In-Person Infant Care Class

Learn all about your new baby! In this class, you will get to know how baby is using all of their senses, tips in bonding with babies, an introduction to feeding and burping, soothing techniques, bathing, and diaper changes. By the end of class, those very normal baby quirks will be demystified and you will be more confident in your ability to care for and bond with your baby. As we welcome familes back to in-person classes, we keep our classes intimate in size to allow for safety and to create an inviting environment for lots of personalized questions and answers.

Classes are open to parent, co-parent, and independent parents (2 students/registration). We recommend attending this class prior to 38-weeks of pregnancy.

Event Details

5725 W. Las Positas Blvd. Suite 255- Conference Room Pleasanton, CA 94588


Lactation Center

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