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Cutaneous Oncologists

Cutaneous oncologists are dermatologists with expertise in prevention, early detection, and management of Merkel cell skin cancer and other complex skin cancers. They work with the rest of your care team to provide specialized recommendations for diagnosing and treating tumors that develop on the skin. They also help manage treatment-related side effects of the skin (from any cancer).


Dermatology Surgeons

Dermatologic surgeons remove skin cancer and other skin lesions. When treated early, many Merkel cell skin cancers respond well to surgery. Our surgeons use the most advanced techniques to remove cancerous cells while sparing as much healthy tissue as possible. 


Surgical Oncologist

These surgeons specialize in treating skin cancer through wide excision, sentinel lymph node biopsy, lymph node dissection, and metastasectomy (removing growths that have spread from the original tumor). Dedicated head and neck and plastic surgeons have expertise in removing tumors from these areas.


Medical Oncologists

These cancer doctors are skilled at diagnosing and treating Merkel cell skin cancer using systemic medications (drugs that work throughout the body), including immunotherapy. If you have cancer that has spread beyond the original tumor, a medical oncologist might serve as your main point of contact on your care team. They coordinate your treatments with other specialists as needed.


Supportive Dermato-Oncologists

These dermatology cancer specialists work at multiple locations in the Stanford Medicine Cancer Center to address skin problems related to treatments for Merkel cell skin cancer and all other cancers. In our revolutionary, full-time clinic, dermato-oncologists diagnose and manage complications of cancer therapy. These complications include drug-induced rashes, skin infections, and dermatitis (skin irritation) from radiation and other therapies. By addressing skin side effects early, our Supportive Dermato-Oncology Clinic team can help prevent disruptions in cancer treatments. Our team monitors your skin health during treatment to optimize your cancer care.


Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists use high-energy radiation to destroy cancer or prevent its spread. These specialists are skilled at targeting cancer cells while protecting healthy tissue.


Advanced Practice Provider

Our skilled advanced practice providers (APPs) include physician assistants and nurse practitioners who specialize in delivering comprehensive pancreatic cancer care. They see patients independently and alongside your doctor. APPs can give you a thorough exam, write prescriptions, and help prevent or treat complications. Our APPs meet weekly to discuss patient needs. 


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Our Clinics

You can access Stanford Health Care’s expertise and innovative treatments for Merkel cell carcinoma at a location that is convenient for you. We always accept new patients, and we take many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medi-Cal.

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