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Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC) is a Primary Care Program whose Specialty is the Treatment of Chronic or Complex Illness

What services are offered by Stanford Coordinated Care?
What patients can be referred into Stanford Coordinated Care?
Can family members take part in Stanford Coordinated Care too?
Is this service confidential?
Do referrals/authorization requirements change with Stanford Coordinated Care?
What about claims?
If this is an enhanced service, why doesn't it cost more? What's the catch?
Tell me a little about the Care Coordinators:
How long is the enrollment period?

For Patients


Please call your SCC physician first before going directly to the emergency room, unless you feel that you cannot safely wait a few minutes to speak to us.

We will make every effort to offer you an appointment the next day for urgent problems if the problem can safely wait until morning.

In major emergencies, call 911 for an ambulance or proceed directly to the nearest emergency room.


For Health Care Professionals