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Celiac Disease Program

Part of Digestive Health Center

420 Broadway Street
Pavilion D, 2nd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: 650-736-5555

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What is Celiac Disease?
Celiac disease is a complex autoimmune inflammatory disorder of your intestine. It is trigged by the protein gluten, which is found in wheat, barely, or rye. Celiac disease can injure the lining of your small intestine over time, where you absorb a lot of important nutrients. Stanford Health Care offers a team of specialized experts to help control celiac disease. Learn more at

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Our doctors collaborate with nurses, registered dietitians, and other health care providers to develop and implement the most effective care plan for you. Because our digestive health services are centralized at our Redwood City location, you can often see multiple specialists during the same visit.

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The Digestive Health Center provides seamless access to all of Stanford's digestive health services — from diagnostic evaluation to treatment and follow-up. We make every effort to coordinate your appointments, so that you can see multiple providers, as needed, during a single trip to our Redwood City location.


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You can call the Celiac Disease Program directly to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. Call 650-736-5555 to make an appointment.

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What support resources are available to me?
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Please call +1 650-723-8561 or email to get started.

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