Time is Brain. Know the Signs of Stroke. BE FAST.
More from BE FAST Bob here: http://shc.is/strokeaware Did you know that every minute counts after you have a stroke? You can lose nearly 2 million brain cells in each minute that passes until normal blood flow is restored to your brain. The Stanford Stroke Center is one of just a few centers in the U.S. that has made a radical change that speeds the transfer of stroke patients to Stanford, often by several crucial hours. Our advances in brain imaging also have vastly improved what doctors can see in the brain after a stroke begins. Time, however, remains the most powerful agent against stroke. Knowing the signs of stroke and getting help quickly can save your life or the life of a loved one. BALANCE: Sudden loss of balance. EYES: Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes. FACE: Does the face look uneven? ARM: Does one arm drift down? Ask them to raise both arms. SPEECH: Does their speech sound strange? Ask them to repeat a phrase. TIME: Every second brain cells die. Call 911 at any sign of stroke! Learn more about the Stanford Stroke Center: http://stanfordhealthcare.org/stroke.

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The Stanford Stroke Center is a pioneer in using the latest surgical techniques and innovative therapies to rapidly treat individuals experiencing a stroke.  

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