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At Stanford Medicine Spine Center, the brightest minds collaborate to create a care plan tailored to you, treating conditions that range from a pinched nerve to a spinal fracture to chronic pain.

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What We Offer You for Spine Care

We treat all spinal conditions, even those once considered untreatable.

Advanced Diagnostics

Surgical Treatments

Nonsurgical Treatments

Your Spine Center Care Team

Our team members collaborate closely to make sure you get complete care for any spinal condition. We meet regularly to consult on the treatment of each complex case. These case reviews help ensure that your customized care plan benefits from our team members’ shared expertise and experience.

Extended Care Team


Neurologists specialize in the health of the nervous system.

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Pain Management Specialists

Pain management specialists help patients decrease pain and suffering, return to a maximum level of functioning and independence, and restore quality of life.

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Neuroradiologists are specialists in using radioactive materials, X-rays, and imaging systems to diagnose and treat conditions of the nervous system, spine, and brain.

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Neuropsychiatrists are specialists in treating mental disorders associated with the nervous system.

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Endocrinologists are specialists who treat conditions such as osteoporosis, which may cause bone and spine fractures.

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Neuro-oncologists are specialists in diagnosing tumors and treating them with medications.

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Additional Team Members

The Stanford Medicine Spine Center provides seamless access to all spine care services—from diagnostic evaluation to treatment and follow-up. We make every effort to coordinate your appointments so that you can see multiple providers, as needed, during a single, convenient visit. We continue to offer safe, in-person appointments. We also have expanded our telehealth appointment options, providing convenience and access to our experts through video visits.

Our Specialty is Your Spine

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