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Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients
How can I deal with my anxiety and fear? How can I cope?
Can my family member or friend attend my appointment?
Can I record my discussion with my doctor during my appointment?
My children are having a hard time coping with my diagnosis. How can I help them?
What is an Advance Health Care Directive? Where do I get one?
What should I expect after treatment?
Who can I talk to about my work and job during treatment?
For Family & Caregivers
How can I offer support during the patient’s medical appointments or treatment?
How do I balance the needs of the patient with my own needs?
I’m exhausted. Who can I talk to about my feelings?
How do I tell my family and friends about the diagnosis? How do I answer all the questions people ask me?
What are the side effects of the patient’s treatment? How do I help the patient manage these side effects?
What hotels are located near Stanford if I need to stay overnight?

Patient Family Resource Guide

Stanford Health Care has cancer centers throughout the Bay Area. To make an appointment or speak with one of our cancer specialists, call 650-498-6000.