Anthony Oro, MD, PhD

Hair loss specialist, Dermatologic oncologist, Cutaneous oncology specialist, Skin stem cell specialist

Eugene and Gloria Bauer Professor

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Anthony E. Oro, M.D., Ph.D., is the Eugene and Gloria Bauer Professor of Dermatology, Associate Director of the Center for Definitive and Curative Medicine, and the co-director of the Child Health Research Institute. He is co-founder of the Program in Epithelial Biology, and an active member of the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Children’s Health Research Institute, Bio-X, and the Program in Cancer Biology.  His research interests encompass cancer genomics and tumor evolution, stem cell biology and hair/skin development and regeneration, and definitive molecular and cellular therapeutics.  His clinical interests include hair biology, non-melanoma skin cancer, and stem cell-based therapies for genetic skin diseases.

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Medical Education: University of California San Diego School of Medicine (1993) CA
  • Residency: Stanford University Dermatology Residency (1997) CA
  • Internship: Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency (1994) CA
  • Board Certification: American Board of Dermatology, Dermatology (1998)

Administrative Appointments
  • Assoc Director, Center for Definitive and Curative Medicine (2016 - Present)
  • Co-Director, Child Health Research Institute (2017 - Present)


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Practice Locations

High-Risk Skin Cancer Clinic Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA

450 Broadway Street, Pavilion B, 4th Floor

Redwood City , CA 94063

(650) 723-6316

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Hair Loss Clinic Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA

450 Broadway Street, Pavilion B, 4th Floor

Redwood City , CA 94063

(650) 723-6316

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As I mentioned on the earlier portion, I am very grateful to Dr. Oro and his staff. He is very personable and explains everything well. I have come a long way in the almost four years under his care. In a word, he's great!
Dr Oro is the best !
Would definitely refer Dr. Oro.
Dr. Oro show all of the qualities that a patient could want in a doctor: very knowledgeable, kind and sympathetic, asks good questions and listens to patient answers.
He is the BEST! Dr Oro is so empathetic and listens to what is going on. And he is solution oriented. ( I know all docs are supposed to be by definition.) He gives options and talks about them,, and is very inclusive of the patient.
He is a fabulous physician who really listens and cares.
Dr. Oro is wonderful. He listens, understands my circumstances, is empathetic, and realistic. I am very glad I am his patient.
I feel very lucky to have Dr. Oro as my physician. He is extremely knowledgeable, reviews my correspondence carefully, asks questions to assess my progress and offers excellent advice in a clear manner. Dr. Oro will listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I feel I have a clear understanding of prescribed medication and can better manage treatment plan and expectations.
He always listens to what I have to say.
Dr Oro is the best! Excellent Dr
He’s excellent in every way. I am fortunate to be his patient.
My recent visit was very seamless the resident and dr were very pleasant. I really liked that they knew my case very well and were prepared with a game plan.
I feel very lucky to be under the care of Dr. Oro. Every single dermatologist I have seen, even outside of Stanford, has very high respect for him. Dr. Oro listens carefully and always seems interested in any feedback regarding treatment plan. I noticed that Dr. Oro will always give his interns an opportunity to provide options regarding my diagnosis and care. Certainly, I have made good progress in recovery due to his knowledge of his field, and his attention to detail in my case.
Dr. Anthony Oro is very knowledgeable and professional .. it's always a pleasure speaking with him and I'm very Grateful to have Dr. Anthony Oro as my doctor
Dr. Pro was extremely kind and professional, and allayed my fears without making me feel ridiculous
Dr. Oro has been fantastic!
I felt very well taken care of.
Loved my two doctors
Would recommend Dr Oro to anyone who has problems with hair loss.
Dr. Oro is a professional in every regard. He welcomes questions and concerns with a sincere and kind approach and delivers medical information in simple and understandable terms. I felt Dr. Oro was my personal advocate in making sure all the steps to achieve the desired result were addressed. Each step of the process was monitored and followed up with knowledgeable responses for keeping the goal in target. What I had thought was a futile step, became an encouraging possibility for a fuller life for me.
I appreciate the attention to my specific case that Dr. Oro and his residents provide. They review and discuss best treatment options. Dr. Oro follows up quickly and his team provides detailed updates.
gets results, kind, listens to the patient
He is very helpful and friendly.
I am thankful for this fine doctor.
Great Doctors, patient and caring
Adore Dr Oro
He’s very caring ant takes quality time with you! He never rushes during any of my appts. He’s helped me so much!
Dr Oro shows concern for my health and treatment. He is very aware of treatment options. He shows compassion for his patients.
I am very happy that Dr. Oro is following up on a treatment plan for my condition. I feel he is very interested in providing alternative solutions that best address my concerns. All the Doctors I have consulted with are familiar with Dr. Oro’s expertise and continue to highly recommend him.
Very patient and empathetic
Dr. Oro gives you all of his attention. He was prepared for the appointment. He is kind and very helpful. Wonderful experiences with him.
Dr. Oro is about the nicest doctor I’ve met! He takes time to explain, asks for questions, looks me in the eyes when he talks - he’s great. And, most importantly, he’s really helped me with hair loss issues. He’s very empathetic about the topic. If you need a great Derm, I’d recommend him!
Duplicate him!
He explains everything and always makes sure you understand what he is doing or prescribing and why.
Great visit to see dr Oro for follow up
Dr Oro is very clear with what and why we are following a specific plan. He shows concern for my Alopecia diagnosis and listens to my concerns. He takes the necessary time and never rushes through the appointment.
Love Dr. Oro! He is patient and thorough in explaining my condition. My visits have been productive. In line with the good nature of professionalism in his conduct, I also appreciate the level of care that was rendered to me.
He's a great doctor. He can quickly respond to all my questions and does so in a way that I fully understand. He has been of great help to me since I began seeing him and appreciate having him on my medical team. He's most knowledgeable! And I enjoy the humor he sometimes injects into the conversation. It helps!
Felt heard and understood today
Felt my health issues taken care of
I am glad to that Stanford is within an hour drive (depending on traffic) - it is wonderful to receive worldclass healthcare. Thank you, Dr. Oro!
Dr. Oro is very knowledgeable and caring. He also listens to what his patients have to say, and lets them be a part of deciding what is best for them in deciding what a treatment plan should be.
Effiicient, friendly and took the time to make sure I knew what was going on.
He communicated very well and engenders confidence in his patient. He is very easy to talk with
I arrived early and my appointment was completed prior to my scheduled appointment.
Dr. Oro was very knowledgeable and able to pinpoint some of the possible causes of the condition was were seeking help. We were please with the care and information received.
Detailed exsms
Excellent experience!
Dr. Oro is very personable and easy to talk with. He listens carefully and asks questions. He explains his diagnosis and treatment plan in a clear way. I have great confidence in his ability to address my concerns. I have recommended him to several friends.
Great drs, and very good checkin and checkout experience
Always on-time and explains everything
Dr Oro is so sweet and caring. He’s helped me so much. I’m grateful to him!
Dr. Oro is kind, patient and very helpful.
Dr. Oro is a superb physician. As an MD I am well qualified to judge this.
As I said before, both doctors were wonderful.
I was given a prescription that have a bold warning on it that says it is not to be given to women.!
Knowledgeable, caring, friendly, confident.
Excellent experience.
Dr. Oro is excellent! I really appreciate the time he takes to address my concerns and questions along with the information he provides.
Excellent experience - "listening" doctors. Explained things in an understandable way.
I received excellent attention and care form Drs. A Chiang & Dr. A Oro.
I want to recognize the excellent and caring treatment provided by the resident during the biopsy procedure. Her technique and finesse during the procedure was the best I've ever received, and I've had this procedure too many times. Bravo!
Dr. Tu and Dr. Oro were very pleasant, caring and knowledgeable. It was a great experience meeting and understanding my health concern from both doctors.
Really felt support by provider as well as the wonderful residence provider.
Very friendly, could explain most of my problems & provided a potential solution to my problems.
Dr. Oro is a kind, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and smart doctor. I consider myself very lucky to be under his care.
I was very happy to have finally seen Dr. Oro and got good advice and care -
Would recommend except for difficulty of getting an appt.
I felt that I learned a lot about my condition and was given some good advice.
Dr ORO is excellent, on time and very patient
Dr. Oro is the best doctor I have ever been to.
Dr Oro is friendly, engaging and knowledgeable.
I give Dr. Oro himself high marks. He's very personable and I didn't realize how scalp dermatology works. Systems of the body don't all work in the same way. I especially liked that he prescribed several things this second appointment including an antibiotic for the scalp to be sure no "bad germs" (my words) aren't addressed. So now I have the full arsenal! I'm still slightly skeptical of a full "cure" but time will tell.
very friendly and open. able to ask all questions. skin check too quick but resident was thorough
Exceptionally clear explanations.
Impersonal, few questions asked about history of problem discussion regarding care or treatment was non existent, seemed hurried and not involved or caring, at all.
I was seen by two doctors, and they were both excellent!
Doctor and resident doctor seemed very good. I am hard of hearing, however, and while resident adjusted her speaking so I could understand her well, doctor had a hard time doing that, speaking exceedingly fast at times.
Dr. Oro is wonderful.
excellent explanations, recommendations and speaking to me as medically informed consumer (physician)--appropriate level of discussion/recommendations (not too basic or too advanced).
Dr. Oro is the most fun doctor!!
I would have liked Dr. Oro to sit across from me instead of by my side. It's easier for conversation & I would have remembered questions I forgot.
Dr. Oro was great! I appreciated his calming demeanor, and his patience with my chief complaint, very friendly & immediately gained my trust.
I waited 5 months to see Dr. Oro! He was horrible, didn't talk to me, check my labs, or examine me. Had his 2nd year resident do everything including the biopsy. Didn't answer any questions. Didn't answer my phone calls or emails. Never follow up with me post biopsy. He is an awful doctor!
Thanks for answering my questions on the app! I sent photos and you confirmed which products were good and bad.
Dr. Oro has been my family care provider for many years. He is very competent and attentive to our needs. We have a very high regard for him!
Great doctor.
dr Anthony Oro is one of the best doctors I have seen. highly recommend him. he was extremely nice , knowledgeable and took his time explaining things to me. very caring and empathetic. A PLUS!
Very nice and considerate to patients.
dr oro is great!
Dr. Oro is an outstanding. I am very fortunate to be under his care. My condition has improved dramatically with his expert care.
Dr Oro is a splendid doctor and has great people skills as part of his practice.
Dr. Oro showed extreme concern for my situation an was very clear on how I was to proceed.
Care provider not only best in terms if medical care but listens, cares. Remembers past care history. reassuring.
Dr. Oro is amazing. He has the best bed side manner and seems knowledgeable. I feel comfortable with him.
So kind & attentive.
Love Dr. Ko & Dr. Oro - great care!
Dr. was excellent she was very attentive in my case and she helped me a lot professional and patient excellent.
I recommend Dr Oro and his residents all the time. I'm not even sure if he accepts new patients but I still recommend him. One of the best M.D.'s I ever encountered. One of my favorite people on the planet. :)
I really like my visit with doctor Oro. he is a great asset to your organization.
Have had nothing but positive interactions with doctor as well as the residents.
Dr. Oro cares about his patients and responds extremely well to their needs. He is outstanding!!! He is kind!
The best of any other.
Dr. Oro is amazing thank you. Will recommend to friends or family.
Dr. Oro is THE BEST!
Doctor very busy, did not have time for long term prognosis or current research question. I felt 'dismissed', not taken seriously.
Was in a hurry!
Dr. Oro is an excellent MD.
Typically, very happy with Dr. Oro. on this particular day, he was rushing very behind (no problem) but it was the end of the day and I wasn't given a full, thorough skin check like in the past - concerning.
Dr. Oro also answered an email question I sent via my health. Very helpful in managing my medications.
Thoughtful, concerned, and caring.
Both primary & resident were outstanding in all areas.
Dr. Oro is excellent.
The appointment felt VERY rushed, as did the visual body exam.
Dr. Oro is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He is always caring and makes me eel I am important.
Dr. Oro is an outstanding physician. I have complete confidence in his expertise. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to see such a highly qualified physician. He is the model of what a physician should be.
Very happy with Dr. Oro.
Wonderful physician too harried, rushed.
Experience with this dr. and his staff was very good.
Dr. Oro always is excellent, answers all questions.
Excellent doctor, compassionate, good communication skills, state of the art knowledge.
Dr. Oro is a wonderfully caring physician. Although my derm. issue isn't serious Dr. Oro (& the residents) treat my concerns seriously & are supportive in trying to treat my chronic problem. Love Dr. Oro!
Very good.
Doctor and PA very kind and helpful. Excellent experience!
Dr. Oro is an outstanding physician. It is a privilege to be his patient.
Dr. Oro is wonderful - Excellent bedside manner and treated me with respect and compassion.
Dr. Oro was very directive and understanding. I would recommend him to others.
Like I said before Dr. Oro is the best!
Dr. Oro was great - took time to listen and really cared about my problem and spent QUALITY time with me!
Doctor and assistant very professional and caring.

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