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What We Offer You for Lung Transplantation

Conditions Treated

Stanford Health Care achieves excellent lung transplant outcomes, with one-year survival rates better than the national average.


A double-lung and kidney transplant at Stanford saves the life of a man critically ill with COVID-19




Quality and Outcomes

A woman receives a double-lung transplant, becoming Stanford's 1,000th lung and heart-lung transplant.

Save a life.

Your Lung Transplantation Team

Our multidisciplinary lung transplant team specializes in exceptional care, education, and support for people with advanced lung disease. The extended care team includes specially trained nurses, transplant coordinators, and other providers who support and guide you through the transplant process. We update your referring physician about your status during treatment at Stanford Health Care and transition your care back to them afterward.

Your Doctors


Pulmonologists specialize in managing lung function and diagnosing and treating lung diseases. Pulmonologists help manage your care before and after the transplantation surgery.

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Lung Transplant Surgeons

Transplant surgeons are doctors who specialize in organ transplantation. They oversee all team members and perform the transplant surgery. The transplant surgeon helps manage your care before and after the transplant procedure, including follow-up.

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Infectious Disease Specialists

Infectious disease specialists are doctors who diagnose, treat, and help prevent diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. People who receive organ transplants must take medications that suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants) to help prevent organ rejection. Immunosuppressants increase your risk of developing infections, and an infectious disease specialist helps minimize that risk.

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Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in behavioral health and the psychological effects of disease. They can detect psychological factors that contribute to a condition and also help you cope with symptoms through medication, mindfulness techniques, and stress reduction exercises.

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Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced practice providers include nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They work with transplant surgeons and pulmonologists to manage your care before and after the transplant.

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Extended Care Team

Pre-Transplant Nurse Coordinators
Post-Transplant Nurse Coordinators
Social Workers
Inpatient Case Manager

Our lung transplant team provides you with comprehensive services at our Stanford Health Care location.

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