Diagnostic Imaging

What We Offer You for Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology and Imaging Services

At Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley, you have access to the latest imaging techniques, in partnership with Stanford Health Care. You may have imaging exams at our radiology department.

In either setting, our doctors and technicians have specialized expertise in using imaging to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Our goal is to get to the root of health concerns so you can lead a healthier life.




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At Stanford Health Care Tri-Valley, you have access to a complete range of advanced imaging tests with Stanford Health Care expertise within your community.


Heart and Vascular

Women's health & Oncology


Your Imaging and Radiology Care Team

Our experienced, board-certified radiologists and technicians work closely with your doctors.  Together, they deliver an accurate diagnosis to guide treatment planning. The precise testing we offer informs your care for issues related to cardiology, gynecology, cancer, and urology.

Extended Care Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Do I need to arrive early to my appointment?
How should I prepare for my exam?
Whom do I call for exam preparation questions?

If you have questions that the Patient Exam Preparation checklist doesn’t address, please call 925-734-3376. We are happy to talk through your questions and concerns. 

Does my physician need to order the exam for me?
Who will interpret my exam?
Who will contact me with my results?
How can I get a copy of my exam images, results, and report?

To receive your copies, you can call 925-373-8019, or visit our medical records page for more information. 

Will my referring doctor receive the results of my exam?
Can I send copies of my test results to my other doctors?