare you to receive radioactive iodine to treat thyroid tumors, and monitor for cancer recurrence.


Hepatobiliary Surgeon

These surgeons specialize in treating cancers of the liver, bile duct, and pancreas. Cancer surgeons perform biopsies (taking tiny tissue samples) to test for cancer. They also surgically remove tumors and surrounding tissue to evaluate for the presence of cancer.


Medical Oncologist

Medical oncologists have specialized training in diagnosing and treating cancer using medications, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.


Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists have specialized training in using high-energy radiation to destroy cancer or prevent its spread while protecting healthy tissue.


Surgical Oncologist

These are general surgeons who have specialized training in the diagnosis, staging, and removal of cancers.


Advanced Practice Provider

Our skilled nurse practitioners specialize in diagnosing and treating cancer. They see patients independently and occasionally alongside your doctor. Advanced practice providers (APPs) can give you a thorough exam, write prescriptions, and help prevent or treat any issues. Our APPs meet weekly to discuss patient needs.


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You can access Stanford Health Care's expertise and compassionate care for any stage or type of cancer at a location that is convenient for you. We always accept new patients, and we take many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medi-Cal.

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