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Minimally invasive robotic surgery and targeted radiotherapy provide precise treatment with fewer side effects.


2020 CoC Standards
Dr. Lawrence N. Shulman, Chair of the Commission on Cancer, discusses the 2020 CoC Standards.

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At Stanford Health Care – Tri-Valley, we use an multidisciplinary approach to treat cancer. Health care providers from different specialties collaborate to create your individualized care plan. Your care may include medical oncology, radiation, and surgery. After treatment, reconstruction specialists and our rehabilitation team support your recovery and survivorship.

Extended Care Team

Breast Cancer Patient Navigators

Breast cancer patient navigators answer your questions, from mammogram screening through follow-up tests and diagnosis. Navigators can explain the diagnosis, educate you and your family about the condition, and discuss various treatments, and help with scheduling appointments during treatment. Contact the Stanford Health Care – Tri-Valley Breast Cancer Patient Navigator at .

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